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I joined as lifetime member when they were first promoting this organization, and did receive magazines and a router that fell out of the box in pieces, sent it back, they sent another, this one's switch was bad, I did not fight it as I already had a good Craftsman router. I did receive some tools from them, a plastic utility knife, a set of Chinese chisels, and some drill bits which blackened immediately on use. Nevertheless, I did enjoy their magazine, and like the other complainants, have not received one in a long time. I believe about the time I bought into this concept, they were also sending me offers for lifetime memberships in the Fishing Club of America as well as the Hunting Club of America-I didn't buy these programs, but wonder if they are still in operation, and if they are a part of the HCOA, maybe they could transfer my membership to one of these and at least let me get some use out of the "lifetime" aspect of this organization.


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    John Pickford Oct 08, 2016

    Here I m a typical Handyman Life time Member, I have NOT received the free magazine I'm supposed to receive, That web site stuff stuff, is virtually non-existent, not to mention simply trying to reach Handyman Club of America is vitually impossible, So my Fellow members I therefore think it's safe to say, We've been HAD!! The whole dam thing is a Fraud, , , I paid my way to become a life member and I Duly expect to get what I deserve!! Wake up Handyman club of America, , You have some Very ticked off Life Members!!! John Pickford LIfe Member

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    Gerrymandarin Feb 20, 2020

    @John Pickford I am a life time paid my dues, like you paid to become a life member but to what is my question? I feel that this is a fraud and a rip off

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