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master lifetime membership

I have been a master lifetime membership owner for years, I quit receiving the magazine, emails, I haven't...

Handyman Club of America

my lifetime master life membership

What happened to my Handyman Club of America membership. I am a paid up Master Life Member #[protected]. I...


Member number [protected] I am not receiving my magazines at 943 Bunker View Drive Apollo Beach, FL 33572 My...

my mag has stoped coming to my house

please send me my handy mag my lifetime membership number is [protected] and my name is Richard Sharp 502 Lone Oak Ct. Exeter, California 93221
don't take me for being for getful because my mind is not as sharp as it was when I was younger. I haven't got the mag for several months now so if you can please send me back issues if you can I really do enjoy reading the mag

lifetime membership

I just came across my Handyman file while reviewing cabinet files and was reminded that I haven't seen or...

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lifetime membership to the club

I've been a handyman lifetime member for many years. About 5 years ago, I stopped receiving magazines, except...

HandyMan Club of America / Scout.com

the club

Why are you not mailing the magazine to your Life Time membership people? We, in good faith, joined your...

HandyMan Club of America / Scout.com
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lifetime membership

I am also a lifetime member of Handyman and the Cooking Club. I have not had any magazines or online communication from them in years and just recently have tried to look into it. Both numbers listed for their contact are not in service. I plan to file a class action suit to try and recover lost membership.
member number for handyman [protected]
I still have all the copies of magazines I have received and refer to them when needed. I also have kept many copies of the Cooking Club of America magazines.

unethical behaviour

As with others, I bought lifetime memberships for both of the 'entities' and have received nothing from them for about 14 years. no magazines, correspondence, test products, they seem to have disappeared. I cannot even find their websites anymore. Is there anyway to track both 'clubs' down and see if they did, indeed, disappear rom the face of the earth, took our money and ran, etc?

Handyman Club membership: #538729
North American Hunting Club Member Number: [protected]

Thanks for any info you can provide,
Stephen Crowell

life membership

I've been a life member since 2002 why am I not receiving my magazine or even the site for the ditigal version. I can't even find the website any more, how can get this resolved and get my magazine back again. Also I used to be able to participate in product testing and reviews I no longer get letters telling me of any products to review, it like handy man club of America is longer active

lifetime membership just stopped sometime ago.

Never a word and I will need to search my records for the acct# but same as my cooking club of america lifetime membership the benefits simply stopped and it takes awhile to really understand and recognize you aren't receiving the magazines and benefits you were promised years ago in a lifetime membership program. Perhaps they thought instead of being an adult of 35 they thought I was 70, sorry I shall live much longer yet and I deserve my magazines, my benefits monthly as promised or my money back.

lifetime membership

When I lived in NH, I became a lifetime member, and if my memory serves me right, that is a lifetime of your magazine.

4 years ago, we moved from NH to NM, and never gave it a thought until now.

George Rollins
email - [protected]@comcast.net
Address - 29 Lowell Rd #35, Salem, NH 03079, or 35 Marigold Rd, Salem, NH 03079
Landline - [protected]

When moved to NM, this is the current info.

George Rollins
Email - [protected]@gmail.com
Address - 96342 Jacks Creek Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114
No landline phone - Cell [protected]

While in my shop I needed a chisel, and found my Chisel set with the Handyman Club of America life member embedded it in and light dawned over Marblehead about the magazine.

Attached is a pic of the case.


George "Skip" Rollins

lifetime membership

HandyMan Club of America / Scout.com
  • Updated by SkipRollins · Apr 07, 2018

    Awaiting comfirmation of complaint any any action.

life membership

I applied for a lifetime membership to Handyman Club of America on September 5, 1998. I received the magazine...

magazine subscription, et-al.

I joined the lifetime membership after I had been receiving the magazine for about a year. The tools I received as a result of the $600.00 I spent were second rate, not the high quality advertised. I haven't received a bi-monthly magazine for some time now.

A couple of years after joining the lifetime membership, I received a letter which would let me join the advanced lifetime membership.

handyman club of america lifetime member

I too am a Life Member of the Handyman Club of America. After reading some old "Handy" magazines last night, I decided to look for the online version that came available when Scout took the magazine over.
When I searched the site (www.handy.scout.com.) today, it wouldn't come up. I did a couple of searches and found over a hundred complaints about the club. I have come to the realization now that the long time club has gone away. I don't remember when I joined but I believe it was sometime in the 90's. If the magazine owners don't come up with an offer on their own, I would consider joining a class action against them if one is ever formed.

You can contact me at [protected]@gmail.com. My member number is [protected]. As a consumer we have rights to be made whole.


I am an upset lifetime member of handyman club of america

I have been a Life Member of the Handyman Club of America, member Number [protected], since March 2002. I have not heard anything form the Handyman Club of America for years. I would like to continue being a Life Member. Can you Please reactivate my membership?? Why do I even have to reactivate it it? Why haven't I heard anything for years from the Handyman Club of American? I would like to have my magazines, and anything that Handyman of American owes me.

  • Updated by SamieJ1959 · Feb 01, 2018

    I cannot find how to reactivate my lifetime membership, I have been a lifetime member since 2002 paid in full, have my membership number and all. I haven't heard anything in years.

  • Updated by SamieJ1959 · Feb 01, 2018

    Someone please tell me how to reactivate (why do I have to anyway though) my life membership I have had since 2002.

  • Ll
    Lloyd Perry May 07, 2018

    I, too, have been a lifetime member since early 2000's (and was a yearly paying member many years before that), and realized a couple of years ago that I had had no contact from HCOC for some time. I have been unable to make any contact with the club (did they go bankrupt? - if so, why do they have an active web site?). I paid big bucks for a lifetime membership, and a very few years later - nothing. Not even a notice that there was going to be a change. I should at least be able to get some type of product and information on line. Lloyd # 30428502

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lifetime membership

I was one of the first to sign up for a lifetime membership back in the early 90's. Got the "free" leather jacket and received the magazines for a few years each month along with some test items to keep. Then about 10 years ago no more magazines or test items even after updating my information 4 different times. Like everyone else I would just like to get what I paid for. What started out to be a promising service has not become a joke on all of us.

  • SamieJ1959 Feb 01, 2018

    I have same problem, I have been a member since 2002 paid in full, have my membership number and all. I haven't heard anything in years.

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  • SamieJ1959 Feb 01, 2018

    @SamieJ1959 I cannot find how to reactivate my membership. I have been a lifetime member since 2002 paid in full, have my membership number and all. I haven't heard anything in years.

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  • Mj
    MJM7 Feb 17, 2018

    Joined in the late 90’s got a jacket was a product tester, and often got all kinds of offers in the mail. Nothing for the past couple of years.

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  • Ed
    Edward Ludwig Mar 21, 2018

    I also became a life member in 1998. got the magazine for a few years and updated my new addresses and haven't heard from them in about 12 years.

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  • Cr
    Craig_D Apr 10, 2018

    Same here. I was one of the original "Life Members" in the 90s with the leather jacket. If I recall, the membership was in the $300 range. I still have almost every issue of "American How-To" and later "HANDY" published. It was great while magazines were coming and there were products to be tested. Like most though, it has been years since I've heard from them. My guess is that there was probably some fine print in the Life Member agreement that gave them a way out, but if some smart lawyer puts together a class action suit, I'm in.

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lifetime membership

I have been a lifetime member for many years, I don't have my membership number, but over the years I have kept my info updated, I updated my info over 3 yrs ago when I bought my place, why haven't I received any of my magazines and products to test, if the club doesn't exist anymore, I think some kind of refund should be given, I sign up as a lifetime member for this to be lifetime, answers would be nice!!

  • SamieJ1959 Feb 01, 2018

    I have same problem, I have been a lifetime member since 2002 paid in full, have my membership number and all. I haven't heard anything in years.

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  • In
    Indian Wolf Apr 11, 2018

    all their fake customer service numbers just lake a circular cluster-[censor]. No answers...I paid in full for this crap too...class action law suit????

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handyman club of america lifetime membership

I amLifetime Member # [protected]. Same as everyone else. Paid A LOT of money and haven't received anything in...

is the club operational?

Was cleaning out my wallet today and found my Handyman Club of America Life Member ID card, [protected] and...