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An Jan 05, 2015 McLean

I've been working with macys for 3 years and i loved my job am one of the top associate in the store, I always like to be recognize so i go the extra mile, i recently encountered a very unprofessional behavior with my new store manager on new years eve...On December 22, 2014 we been getting tuns of return all the way back up until now, On new years eve the store was very busy in my dept we only had 3 associate thorough the day so we work as at team and do a little rotation because we had only two register open while someone else is on the floor working..We had difficulties maintaining the floor but we still tried to maintain the floor, Going towards closing we were down to two associates me and my coworker, we decided that both of us cant stay on the register so i went on the floor to help my customers while maintaining the floor...While on the floor folding and picking up clothes off the ground customers keeps on asking for my help so i assist them going back to what i was doing i had to start over from scratch while working my store manager Darren Whitlock came to me and was complaining about my dept so i told him that we been getting alot of traffic and wer'e going to need a recovery team His response was "Dont tell me what i need " So my response was " Am just briefing my opinion plus we are down to two associate am on the floor doing what i can and the next associate is on the register " After saying that to him he told me that he's getting upset ...So he took me off the floor and we went to the back his approach towards me is so not professional as a store manager he was all up in my face saying "Whatever he says goes and he dont want to hear no one telling him what he needs to do " ..Then he told me that am not working after saying that i felt so abuse by his words knowing that everyday when am supposed to work i always try to give the company a 100% out of my skills i go the extra mile for my store..he even told me that if i cant meet his expectation he knows what to do...after saying that i've lost all the respect for him as a store manager thats not the way u go about dealing with situations like this by treating my job..I know he's more valuable to the store than i am but thats not the way how u approach your employees...

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