Macy'smacy's american express credit card record-keeping

I have had a Macy's credit card for 34 years. Now it is a Macy's American Express. In January of 2016, they stopped sending me statements. Consequently I had no idea I had a balance due on the account until I went to the store in late March to make a purchase and the card was denied. I looked at the card to see what the problem was, and discovered it had expired in September 2015, even though I made purchases in Oct., Nov., and December! I received no new card and did not even realize it had expired. Long story short, I had made purchases in December after I paid my December bill. Since I got no statements for three months, there were late charges and interest charges rolled over month after month, so I "owed" over $100 on a balance of $268. Well, I called twice, was transferred 3 times each call, and ended up with their Phillipine call center each time, repeating my story with each transfer, and hardly being able to understand them each time. So I wrote a letter and mailed it to the three PO Boxes found on my last statement. They mailed me a new card with a new account number and a credit limit of $400, which is laughable. No one responded to my letter, except to send me a letter telling me to call the customer care number, which was the same damn number I had already called twice! After 1 hour and 11 minutes on the phone, I finally had my late charges removed. Now I have to wait until the check clears that I mailed the same day for the actual balance owed of $268, to call their consumer credit department to try and get this off my credit record. (My FICO score was 870 before this, who knows what is is now.) Horrible record-keeping, horrible customer service, horrible foreign call center. But of course you have to have their credit card to get discounts. And still no explanation as to why they stopped sending statements, did not send me a new credit card when mine expired, let me charge on an expired card, did not send me my Thanks for Sharing refund. Oh and by the way, I have lived at the same address for 23 years.

Apr 12, 2016

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