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I had a Macy's charge card for several years. When I received a new Macy's American Express card in the mail for no reason, I believed that it was a replacement for my old Macy's card. I destroyed the old card and started using the new Macy's card. I made payments as usual through my bank website (the old Macy's card). Then I started receiving frequent calls from Mason, Ohio. They never left a message. When I finally spoke to someone, it was to let me know that my American Express bill was late; and did I want to pay it over the phone. I blew up, because I felt that I had been flim flammed, not knowing it was a separate account. I told the person on the phone to send me the bill and I would pay it. Within a 5 day span, I received 3 phone calls from them. When I called the # back that was on caller ID, I got someone in India.
With the unemployment rate in this country, why do companies like Macy's & Kohl's, who depend on American citizens to buy their merchandise, staff their call centers in India? Not only did I feel that I was flim flammed, but I am outraged that their call center is staffed in India!

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      20th of Jan, 2011

    Apparently, you work for Macy's! Whether companies are obligated or not to send out bills, I haven't encountered one yet that doesn't send out bills. Granted, I didn't read the fine print. Busy holidays, also replacement cards are frequently sent out unsolicited, and yes, they do have to be activated just like new cards. Fortunately, this was not a card that I use on a regular basis, interest rate is highway robbery! There were "harassing" phone calls from Mason, Ohio; the customer service reps in India were illegible. Closed both accounts and will find other places to shop!

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      8th of Mar, 2011

    I see this same complaint ad nauseum. If you received the AMEX you had the VISA. Same deal. Two accounts...two bills! Why would charges on an AMEX be able to be paid at Macy's?! The Macy's AMEX is a mere convenience so you only have to take one card with you shopping whether is be Macy's or Walmart. Doing so earns you rewards certificates. Have to pay it off though. I don't buy the old arguement about the high interest rate. Nobody should be concerned with that if you're not spending more than you can afford.

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