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San Ramon, CA, United States

Hi Grisell, I am emailing you regarding my delivery reservation for the couch I purchased. I was contacted several times prior to my delivery date reminding me on my delivery. The day of the delivery the communication was horrible. The delivery window I was notified of was 9:45-11:45. About 10:30 I got a call from the warehouse and was asked if I had heard from the driver yet with the call that that he was on his way I had said no. Then I was told that he was running a bit behind as they left the warehouse about 45 min late. But that he may still be able to make the time window and that I should hear from him soon. At that she dropped off the call.

At about 12:15 I decided to contact customer service because I had noticed when I logged onto the delivery site my time was now showing 11:45-1:45. No one notified me of the time change, no one contacted me, no automated email or phone call. Instead now when the Customer Service person assists me I am told the delivery time is now 2:45. So the two hour window you had been contacting me about for 3 days has now become a 5 hour window.

This is beyond unacceptable. I have since searched the internet for Macy's delivery service and have come to realize the reviews are HORRIBLE. I only wish I new this prior to purchasing anything from this store as I would not have.

I am being charged $200 for a delivery fee that is hours later than what I was told. I wanted a refund of my $200 charge instead all the customer service person could offer was a gift card. While I appreciate his help I find this unacceptable. At this point I am not looking to spend anymore of my money at Macy's, I am looking for you to correct this and refund my Delivery Fee. Macy's should figure out a way to correct their delivery issues and not expect that at two hour window is acceptable to turn it into a 5hour window. I have lost most all of my day off now and expect to be refunded for my compensation in time.

Dec 28, 2014

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