Macy'scustomer service in the philippines

Horrible out-of-country customer service. I was on the phone for 35 minutes with 4 different representatives. I had a lot of difficulty understanding accents.

I purchased 3 items online (order number [protected]) on 11/4/2018. I returned the first item — INC International Concepts bootcut pant, color Deep Twilight. Purchase price was $41.70 plus tax = $44.74. I returned the pant in City Creek Mall, Salt Lake City, UT on 11/30/2018. The total return credit to my Macy's card was $39.26. There is a discrepancy of $5.48 which should be applied to my Macy's credit card. Last rep. said it was because I ordered online but I returned it in the store. Can you fix this?

This experience was unbelievably awful. — transferred to 4 representatives. The call lasted for 35 minutes. I am fed up with foreign C.S. Reps.

Dec 01, 2018

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