Macy'scustomer service - cancelled order without notification

On November 25, 2018, I called Macy's [protected] and got an amazing rep, Alyssa, she helped me order the Beautyrest Silver Golden Gate (plush, pillow top) in full size . It took quite a bit of time as she wanted to get it right as it was being shipped to Hawaii. I received a free box spring with the order and paid $85 for delivery along with taxes and fees for the total to come out to $839.79. It was a great Black Friday deal.
I received a follow up email on 11/25/18 to say that my delivery date was set for 12/27/18 and then another email on 11/26/18 to confirm my order under Salescheck #[protected]. No other emails were received. I called today, 12/11/18 to see if maybe the delivery date could be moved up and was informed that my order was cancelled. I asked why and was told that I was suppose to go to my local store to order the items. I asked why I was not informed and was told that he didn't know and was sorry. I asked if I went to the store will they give me the same price and he said they would price match. Wrong, I called the Hawaii store and was given a price $200 more than what I was confirmed for on the original order. I am very upset that no one took the time to email or call me to explain what was going on with my order. Cancelling an order with NO notification is not good customer service. I have ordered item online with shipping to my office/home or pick up in store with no problem. This is the first time I ordered a big item and to make matters worse is that it was a Christmas gift for my daughter. I was going to go to the store to reorder but the item is not available in the store and because of the difference in price I think I will order it elsewhere.


Dec 11, 2018

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