Long John Silvers / employees

I went trou the drive around 330 or 4 pm nov 29th at the store located ons29th and fairalawn in topeka ks just to find to employees clearly dressed in uniform making a drug deal in the parking lot as an adult i see these things all the time problem is my 8 year old witnessed the whole thing now my child is exposed to alot in public school but i have keept him away from drugs and would have like to not have exposed him now as a restrant familys eat at children should not be exposed to all of this to put the iceing on the cake i walked in to get the employees names and they were both under the influence of drug and the oder fron it was strong to top it all of i found out one of them is the general Manager of the store named danielle the other employee was shay moten

Nov 29, 2016

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