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In February, 2017 my husband and I took out a $30, 000 unsecured loan from MNBA (now Bank of America) at what I thought to be 13% which turned out to be 16%. In April, 2017 and after paying $16, 144 (approx.) on the loan, I asked for an additional $1, 000 to be deposited into our checking account. I was told at that time the loan would be recalculated which I assumed meant adding the $1, 000 and recalculating the payment. At no time was I told that the loan time would revert back to 84 months thereby, in my opinion, nullifying the 2 1/2 years worth of payments. It is now 2017 an I am just hearing this recalculation for the first time. The only reason I know is because I inquired as to my payoff date. I was informed it would be 84 months from the April, 2017. I am not a genious when it comes to money but even I know I would not have traded $1, 000 for $16, 144. I feel I have been defrauded. I never would have had the $1, 000 added. I don't want to skip out on any payments. I just want my loan timeline revised. At the end of this fiasco, I would have paid approximately $65, 000+ for a $30, 000 loan. Somehow that doesn't seem lawful to me.

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  • Mk
      Oct 25, 2007
    Loan - interst rate charged not competed

    branch in delhi - dwarka - citi group executive is very clever- he was tell me at the time of loan geving me - your interset rate is very low - you can pay reducing emi payments but after papers i have recvd by courier intrest charged 3 times more according to verbal applications interst rate not mention in apporaval-docs of laon , i sugest you every body dont take a loan without doc read & mentioned the intrest rate on papers at ther time of loan taken.


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  • Jo
      Jul 18, 2008
    Loan - I once receive a loan
    Santa Clara
    United States

    Hi, i am Ms Jool, i saw your ad on this webiste site seeking for a loan, i once aplied for a loan and i got cumed but i later applied from a lender in ecuador and she did respond to me.

    i will advise you to contact her because she is the only person that can give u the loan, most people in these site are scam.
    email me [protected] for her contact.

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  • Je
      Oct 14, 2008
    Loan - refund
    TJF Corp
    United States

    i got a loan like a month ago and i want to pay it but i need to talk to someone first please call me at [protected]

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  • Ca
      Jun 22, 2009

    It appears many people have been taken by Milner Financial. There is a person who posted a complaint named shawnb, he provides his e-mail for anyone that wishes to try and go after the co. by going to the FBI. I would think we would need to do it soon to even have a chance. Look for Shawn's posting and contact him via e-mail. I just did and he has already responded.

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  • De
      Oct 09, 2009
    Loan - fraud
    Aaxs Lending Corporation
    1006 Pennsylvania Avenue
    St Cloud
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Requested Insurance Money Before they could complete my loan. I signed promissary note papers before sending the Insuranc Moeny. They would not comoplete the loan unless I sent them MORE money. I refused and cancelled the loan. Upon many request they have told me over and over that they mailed the check to me I would not recieve it so they would say they mailed it to the wrong addrerss. This has gone on for a couple of months now and they will not return my phone calls/faxes/letters or respond to any form of communication they obviously are not going to send my money back to me. The are A SCAM and they STOLE my moey from me.

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  •   Oct 09, 2009

    I am sorry to hear about your story, I was ripped off too, so sad these people are beasts
    Luckily i got an email for the British Embassy telling me they were paying the first 150 victims of scams first come basis and after i applied i was awarded money. You may try to contact the Embassy [protected] and tell them your story. They could award you a compensation


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  • Is
      Oct 27, 2009

    Dear Sir,
    First of all, i would like to forward my apprciation for such complain form and facilitating customer relationship.
    I'm not complaining here, but i just need some clarifications from Dubai International Investment and Trading.
    We have low cost housing project in one of the African countries. We have appoached a man by the name of ( DAVID SADAGOPAN) living in Malaysia. This person claims to be the agent and appointed representative of Dubai International Investment and Trading assigned for Malaysia territory.
    My purpose of writting to Dubai International Investment and Trading today is to verify and clairify whether the above maintioned person is officially appointed dealer for Dubai II and Trading.
    I attached the appointment letter send to us by Mr David.
    Please reply us as soon as possible( [protected] or call us at : +[protected]
    Thank you

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  • Ky
      Dec 10, 2009

    These people are very evil . I got a loan from then over 3yrs ago for $2600. I pay $216 and some change a month. When I get through paying the loan off I will have paid more than $10, 000. Don't ever get a loan from these people!

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  • Ch
      Jan 28, 2010
    Loan - bad loan
    Eastern Saving Bank
    United States

    In 2017 I brought a home using eastern saving bank. At the time I was working at mazda of milford and that year I made 29, 500. I brought my home for 185, 000.00 and I put down 80, 000.00.My intrest rate was 12.4% and my mortgage payment was 1751.00 a 07 my mortgage patment went up 200.00. And in 08 I met and married I still had the house and there was still equity in my home we got a lawyer and we won a temporary forbarence for 6mo for 1080.00 and if we made our payments on time we would lower the intrest and place some of the money we owe in the rear.But after the 6mos was over and we did make the payments on time as agreed, but this time we could not afford the lawyer our payments stayed 2100.00 a month the intrest stayed the same they did not help at all we went though that 6mos for nothing and the house was taking away september 26, 2017.

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  • La
      Feb 12, 2010
    Loan - refund
    United States

    This company is unbelievable. With all the complaints against the company you would think the executive or CEO would do something about it. MGC's representatives are incompetent, this company should not exist and should be taken legal actions for ripping and ruining people's lives.

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  • Ms
      Mar 18, 2010
    Loan - calls for payment inspite of full prepayment of my loan account

    This is in regards the personal loan; I had taken from your company. My personal loan account no: RPDL00020920 which I had with you since 16/7/2017 was prepaid as advised by your company executive “Nidhi”. She asked me to make the DD of amount: Rs 26734 against the full and final prepayment in the name of GE money and got it collected Mr. Manoj, the details of which are as below:
    DD no:613353, dated:19-09-08 of amount :Rs 26734
    Full and Final prepayment” made by me vide your receipt no.:CDL 1282142. Dated.

    After that there was no outstanding on my abovementioned account.

    I am surprised that I am still receiving calls for the EMI due and your representative recently visited my place to collect some money against the abovementioned account which was fully prepaid .

    I give them the same details but to vain, still I receive the calls.

    I tried calling Nidhi but, someone else picks up & says that she is out of town or sometimes, busy in meeting..She never revert back.

    I feel harassed and disappointed by this attitude of your staff.

    When they need to fulfill their targets, they call us ten times a day to peruse us and when they achieve their targets. This is how, we clients being treated, nobody bothers to call back also.

    After trying all means to contact her, I had already written a complaint letter addressed to your GM, but all in vain, no action been taken against it till date.

    pls give me the contact number of ceo"mr.Vicky Bindra" so that I can my problem looked into.

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  • Tr
      Mar 24, 2010

    i applied for a loan and they used my routing and account info to charge me over 100.00 and gave my info out i think

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  • Mr
      Jan 19, 2011
    Loan - fraud and scam
    Cash Net Usa
    United States

    On 01-19-2017 a heavy accent person called saying he is from a federal bank law and investigation collection agency located in NY. Stating that Cash Net Usa is sueing me taking me to court for unpaid loan in the amount of $495.00 plus court fee's totaling over $5000.00. I replied that I owe nothing to cash net usa never even took a loan from them. He continued saying to resolve this issue I had to pay $495.00 right now using a debit or credit card and if not tomorrow there would be a warrant served for my arrest and for the person used as reference. I requested for him to send me an e-mail or a letter in the mail he said not possible it's to late. I requested twice the address to this so called collection agency and he ask why, I said so I can have a friend stop by and make the payment he said that is not allowed . I said my lawyer will be informed and that I was going to file a complaint. He than gave me 2 different locations not even sure of info and kept saying hold on inbetween info. Finding simular stories online this is a total rip off. Scary he had my name, address etc...

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  • Ki
      Feb 24, 2011
    Loan - harrassing phone calls
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Both my son and I are receiving call from this guy with a Indian accent. He claims that we have a formal complaint filed against our social security numbers. It is supposed to be for a cash advance loan. Yes, I have taken one out but have paid back. My son has never taken any cash advance loan out at all... I called once and they answer stating that they are officers and when I asked for the loan company phone number they could not give me that information. They said I should get an attorney and that we would go to jail. I also called again and they hang up on me...I called back and asked " Why do you keep hanging up on me?" They hang up again. I just called again today and they stated they are the Lawyers office of California. I asked the guy "Is this a scam?" OOOhhh he didn't like that one...he said " Your are talking to an officer" Whatever BIG not give up your information to anyone.!!!

    If this was a legit collection agency then they would not hang up on us .

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  • Fd
      Feb 25, 2011

    If he didn't like that, then you should have yelled SCAM SCAM SCAM..It's a scam. They somehow fraudulently got a hold of social security numbers. They are scammers from India.

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  • Es
      Apr 13, 2011
    Loan - refund
    United Kingdom

    I applied for a loan in september 2017 from niz financial services for 10000 pounds, they told me they could get it for me and collected a fee of 99 pounds. They didnt get me the loan I wanted and I hve sent them about three letters for a refund of my money but they have choosen to ignore it. Please can someone help me get my money back

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  • Ja
      May 16, 2011
    Loan - refund
    United States

    i just want to know if MRS. STELL JOHNSON is indeed an employee of the HALIFAX BANK at 25 the NORTH COLNNADE CANARY WHARF, LONDON, E14 5 HS PH: [protected]

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  • Bm
      May 17, 2011
    Loan - gave away personnal information/fraud
    Quicken Loans
    United States

    This company will give away information you submit for loan to Fraud personnel.. They gave away my Social Security Number and Work information. I had people calling to work and leaving messages about attorney firm saying I had an unpaid payday loan I never got a loan then they were taking money from my bank account. Its scary they have all of my information.. I can not belive they get away with this. Don not do any buisness with this company. FRAUD!!! I am reporting them to the FBI..

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  • Bm
      May 17, 2011

    Quicken loans

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  • Bm
      May 17, 2011

    Stay away from quicken loans

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  • Sa
      Feb 06, 2013
    Loan - increase interest
    Sajitkumar T K Vasudevan, 48, resident of Taman Nusa Indah Johor Bahru lost his job as production executive at Premier Vegetable Oil Pasir Gudang when his management discovered (after he was employed and not during the interview) that he was being treated for depression at the Permai Hospital.

    Unable to make regular payments on his housing loan, he is now hounded by the bank and faces legal action for defaulting on his loan.

    A clinically depressed Sajitkumar declared well by hospital.

    In 2017, Sajit had taken a RM 195, 000 housing loan from Ambank.

    The following year, Sajit was given to key to the street when his company discovered he was suffering from depression and had not truthfully declared his depressive condition when he applied for that job.

    His application for SOCSO insurance was rejected.

    His appeal to The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) turned to naught.

    Earlier in 2017, he had withdrawn RM 30, 000 from his EPF savings due to his sickness.

    This time when he applied to withdraw his savings, it was rejected.

    This is due the fact that Hospital Permai declared him not ill (tidak mengidap keilatan).

    Sajit’s troubles escalated last year when he was unable to service the loan for four months.

    As a result, the interest rate for his loan was increased from 4.9% to 9.1 %.

    When Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) contacted AmBank, Liaison and Collection officer Hamidah Abd Rahman explained that the bank had clear rules about loan defaulters.

    After four months of non-servicing of the loan, legal action would be instituted.

    Sajit had appealed for leniency but the bank was unwavering.

    By hook or by crook, he had to settle the outstanding loan and thereafter, service his loan for six months without fail before the bank could consider his case.

    In his jobless state, he is unable to find RM 3, 000 per month to service the loan.

    Hamidah advised Sajit and all those in the same dilemma to seek the assistance of AKPK (Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit), the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency set up by Bank Negara which helps individuals manage their financial situation.

    Sajitkumar is now at the end of his tether. In anguish, he laments, “There is no justice in this world.”

    Sajit feels the society is pushing him against the wall. “People who are depressed are in a very unfortunate position because the public do not understand their complex illness.

    “A seriously depressed person can be driven to suicide.

    “They need encouragement and support, ” he said.

    In addition, without financial assistance forthcoming, he may be driven to seeking for ”help” from Ah Longs and this could be the long, lonely road to his destruction.

    The World Health Organisation warns that mental illness will be second to HIV/AIDS in the burden it places on the world by the end of this decade.

    Records indicate that 9% of Malaysians suffer from major depression. Similar to global data, depression is the fourth most disabling disease in Malaysia, ranking third for women and 10th for men.

    Sajitkumar is now at the end of his tether. In anguish, he laments, “There is no justice in this world.”
    Johor Bahru
    emai: [protected]

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  • Yo
      Mar 28, 2013
    Loan - loan
    check city loans
    United States

    do not do any business with these crooks they use number [protected] and [protected].

    They tell you that your loan is approved and ask for money pak numbers. they take your money and continue to ask for more more.

    they loan nothing, only steal.

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  • Ak
      Nov 24, 2014

    Most of this so called Loans brokers are fraudsters and utill somebody do something funning out of annoyance nobody seems to act to stop them from taking peoples money while they are enjoying luxurious life out of other hard earn money especially,
    All offort to get repond from this company to explain while am not entitle to my full rufund has met with no answer as not only they have not provide any service it was not on their websites as condition that your money will not be refunded no matter what, they need to be investigated

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  • Ko
      May 25, 2015
    Loan - threats
    Loan Discovery SA
    South Africa

    Loan Discovery SA seems to be handing everyone, who "apparently" subscribed to their service, to their legal department. Why on earth must we subscribe to something that we need to pay for? Especially since nothing gets telephonically communicated. Then apparently we can't read, whatever is on that website needs to be restructured. This is unethical and when you call to find out you get rude people answering who should rather be sweeping the street than on the phone.

    Something really needs to be done about these people cause whatever you guys are trying to achieve..

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