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I had been getting a lot of sales calls to buy Life Insurance by people saying they were with Bank of America. I told them I was not interested in Life Insurance since I have it through my job. However, they said that their insurance might supplement what I have through my job and they would send me some information and sign me up. I told them they could send me the information if they wanted to but do NOT sign me up. They did anyway. Then they started debiting $29.99 out of my checking account every month. I called BOA to cancel and they said that BOA does not even offer Life Insurance. However, they do sell customer's information, including their account # and Social Security #, to various private insurance companies. I eventually did get a packet in the mail from a company called National Union Fire Insurance of Pittsburgh, PA. The entire packet was in SPANISH. I found someone to read it to me but she could not find a number anywhere to cancel. So I looked up the company online, called them then had to argue with a very aggressive girl for like 20 minutes before she finally canceled the insurance. Before she agreed to cancel she also told me I was a bad parent for canceling and that she would give me 2 months free if I kept it. I just had to keep saying NO over and over again. I never did get a refund for the premiums they took out of my bank account w/out my permission. And I still get the occasional call from "Bank of America" trying to sell me life insurance, even though I am on the state-wide DO NOT CALL list. So I think this is a scam if BOA ever calls you to sell you insurance just hang up!!


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    Sam-I-Am1 May 25, 2020
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    Hello My name is Sandy A. I live in California. My mother has been banking with bank of america since 1987. This same exact insurance fee has been taken from hers and my account as long as I can remember. I called BofA to get it taken off and it never happened ever after being told it would be taken off. I am looking to start a class action lawsuit here in Los Angeles Ca. Does anyone else want to join?

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  • Mi
    mike132978 Jun 27, 2016

    My mother was taken for this ad life insurance scam that I have read so much about here on the Web now. It's crazy they have been doing this 2007 and still it's going on. Not only is bank of America aware of these scams but participating in these scams with there affiliate company's for a large profit. I don't see how a bank can steal from there customers targeting older people, as well as people from foreign countries who don't speak English well. The bank tries to confuse you about how to go about handling this situation and have no intentions of paying more than three months worth of the money they stole. If any. They tell you they don't know who these insurance company's are when they now exactly who they are. They say they are not affiliated any more but still handle there ad insurance. They know all the loopholes and use them to steal your money. Tomorrow I'm going down to the bank and Insisting my mother close her account there. Then I'll look into who I can report this too.

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  • Pe
    peony0825 Jun 03, 2016
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    I am so sorry to write this letter in rage. Can you believe Bank of American sold customer information? If I have not suffered this bad thing, I won’t believe. But, it is true; Bank of American has sold my information to National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, PA!!! I never use my card on the internet, how can this bad company got my information and charges my money? When I report the fraud of National Union Fire Insurance Co. to bank of American, I still think you are innocent! But, unfortunately, today when I search on the website, I find that I am not the only person suffer this scam! And I recalled that there is an insurance company, named himself as bank of American insurance company, called me several times in 2010. Oh, Bank of American, you not only sold my information but also your own “fame”.
    As one of biggest bank in US, please cherish your reputation!
    Please give me a fair answer!

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  • Je
    jewels37 Jan 15, 2014

    I had life insurance through BofA 4 years ago. I believe that the recording of me asking to increase my husbands life insurance was passed on to customer years as that is what they played for their proof. I had cancelled that policy 3 years ago, as my job offered life insurance. A year ago, disability was taken out without my knowledge. This was taken out under the radar for 1 year. Customer years played a recording, but that was from 4 years ago not from last year when the policy was supposedly taken out. I would be curious to know if anyone else has made this connection? The recording they played was incomplete, it sounded like Disability was patched into the very beginning but the conversation was about my life insurance policy from 4 years ago. I never even received any paper work on any of this. It is a scam.

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  • Je
    Jewel42 Nov 20, 2013

    I just realized that I have been charged two charges of around 35.00 dollars for several months. I am going through my account now to see how long this has been going on. To make matters worse, I have an over draft fee because of this. I had no idea this was happening. I will tell you I NEVER got a phone call or any information on this matter. I didn't even know what these charges were for. This is a scam. I am PISSED at BOA, I have been banking with them for many years. I feel like they are part of this scam. Upon seeing all of the posts here, I am very concerned. I hope that I can stop these charges. I think BOA should forgive my over draft fee. And I want my freaking money back. I don't have any paper work or anything. I had zero knowledge of this. This is theft!!!

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  • Ma
    Mad in Bama!! Nov 11, 2013

    My husband and I got hit by same scam, on ly problem is . . . BOA "forgot" to pay the 8.76 ACE mortgage diaster insurance premiums we thought had risen to 22.80 a month, back on 2009. Yes, that is correct, our mortgage protection insurance was canceled due to lack of payment, but our escrow account at BOA was dinged 22.80 until about 2 weeks ago when we found out. Yes, we still have Homeowners Insurance, just not the little added assurance we thought we had. After a 20 minute screaming match with the NUFI rep, it is canceled and they are to refund the premiums paid, if they cannot produce the sign up agreement. (which they cannot do, neither of us had ever heard of them.) Who in their right mind WOULD have 2 Auto Accidental Life Insurance policies with BOA as beneficiary? I am still furious!! BOA should be ashamed of themselves!!

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  • Ja
    Jamie W. Jul 07, 2013

    I am going tomorrow to close out my account with Bank Of America, I feel I have no other choice but to. I probably should have done this years ago but at least I am doing it now

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  • Ja
    Jamie W. May 09, 2013

    who do we contact to get this canceled?

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  • Dp
    DPhifer Sep 05, 2011

    This has happened to me too. I never got the package. Smile2Day, could you publish the phone number that you called to cancel? Or if anyone else has the phone number, please post on here. Thanks

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  • Sm
    Smile2Day Jun 15, 2011

    So infuriating. I've gotten into a similar pickle, and I am on the line with a customer service as we I type. I actually agreed to "look over" the package because it sounded like a good deal. I had 30 days to do so. The problem? I NEVER GOT THE PACKAGE. I suppose they thought I would forget about it and just start getting the $24.99 taken from my account. It's a health care reimbursement program that pays you back every time you go to the emergency room or go to a doctor's visit that your regular insurance doesn't cover. Supplemental insurance, they call it. Anyway, I wanted to look it over to see if it was something I'd like to do, but got an uneasy feeling when it didn't arrive.

    Luckily, I put a reminder in my phone. It's been 25 days as of today, and I just called to cancel it. The person was pretty nice about cancelling it, although they did do a lot of talking to try to change my mind. As of right now, I do have a cancellation number, so hopefully, that's the end of it, although I will be keeping an eye out to make sure.

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  • Ek
    eklektos3 Jun 09, 2011

    I work for the company that is contracted by BOA, thru NUFIC to sale BOA customers this product. We not only tape record the fact that we are sending this info. but also ask permission while in recording if you agree to the terms that you agree to be billed if YOU do not cancel. Now, although I think it is something that should be sent without enrollment so that people can look it over to see if it is benificial to them or not, also know that I get paid to do my job as a telemarketer. People need to know how to respond maturely to these type of phone calls. You try to do what I have to do for a living to raise my child as a single mother. Im sure if you had one day employed to do this, you would feel bad for being rude to those who are only doing thier jobs. Also, to let people i on a little something...when you say no, we are told that we have to REBUTTAL you to try to get it out to you. To me NO is NO, but if I dont, I can lose my job. So people calm down, politely say NO and just hang up for God's sake!!!

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  • Mi
    MichaelCBFL Feb 27, 2011

    It's a scam. A year ago I received a call from this company and they said they were from BOA. They offered 1 year free disability insurance. They never discussed the fine print. Disability insurance means if the government deems you disabled then the company usually pays. Not National Union Fire Insurance Company. When I got my first deduction from my bank account I called to camcel and was talked into keeping the plan. If it were a normal plan, it is a good deal. So I asked them to send me the policy. That was early January of this year. Nothing showed up so I called again at the end of Jan. I noticed that their answering message does not have the name of the company in it. Nothing showed up again so I called again a couple weeks ago and demanded a copy of the policy. It came yesterday and after a review of this policy, I would have to say that there is no way they will ever have to pay anything. They excluded "sickness", disease, strokes, heart attacks, cerebrovascular "event", and aneurism. How does such a policy use such broad terms as sickness and disease in exclusions? So basically the way I read this is that I would have to be in an accident, although not an airplane accident as that is excluded, and lose 2 limbs, go blind in one or more eyes, or be paralyzed in 2 or more limbs in order to collect. Oh, almost forgot, the policy does not pay until you are in at least the 13th month so the year free was really no policy in effect at all.

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  • Si
    silverstrk1800 Feb 19, 2011

    I can completely relate to all the above complaints and comments. I also received a call from from [protected], sometime around November, 2009. The caller ID read: Bank of America and the agent on the line also identified himself as representing B. of A. The sales pitch was for life insurance, supposedly through B. of A. I specifically remember declining the offer and ending the call abruptly, just as I had in previous calls from the same phone number. I can be very certain about my lack of interest in any life insurance, since I am single and do not have any dependants to provide for or any debts that would need to be paid.

    Then, in July of 2010 I noticed ACH debits of $24.90 being taken out of my B. of A. checking account. At first, I passed these debits off as possible Visa Debit Card charges that I didn't remember making. When I pulled up my past checking account statements, I discovered that the $24.90 debits had been taken out every month since December, 2009. On or about July 29, 2010, I contacted Bank of America Customer Service, for an explanation and the origin of these $24.90 ACH debits on my statement. By this time, the charges debited from my checking account totaled $199.20. Transaction descriptions listed the payee as: "Customer Years Des:[protected] ID: 151BTKJO
    INDN:Chrismon, Randall N CO ID:[protected] PPD REF:**********12110825001019500349774010071427
    (my account number has been deleted from the first part of this line)

    I filed a claim with the B. of A. Claims Department on July 29, 2010. This was a procedure recommended by other victims of this "Scam", who posted their complaints on various online blogs. Bank of America Claims took my information, but told me they could only refund three months of the charges. The B. of A. Claims representative did not confirm or deny association with Customer Years, even though Customer Years obviously already had my bank account number and information when they called.

    At the same time, I contacted Customer Years directly and requested a copy of the alleged voice recording, in which I supposedly agreed to accept their mailed insurance plan documents. I was told by the representative at Customer Years that this recording would be sent to me. I never received a voice recording, nor have I ever received life insurance policy documents from Customer Years. Supposedly, the telemarketer I spoke to stated that an information packet on the insurance policy would be sent to me. If I did not call to cancel, premium charges would be deducted from my checking account. Further proof of fraud in this case is that I never gave the caller my bank account or debit card information. The only way Customer Years could have had this information would be if they obtained it from Bank of America.

    I received a claim response letter from Bank of America, dated August 25, 2010. This letter listed all the reported unauthorized ACH debits from my checking account, and stated that "We received from the merchant's bank evidence that this transaction(s) was authorized. Therefore we are denying your claim."

    On October 29, 2010 I called Bank of America Customer Service again, for an explanation of what they had for “evidence that this transactions) was authorized". I spoke to Lawrence during this call to Customer Service. He repeated the statement that Customer Years had provided Bank of America with "evidence of acceptance", but was unable to tell me what that "evidence" was. When I advised Lawrence that I could not accept this ruling and wished to file a "dissatisfaction complaint", he agreed to re-open my claim with Bank of America, for further consideration.

    I received a response to the "re-opened claim", dated November 01, 2010. Again, Bank of America refused to take any responsibility for the unauthorized ACH debits paid to Customer Years. This letter stated: "As part of our research process, we contacted the merchant's bank on your behalf and received proof or your enrollment/authorization.

    At this point in my efforts to recover all or part of the money "stolen" from my personal checking account, I am even more determined to expose this scam and all its perpetrators. My online search of reverse phone numbers and consumer complaint sites has revealed an untold number of individuals victimized by Bank of America and Customer Years. And apparently, there are other sham insurance companies working in conjunction with Bank of America, to defraud their customers.

    I intend to pursue all possible avenues, to expose this scam, hold the principals involved responsible and hopefully recover money that I have lost. My intent here is to document the details of my case and seek suggestions from others who have been victimized by this scam. As stated previously, I have found numerous individuals, through web searches, who have also been duped into the same situation. I appreciate all the helpful suggestions and resources provided by blogger victims, and I have utilized many of these actions

    The only remaining recourse, as far as I know, is to start filing complaints with the BBB, Attorney General's Office and/or the Insurance Commission. While none of these agencies will be able to help me get my money back, they may, at least, be able to put the telemarketers and insurance companies out of business and censure Bank of America for their participation.

    I am also prepared to take this case to Small Claims Court, mediation or other judicial authorities. Of course, the most effective course would probably be a Class Action Suit on behalf of the victims. If anyone out there knows of such measures already underway, please let me know. If not, maybe someone with legal knowledge could advise us how to initiate a Class Action Suit. I am open to suggestions.

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  • Pa
    Pavielle Feb 03, 2011

    The scammers called me today. I listened for a few minutes only because they used a local area code and I assumed it was official. They told me that they would debit my account but I told them to send me the info. They said they couldn't do that until I was enrolled, I said, "then don't enroll me". They continued to tell me that I needed to enroll to get the insurance information. I told them not to enroll me and then hung up. I didn't give them any info regarding my account, but got the feeling they already had it. I called my branch and was told that the bank was not aware of any insurance promo and to monitor my account for any charges against it.

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  • Co
    compgirl10 Dec 03, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I now HATE BOA!!! These robbers sold my info to these scammers and milked my account from summer of 2009 till yesterday. I initially talked with an "agent" and said "yeh, send me the forms but I don't want a policy" Well the jerks sent men a policy and a month later started charging me $20/month for "insurance". I am LIVID!! I have been with BOA since 2003 and will soon be removing my account. I feel financially raped and I had to spend several minutes on two separate calls trying to get these robbers to cancel the monthly charges! "Oh don't cancel...we can send you a copy of the policy b4 you've got some great coverage..." REALLY. I was told initially that I entered into a VERBAL contract for the policy when they called me in 2009...WTF!! I never signed a thing for this to occur. It is a SCAM!! If you get a call from any "insurance" company asking to send u anything hang up after you tell them to SHOVE IT and take your name/number off their sucker list. All involved with this scam/conspiracy will pay one day!!!

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  • Br
    branch_75 Nov 04, 2010

    I was hit by the same company. It's not a scam - it's outright robbery. $29.95 a month was debited from my account. It was from National Union Fire Insurance Company, and the details are spelled out exactly as above. BoA sold my account information to these thieves and they have taken money from me.

    My local BoA wasn't very helpful the first time around. Usually they are. I'm going again tomorrow and printing out some of these complaints to explain to my local manager, whose name I will get and publish here, if they don't do the right thing and return money taken from me by these crooks. I am also going to register a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

    Philip J
    Atlanta, GA

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  • Co
    Commodore_Perry Oct 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just found out my parents have been paying this for over 2 years. He got disability insurance and then when he hurt his knee and both shoulders and couldn't work, they wouldn't pay because there's a clause that says you can only collect on the policy if you lose limbs.
    They get calls all day and night from a variety of different insurance's from house to life. My stepdad isn't quite mentally stable, but he still answers the phone and my Mom has had to fight tooth and nail several times to just get these policies canceled.
    It's a huge source of a lot of their arguments. Now that I'm finding out some of you are getting signed up without your permission, it makes me wonder if my Stepdad really agreed to some of these policies.
    We should sue the company that's doing it for fraud and BofA for exposing us to these scams by selling our information.

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  • Fr
    Frustrated in Memphis Sep 21, 2010

    Apparently Bank of America sold my First Tennessee Bank checking account information to the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA. a Chartis company. *See their contact info below.

    Bank of America constantly calls to sell us something. Our answer is always a NO. I remember the repeated calls to accept their “free” offer of an accident policy. The answer was still the same, NO. The National Union Fire Insurance Company started debiting my checking account for various amounts. First Tennessee Bank said it was difficult to stop them because they change the amounts. First Tennessee being an exceptional financial institution refunded my funds and reported the fraud.

    Bank of America said this was an affiliated company and that I had accepted their offer. I told them this was fraud and that not only was I filing a police report but that I would also report this fraudulent information to everyone possible. For the time being the unauthorized withdrawals from my account has stopped. I received a call from BOA about their free offer. I told them that I thought they had committed federal fraud across state lines using the United States Post Office mail services, telephone, wire and banking services. I also stated that I felt they had sold and misused my federally protected private information to a company or division for fraudulent purposes not to mention stealing my money! I informed her that they had been reported to every venue possible. The calls have currently ended.

    Today my 80 old Mother gave me an envelope asking me to read and explain it to her and why she was being charged. Again her Bank of America account has signed her up for the same insurance. My Mothers information says that they will collect their payment through her Bank of America Home Loans mortgage payment each month and there will be no bills or statements sent to her for her convenience.

    I am ready for a class action lawsuit! These guys have to be accountable!!! I don’t believe BOA would allow us to get away with debiting money from one of their accounts – we’d go to jail!!! And they wonder what’s wrong with our financial system!!!

    Frustrated in Memphis!

    *National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA. Contact Information listed on my Mothers information: Customer Service: Phone Number [protected], Hours 9 AM – 9 PM Eastern Time Week Days

    Administrative Office: 80 Pine Street, New York, NY 10005

    Program Administrative Office: P.O. Box 44260, Jacksonville, FL [protected]

    Principal Place of Business: 175 Water Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10038

    A notice says this is an insurance product is from the Chartis companies. It also states that the company pays compensation to brokers and independent agents in connection with this policy. It gives the following website address and phone number if you would like more information regarding the compensation paid. or [protected].

    Claims to be given to: LOTSolutions, Claim Department, P.O. Box 2066, Jacksonville, FL [protected]

    Letter Signed By: Jonathan Yee, Senior-Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Domestic Accident & Health Division

    2 Mailing Postmarks that appear to be permits: Haslser 018H13503680, zip 32202 and 016H26504582

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  • Sa
    SArmon Jul 26, 2010

    Also beware of homeowners insurance scams especially in such difficult economic times and when severe weather conditions jeopardize life and health.

    Royal Palm Insurance, Gainseville, FL, and Newman Insurance Agency, Inc., Hollywood, FL and Tower Hill Insurance Company, Gainseville, FL, were involved in arranging and providing homeowners insurance and soon after they were paid for the insurance they would inform customer the home is at risk and cancel the policy. Then offer another policy for significant additional amount.

    During hurricane season policy is cancelled again and customer again is informed that the home is at risk.

    It is possible this may involve discrimination.

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  • Ta
    talex Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    OMG!! They call me daily to sign up with BOA for insurance to cover appliances and when I almost, I mean, almost said maybe they can send me something that was free for 30 days, I told them no because they started saying that they would debit my account. So please be very careful. SCAM!!

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  • Mr
    Mr. Wheen Dec 16, 2009

    same thing actually happend to me last year, about how "they would like to offer insurance in the event when i deploy that i would get injured or killed and that they would cover up to x-amount" i told them they could send me info, and the lady agreed. Despite saying NO i found out that 20dollars was being taken out of my account every month.
    i called up and talked to a branch manager-managed to find that out somehow and she refunded me. plus i called the company and they finally stopped charging.

    still missing more money but they stopped. very pissed at BofA !! Going to leave the bank once i get my finances in order.

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  • Ro
    ronny5858 Nov 19, 2009

    I received this coverage in the mail for a 30 day review period. I was talked into it by a telemarketer. I called to cancel before the coverage was suppossed to take affect and I was not charged anything at all.

    The coverage was for if you become totally and permanently disabled. It pays really high benefits because most injuries would not be severe enough for you to loose the use of 2 hands, or 2 feet, the use of both your eyes, or hearing in both your ears, or cause you to be a para/quadrapelegic.

    The coverage is really cheap for people that don't have any through their work or can't get any coverage because they couldn't pass a medical exam. I don't really think its some big scam though, there is no way they would get by with it. I am sure it has happened though were some people thought it was free and then started getting charged and were'nt able to get a refund. Just have to be careful with the fine print, just like everything else.

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  • Id
    i dont want to give my name Nov 05, 2009

    Here is the deal about Bank of America and the insurance company. They are actually marketing partners. BOA provides your information to the insurance company and they will set you up with their insurance. Whatever you do, please read the information on anything they send you. I am a former employee of the insurance company and I have seen the claims office do some shady things to people. The disability policies are a joke! If you read them, you will see that you have to loose 2 hands, or 2 feet, both eyes or hearing in both ears, or be a quadrapelegic to get paid. If you dont loose any of these, you wont get a cent because it is in the fine print. The one policy they do offer that is actually decent is the Heath Protection Plus plan. It pays out better than some of the other policies do.

    If you have to do a sales dispute, make sure you request to hear the recording. Dont just ask for proof or they will send you a "transcript."

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  • Ma
    marsul99 Oct 29, 2009

    10/29/2009 I have my mortgage with CitiMortgage got the same type of offer. They stated CitiMortgage started the policy this is an acciden policy issued to my husband. Funny we wrote on the intro letter CANCEL. They sent it anyway the first year is free then it will be $9.95 a month. Guess what Citimortgage doesn't know this company. Turns out it is
    National Union Fire Insurance Company 70 Pine Street NY NY oh and Pitt PA Oh and PO Box 44260 Jacksonville FL
    In Michigan they are only authorized to write fidelity and surety business in Michigan and are actively writing this line of insurance. I think a complant is in order!

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  • Gc
    gccradioscience Oct 21, 2009

    I got a call from Bank Of America (Fake) insurance. I advise that everyone needs to get on the phone to the real Bank Of America and end this corruption!! If the insurance company was real and possible, then they would appear in the company directory and in the white or yellow pages. If its not in the directory, then you need to immediately report it to the police detectives, Federal Trade Commission and Bank Of America and their corporate office. We need to keep our money and put it where it belongs and buy the food we need and clothes and pay our rent, etc. PS there is no such thing as insurance from Bank Of America. Otherwise there would be an official website about it.

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  • Ho
    Hondo99 Oct 14, 2009

    Received mailing from BOA offering FREE Total Disability Insurance for 1 year. If you receive this, please read all the small print on the back of the letter. You will find many interesting things. Like there is no coverage:
    if you are a passenger on a commercial airline,
    if you have a stroke or heart attack,
    "sickness, disease, mental capicity or bodily infirmity...",
    just read the small print.

    Also, this is one of those offers where you get it free for 1 year and YOU MUST CALL TO CANCEL or BOA will begin taking $9.95 from your checking account every month to continue the coverage. They are hoping you forget all about the insurance, which most people probably do.

    I also have received a few phone calls from people who claim they are from BOA. These calls have come at 7-8 at night. Some of the people calling have difficulty with the english language. I don't stay on the phone long enough to see what they are selling but if they are from BOA, this gives me another reason to move my business elsewhere.

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  • Sc
    scamresistant Oct 13, 2009

    I have been approached by them here in Texas. Same story - would send packet but automatically enroll at $40/month and could cancel. I told them absolutely not and hung up. We will be watching our bill for any sign of this. Do not answer any calls from Bank of America if you have caller ID!!

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  • Mi
    Mich415 Sep 19, 2009

    This just happened to me this MORNING! I finally figured out that they have no affiliation with Bank of America (even though the caller ID says Bank of America) and I told them not to mail me the information -- or to enroll me. I still will call the bank and let them know (calls originated from 714 area code, usually).

    Michelle R., Alameda, CA

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  • Za
    ZAS Jul 28, 2009

    This is still going on today! My husband opened an account and shortly thereafter we were bombarded with telemarketing calls to by accident disability insurance, (despite the fact that we are on the 'do not call list'.) The caller i.d. shows Bank of America when they call and they send orrespondence with Bank of America on the letter head. Subsequent to me very rudely telling an agressive sales woman that we were not interested and do not call or write us anymore, the Bank of America Insurance program (as it is coined) began withdrawing premiums from his account, thereby overdrawing same. As a consequence of the unathorized transactions, overdraft and insufficent funds fees totalling $177.00 have been accessed against our account. Repeated calls to the bank reporting the fraud and requesting a reversal of the fees have been met with arguments, smart talk and refusal to refusal to take a complaint for fraud or reverse the fees. Bank of America keeps telling us that my husband authorized the transactions despite our very heated explanations that he did not! I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the federal entity that is sppose to take care of these types of issues. However, after searching the web and find numerous blogs of this exact type of fraud by Bank of America (dating back at least as late as March 2007, ) I am doubtful they anything will be done. Based upon those complaints, the insurance company/program actually splices bank customers' affirmative responses to incident questions over a representative's reading of a contract to support the alleged authorizations! The fact that a bank can victimize its customers in the same fashion of a common criminal and no one will do anything about it is the saddest part of it all-another reason why banks should not be so intricately involved with insurance companies/programs!

    Zilka Saunders, New Jersey

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