LG Electronics / washer/dryer & customer service

We purchased a washer, dryer, sidekick washer and dryer pedestal. On the DELIVERY DAY, the washer and sidekick were defective and leaked water all over our laundry room. After numerous hours on the phone and videos sent the LG, they finally agreed that we needed a replacement. They wanted to send out a new washer over a month after our original order date. When I complained, they said it was the earliest delivery date available even though on the store website, I could see that if I placed a new order, I could get a washing machine within the week. When I told the manager about this, she said I did not have a "new order" anymore and that it was a "replacement order", even though my original "new order" was defective. I received both a bad LG product and terrible customer service. All this, after the delivery team had hauled away my old appliances too! I explained to the manager that I could not be without a washing machine for over a month. She kept speaking over me and was rude on the phone saying there was nothing else she could do. You would think if they cared enough, they would try to make it right and somehow treat my "replacement order" as new, but the manager on the phone told me that could not be done as I already received their product. Terrible customer service and bad product!!

Nov 25, 2016

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