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pharmacist named katy

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Kroger Store #527
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
This is regarding something that just happened to me in the pharmacy Kroger store #527 in Bellevue, a suburb of Nashville, TN. I am trying to find the correct person to send it to with the Kroger company, but their "Feedback Form" on their website only holds about half of my complaint and to me the whole story must be told. If anyone has an email address for someone in upper Management for the Pharmacy division I would be most appreciative. Day before yesterday I had asked the pharmacist to order a product for my mother called “Ayr Nasal Gel” because all he had was the Ayr nasal mist/spray. Today I went to pick up the gel and the girl rang it up and I went home and gave it to my Mother, who opened it up and took it out of the box, only to see a nozzle on it, indicating it was the nasal spray. We looked at the box, and it said Nasal Mist-GEL. We went on the website and it turns out there is a nasal Mist, a Nasal MIST GEL, (which we didn’t know about), and a regular Gel (that is what we had wanted). The box itself had a safety seal on it, (not the product, but the box) but Mom had no reason to think it wasn’t the gel, since the pharmacist told us he had ordered the gel and that’s what they handed to me this morning. So I took it back, (this was approximately 12:00 noon today and a Pharmacist named KATY said “You can’t bring it back, the seal is broken”. I said, “Yes, but you gave us the wrong product, you told us this was the gel, and we had no reason to believe it wasn’t the gel, since the pharmacist told us that’s what he was ordering for us.” and she said “Sorry. I can’t take it back. You broke the seal.” I was getting a little irritated because this was clearly the mistake of the Pharmacy, and we were only talking about a seven dollar item, so I said “Sometimes don’t you just have to eat something?” and she walked away from me and said over her shoulder, and quite loudly in front of other customers: “Miss Donahue, as much price-matching as we do for you, we eat plenty.” and that is a DIRECT quote. There were two pharmacy techs working there named James and Beth (Beth was waiting on me) and Beth both looked right at me a bit stunned, like she couldn’t believe Katy had said that either. I have never, ever had a professional say anything so inappropriate to me, let alone in front of other people. I said “That is the policy of Kroger, not my own personal policy!” I was so upset that I told her NOT to reorder the correct gel, that I would order it from a store that could afford it. Yes I take advantage of the price matching service! My husband and I are not insured and we thank God for it every day!
My husband and I have been going to this Kroger for over two years and last year on our last tax return we spent over 5 thousand dollars on the pharmacy alone, that’s not even counting what we spend in groceries. Beth, James and Phyllis are always very nice. Katy and the male pharmacist rarely interact with customers and that’s fine. I was so horrified by this, I went to buy some ice and found myself crying at the checkout. I went back to look at the pictures on the wall because I wanted to get her name. I just could not believe she said that to me! She yelled after me "I'll be glad to order you that gel!" not even GETTING that the Gel wasn't the problem and that she STILL should have refunded my seven dollars! I even called my much-more-level-headed-than-I-husband, to see if I was over-reacting, and he said “No. That was outrageous. Someone you are giving your business to should never have argued with you over seven dollars in the first place. and to say that to you at all, let alone in front of other people, was totally inappropriate.” I’m quite sure the reason she feels she can speak to me like this, is because for several years I had a very severe narcotics addiction. Trust me, I know THE LOOK you get from the Pharmacists as to what a ### you are. I now take Suboxone and have not had a pain pill or the desire for one since January of this year. There is no other reason on earth she would have spoken to me this way. She would have been instantly fired had she said that to anyone else. Her personal opinion of me and what prescriptions I get filled there STILL does NOT give her the right to treat me or anyone else like dirt and say such things to me. In fact I know several folks in the Impaired Pharmacists Program, so there but for the Grace of God goes Katy. My Mother and sister recently lost everything in the Nashville flood this past May, and had to move in with my husband and I, and I have become my Mother’s full time caretaker. I am under more stress than I have ever been under in my life right now, and we are supporting four adults now financially and need the Price-matching program more than ever, as money is really tight. My Mother is having neck surgery and several of her medicines are not covered by her Insurance. And now I don’t feel right going to Kroger for a price match anymore. I am now going to change pharmacies, to change all of her meds, all of mine, my husbands, and my sister’s medicines, which add up to a tremendous amount of work for me getting them all transferred, to a much less convenient location for us, not to mention the loss of business for Kroger. I most certainly do not have time for this right now, and all because of a flippant, sarcastic, inappropriate remark from one of your Pharmacists. She has NO idea what’s going on in my life, in our house, and to comment on our finances, in front of other customers, because of a mistake the store made is just appalling. I know no one gives a damn anymore, I would just feel better if I knew someone in upper management had read this. Can anyone advise me on what to do next? Thanks
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N  10th of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
you asked for gel. there were 2 kinds. and since you werent specific enough, they ordered the wrong one. how is it clearly the pharmacists fault?
we spent 5 thousand dollars on the pharmacy alone" WTF... so you can have enough cough drops and viagra to last the whole millennium?
N  2nd of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
It is regrettable that anyone would be discourteous to a consumer, but in this day and age it is a fact of life. Frankly, I would go back to Katy and apologize for getting so upset with her over something so trivial. I am sure she is under a great deal of stress herself, and the stress you are experiencing over this is taking more than a $7 toll on your life. You might find that it would put your soul at ease and make you appreciate the fact that other people have greater problems and stress than you do. Try to be more thankful for what you have and that you are able to afford the $5K in medication costs you incur annually, because many others are not that fortunate. If you will be so kind as to be Godly enough to forgive Katy and apologize to her, I will be more than happy to send you the $7, and I will even agree to send you an additional $7 for the correct medication, which I am certain Katy will order for you, if you lay this matter to rest. Just post your email so I can contact you, and I will put your check, or money order if you prefer, in the mail. At this juncture, I don't see any other way to resolve this situation, and please remember, that being humble and forgiving is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.
D  17th of Mar, 2017 by    0 Votes
Just another customer who expects Pharmacy stafft to kiss her ### just because a gel she ordered wasn't really a gel but a mist-gel. Drug addiction, on Suboxone, 5k on medicaitons and groceries spent on Kroger doesn't give you the right to just put the Pharmacist on severe stress that she had to fight you back just to keep her sanity.
Good riddance to you.

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