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Kohls / almost impossible to pay your bill

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:

I just now canceled my account,

- can't pay unless you have a routing number.
- can't pay with your debit card at the store.
- the person in the customer service area does not know the amount you owe...seriously folks!!! The customer service area at kohls has not idea how much you owe, so if you dont have your bill with you you basically have to call and be on hold for hours.
- customer service over the phone is incompetent!!! I mentioned that I wanted to cancel my account but had a few questions the rep tells me ok its cancelled, are you serious I hadn't even told her to cancel it yet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY.
-I was late on my bill 5 days and got charged 30 dollars, when I had a balance of 50!!!
-you cant cancel your card at the store...because they don't know your information.


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  1st of Mar, 2009
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Are you just completly stupid or what?

No you cannot pay your bill without knowing your account number. How else do you think they can apply your money to your account? Just take a guess and hope that was the right account number? Come on that is just common sense. Like going to the bank and saying I want to deposit money into my account but I don't know my account. Yes they can look up your account because it is a BANK!

Money or check! I can understand this because you know what they get charged a fee each time you use your card. They already give great deals to you with 10 - 80% off of all there products. Why should they lose any more money because you can't get money from the bank, atm, or just write a check.

I am glad the person at customer service can't look up my account. Why give a national chain the ability to look at your account. Centralize this to one department that you have to call. PROTECTION! Did this cause you to waste time to look at your bill and you had to read? Couldn't call the number on the back of your card? Couldn't pick up the phone at customer service? Lazy ###.

You said you watned to cancel your card. They did just that. They must have know what a dumbass you were and canceld the card like you said you wanted. Your the incompetent person.

You were late! Plane and simple. You owe a late fee no matter what they amount is. It says just what they will charge you for when your late. 5 days is really late too. Just as if I was late on my credit card I will get charged a heavy fee. Oh yeah its a credit card! dumbass!

Can't cancel your card in the store of course. Try and reread this post and figure it out unless your just really lazy and just incompetent! dumbass

WORST SERVICE! More like WORST CUSTOMER EVER! There I fixed it for you. Dumbass!

Its people like you that Kohl's employees has to put up with and don't get paid enough to deal with. DUMBASS!

  2nd of Mar, 2009
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Wow. . . Responses like this (I'm guessing from the Kohl's gestapo) reflect well the "customer service" found in their retail locations. That's why I spend my money elsewhere!

  2nd of Mar, 2009
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Lol, wow someone has worked or works Kohls.

First of all my account number should be able to be looked up with only my information, YES I DID HAVE MY ID AND MY CARD!!! When I go to the bank all I do is show ID and I'm set so ### YOU you ignorant piece of ###!!

I don't give a ### if they get charged a ###ing fee for charging my card, if they really cared about the customer they would let me pay my bill with the currency that I hold!!! Especially when cash is becoming so obsolete...Debate that you ###.

I wanted to cancel my account but had a few questions first...If anything they should have given me some kind of reason to stay with Kohls instead of cancelling before I could even ask the questions... If they care so much about making and saving money(see upper paragraph) they should have wanted to keep me!!! so ### them and ### you!!!

Yes I was late, but I wouldn't have been if they actually allowed you to pay online like most other places...with my ###ing debit/credit card instead of needing my ###ing routing number...For one why the ### would I want this store to know my routing number? so they can make it harder to detach, lol Gestapo is a great way to put it.

If you think that is common sense then you are in for a real lesson in life, learn to spell check your rants...

As a disclaimer I made my post not to stain Kohls standing, but to inform and prevent any unwary customer from having to deal with this ###!!! its common sense and protected by the first amendment.

-Cultured Bum

  5th of Mar, 2009
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Heres the deal...which store, please list, lets you pay a credit card with a credit card??? That just does not make sense. Regardless of if it comes out of your checking account, a Debit card, in terms of paying bills, is a credit card. Try purchasing items online, it comes out as a visa/mc. THAT is why you must have cash/check to pay your bills. I do not work for Kohls or any other dept store, but I realize the reasoning behind it. Secondly, I am unsure of where you live, but in the NE we have had multiple information breeches that make me happy that Kohls does not have access to my account. I am sure it is for your protection. You may not like it, but a majority of the customers, I assume do.
You were late on your account. That is where this whole complaint came from. You would not have had to worry about amt due/debit acceptance, ect. If you had paid your bill on time, and with the statement THEY sent you.

A lot of the frustration, I must say, lands squarely in your court.

  15th of Mar, 2009
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You said, "the person in the customer service area does not know the amount you owe...seriously folks!!! The customer service area at kohls has not idea how much you owe, so if you dont have your bill with you you basically have to call and be on hold for hours."

For the people at work at Kohl's, they honestly can't access your account information. Don't blame the employee's... blame corporate.

  21st of Mar, 2009
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I work at kohls as a cashier and no i will not call anyone names...
I'm not 100% sure but i believe you can pay your bill online. No we cannot tell how much you owe we don't have the ability to access that we're not corporate its only so much we can do. and you should be happy about that with all the identity theft and scams going on you don't want a disgruntle employee messing with your account do you?
No you cannot pay another credit card with a credit card. you should be happy thats how people become in debt. yes its a debit card but for the 100000th time It takes it as a CREDIT CARD if it has Visa, Or MasterCard Logo its A Debit Card/Credit Card. Do not take it out on the store call corporate and let them know how you feel maybe it will change somethings. And maybe you should keep track of how much you spend then that way if you don't have your bill you can have a estimate.

  22nd of Mar, 2009
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First of all let me make something clear,

I know this was already pointed out but, I have been paying every single bill I owe with my debit card and its has worked wonders, it always gets pulled out from the current balance of my account...

the list of places I pay my bill this way...

AZUMA appliance rental, SRP salt river project of Arizona, T mobile...and so on.

Sorry about the name calling, last thing I wanted was to come in here and be insulted by some idiot who obviously didn't have something better to do...

I think its bad business for any company to not have access to their accounts at their place of business, I mean the person who attended to me was nice enough but I still had to deal with a voice over the phone who certainly didn't care much for her job and was just trying to make a check...

As for the "thats how people become in debt", well I'm sorry for those people, I cant really do much for them..I'm just fortunate enough to have common sense when it comes to finances and I wish I didn't have to take the fault for all those other people.

And off course I keep track of how much I spend, I just happened to be busy that week and couldn't drive to Kohls, my frustration was the way the online billing was handled, because the routing number was necessary...I cant even pay with my "DEBIT" card there like I do all other places...I certainly didn't want to share my routing number with Kohls...

Anyways, I hope that helps anyone who finds themselves in this situation.

  1st of Apr, 2009
+2 Votes

Cultured Bum

You are an absolute idiot! Chris is right. What store is going to let you pay a credit card with another credit card?!? And if you would actually do your research before going psycho you would realize that you can pay your Kohls charge card online. So you didn't want to share your routing number with Kohls over the internet, but you would be OK with some high schooler having access to you charge account?

The reason employees do not have access to customer accounts is to protect you, the customer!

And I'm pretty sure that no one at Kohls will be losing sleep over losing you as a customer

  17th of Apr, 2009
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You can pay your Kohl's bill online at any time with a debit card. You can pay in any store, at any register, with cash or a check. The only thing you cannot do is pay for your Kohl's Card with another credit card, because using a credit card to pay for a credit card is, yes, ridiculous. It is also a consumer protection policy.

You seem to take a lot of issue with the fact that this company goes to great lengths to protect your information, even from its own employees. How is that a bad thing? There is a phone in every Customer Service at Kohls to allow you to check your credit amount, but, honestly, shouldn't you know how much it is? You have to be 18 years or older to sign up for a Kohl's Card. Isn't that old enough to manage your own finances without someone holding your hand?

I am sure if you had a Chase card, you wouldn't complain that they charged you a late fee for failure to pay. If you had paid a third of what you owed, you would have paid nothing, which is a far better deal than you'll find with most any other kind of credit card. You wouldn't expect your bank to balance your checkbook for you, but you seem to expect Kohl's to do this for you.

"I mean the person who attended to me was nice enough but I still had to deal with a voice over the phone who certainly didn't care much for her job and was just trying to make a check..."

In your original post, you called this poor person "incompetent, " but here, you admit that their service was "nice enough"? This is not leading much credence to your claims, Cultured. And I think it's interested that you don't want to talk to someone on the phone because they're "just trying to make a check, " but you're outraged that you were not able to deal with someone in person who would also, in your eyes, be "just trying to make a check."

I used to work at Kohls, and I left when I had my baby. But I am insulted by the amount of vitriol here over something that is, in all honesty, your own mistake. Kohl's Card policies are visible everywhere in the store and were clearly outlined on the piece of paper you signed to open the account. I can't speak for the location you shopped, but when I worked there, I did my best to treat each and every customer as kindly as I could, in an effort to make their transaction and questions as pleasant as possible. You can't know how the people at that store and on that line felt about their jobs, but instead see fit to malign them and project onto them for no other reason than they could not change well-known and well-reasoned corporate policy the way you wanted it, when you wanted it. That is the very definition of spoiled and entitled.

[And for another thing, a debit card is not like a credit card, for those who have been saying that, it is like writing a check, because it is coming directly from a tangible bank account, not a computer-controlled credit limit. The reason Web sites will list debit cards under "Visa or Mastercard" is because Visa and Mastercard make *debit cards* too. ]

And Cultured, you are certainly welcome to shop at Kohls with your debit card - Kohls takes credit, debit, check, cash, store card, gift card, store credit, and any combination thereof. You chose to make purchases with your store credit card, and you failed to schedule adequate time to handle that bill after-the-fact. Your failure to plan does not make Kohls at fault for your negligence.

You say, "I'm just fortunate enough to have common sense when it comes to finances and I wish I didn't have to take the fault for all those other people, " but your "experience" has clearly proven otherwise. You chose to use a credit card, did not keep track of how much you owed and when you needed to pay it, you did not pay it on time, despite three easy forms of payment available to you, you were apparently ignorant of the terms of a contract you signed, and you suffered the consequences of this.

  1st of May, 2009
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Do you even know what a Routing number is? This really makes me laugh because the routing number just lets the company that is debiting the amount from your account, know what bank it is from. You have to have that number for ANYTHING you pay for online, or on the phone when you do not pay with a credit/debit card. They can't just put in your account number and have it taken out of your account.
I really think you are just mad at yourself for forgetting a bill and being charged so much that it made the situation worse. Take it as a lesson learned and move on. I also hope that you will be more willing to give out the routing number to your bank as now you know that it won't hurt you at all. Oh and by the way the routing number is the oneof the big group of numbers at the bottom of your checks.

  7th of Jun, 2009
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I am an Executive at Kohls and I can tell you that we, at Kohls, have a yes we can policy that basically opens the door for us as Executives to help you in any way possible. If you insist on paying your Kohls account with your debit card, you can purchase a gift card (for the payment amount) with your debit card and then pay your account with the gift card. It's the only way around paying your credit card with your debit card. As far as our customer service associates having access to your account, that is a safety issue for our customers. We do have a phone at customer service that you simply have to pick up and speak to the attendant on the other end of the line. We even mke it easy and directy dial the phone for you. You pick up the phone and speak...easy. And I'm not real clear what you are referring to about needing your routing number to process a transaction. We do not need a customers routing number to process ANY transaction at Kohls AT ALL. And, yes, if you are late on your account we do charge a fee...ust like EVERYONE else does. But we will also take into consideration waiving that fee as well (if you have never had any account issues). ou are getting upset with Kohls for things that are our issues. We will bend over backward to help our customers...always!

  14th of Jun, 2009
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I agree totally with everything Rhea posted. Kohl's tries very hard to keep their costumers happy. It is unfortunate that you took your frustration out on customer service, and closed your account, just because you were late with a payment. I pay my charge on line. You need the routing number from your checking account, which is tied to your Debit card! So you CAN pay on line. I have worked for Kohl's for 8 years, at one time could use a gift card as payment. But no longer. We can take only the Kohl's Care for Kids gift cards as payment. If I were to take a regular gift card as payment, I know the cash office would catch it and let me know. I have plenty of customers wanting to use debit, credit and gift cards, I politely tell them cash or check only. I also let them know about the customer service phone if they need their account balance. Most understand it is for privacy reasons, except you. Too bad you closed your account, now you can't get all those great deals when using your Kohl's charge!

  13th of Jul, 2009
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Cultured Bum has to be the biggest idiot ever. I do not work for Kohls nor even enjoy shopping for clothing, so I am not part of this so-called "Kohl's gestapo". If she applied even 1 ounce of common sense here, she'd realize the problem is 100% her fault.

You don't know your own routing number? (### thinks, "blame Kohl's")
Kohl's doesn't take your ATM/debit card? (Wasn't this true before your bill was late? ### thinks, "blame Kohl's")
You didn't bring YOUR bill? (### thinks "blame Kohl's")
The cashier doesn't have access to your account information? (Good. Why would you want any random person having access? Yet ### thinks, "blame Kohl's")
You call the cancellation department and they cancel your account. (### thinks, "I didn't even tell them to cancel, blame Kohl's")

You are exactly the type of customer that no business wants. Late on your bill, yet you possess their merchandise and you still have the nerve to complain because they haven't wasted more time on you.

  13th of Sep, 2009
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You're ###ing stupid. Period. Why would you want any old associate who works at kohls to have unlimited access to your credit account information. Why don't you try not losing your bill like a ###ing ###, and if you are irresponsible enough to lose a bill don't be too lazy to call the credit office (listed number on back of your card) and find out what YOU ###ing owe. You are the kind of dumbass that makes working at Kohls completely suck.

  13th of Sep, 2009
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Also, you can go to the phone in customer service at ANY Kohls and, without even having to speak to a live person, you can put your information in as it prompts you to do and receive your card balance. And if you were trying to pay your bill online you could have easily looked at your account to see how much you owe, so don't complain about the customer service associate not being able to get into your account when you can do that from the comfort of your own home. It is your responsibility, not theirs, to keep track of your finances. You have a bill sent to your house every month. If you can't keep it, your problem, not theirs.

  13th of Sep, 2009
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It is against the law due to the privacy act for kohls to look at anyone's charge account. That is why kohls stores have the charge phone to check balances. Also, we do not take debit cards because our systems are not set up that way. We take cash or check at any register. One can pay over the phone with debit card or online. Debit cards are not the same as CASH... Hope that helps

  20th of Sep, 2009
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Did you call the Kohl's credit card customer service to ask if they would remove your late payment fee? I have told dozens of customers to call the credit card company directly and they almost ALWAYS get the fee removed! Also, if you call using the store credit phone you never have to wait. The phone in the store is a direct line to the credit company.

I agree that it's silly that as a Customer Service employee I can't access a customer's balance at the register. I don't think that POS associates should be able to tell you that information, but I do think you should be able to find that out as a Customer Service employee. They don't need to give me access to any other information, just the balance. It's fustrating as an employee to constantly have to apologise to customers because I cannot tell them their balance. The best thing that you as a customer can do is COMPLAIN TO CORPORATE! Nothing ever gets done when the employee complains, but when enough customers complain to corprate, you can bet that things will change and fast! All you need to do is ask the employee at the service desk for the corprate number.

I see your logic that if a store associate can open an account why can't they close the account? I think the reason is because we aren't trained to deal with that situation on the store level. I also think that they want to prevent people from just opening a Kohl's charge to get the special discounts, and then closing it the very same day. It's a pretty easy thing to change, another thing to complain to corprate about. I'm sorry that the person you talked to on the phone was rude. Next time, ask to speak to their supervisor and complain.

You can pay your Kohl's charge online. I don't know why you haven't heard about that, but I'm sorry it wasn't brought to your attention! The website is pretty easy to use, and that's how I pay my own Kohl's charge.

As for the debit card thing, that is something I'm on the fence about. On the one hand, I understand your argument that a debit card works like cash, and on the other, I can understand why Kohl's doesn't want to make that an available payment option in the store. Part of the reason why we have the Kohl's charge is to save money on bank fees. The bank charges us every time you use your credit/debit card. However, it's a HUGE inconvinece for the customer to have to bring cash or check. Most people don't carry that stuff around with them (I know I don't!). Again, complaining to the sales clerk or the customer service representive or even the store manager isn't going to do any good. Complaining to corprate is the only way to get your voice heard (not that the employees aren't listening or don't sympatize, just that they can't really do anything about it!)

Did you know that any Kohl's employee can look up your account number for you at the register? All you need to have is your Driver's Liscence and your SSN. We can't accept payment if we can't look up your account or if you don't have your card because we don't know who's account to apply the funds to! The last thing anyone wants is to make a mistake where the amount you paid is put toward someone elses balance instead of your own!

I'm really sorry that you had a bad experience at your local Kohls. Please don't let your experience at one store tarnish the reputation of the whole company. Most of us want you to have a pleasant shopping experience and want to help as much as we possibly can. I'm sure if you tell your concerns to the store manager they will be happy to help you in any way possible.

  27th of Oct, 2009
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I just now canceled my account,

- can't pay unless you have a routing number.
This is because you have to pay with a check online. In order for them to process the check, you have to type in your routing number, account number and check number. This is the typical process anytime you try to pay with a check online.

- can't pay with your debit card at the store.
The store is charged a fee for running your credit card. Again, most department stores have this same policy. This is why most departments stores offer credit cut down on bank fees. Most smaller stores dont even offer the option of using a credit card because of the fees.

- the person in the customer service area does not know the amount you owe...seriously folks!!! The customer service area at kohls has not idea how much you owe, so if you dont have your bill with you you basically have to call and be on hold for hours.
Honestly, I wouldnt want any random person being able to access my account info. When you use the credit phone in the store, you get an automated system. You type in your account number and it tells you your balance...the process usually takes about 2 minutes, if that long. The only reason you would be on hold is if you need to speak with someone in particular, and like every other call center...calls get backed up and you may have to wait to speak with a representative.

- customer service over the phone is incompetent!!! I mentioned that I wanted to cancel my account but had a few questions the rep tells me ok its cancelled, are you serious I hadn't even told her to cancel it yet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY.
Ok, you stated that you wanted to cancel your card, maybe they noticed your tone and decided to not go through the whole spill about why you should remain a kohls charge customer. Maybe they didnt know you wanted to ask your questions first or they didnt know that the questions pertained to you wanting to cancel your card.

-I was late on my bill 5 days and got charged 30 dollars, when I had a balance of 50!!!
Well, your payment was late and that is what happens. It is clearly stated on the credit application. But, if your someone that is not always late, you could probably call and ask to have the fee waived.

-you cant cancel your card at the store...because they don't know your information.
No we cant cancel the card, but from the store you can call the credit center and cancel your card.

I am sorry that you feel this way. I dont think it was bad customer service, you just didnt have a clear understanding of how things work, which happens from time to time. Hopefully, you will read these responses and get a clearer understanding.

Have a great day.

  23rd of Nov, 2009
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kohl's charges to make an over the phone payment, this is wrong ! Why sould someone pay in order to pay? then they won't take a credit or debit card for an instore payment - that's wrong too ! a few simple changes would make customers happy and encourage more buisness, so why don't they try changing their policy ?

  10th of Dec, 2009
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Just an FYI... Beall's Does let you pay your bill in store With a debit card. It's just like paying with cash. This thread is ridiculous and immature.

I googled just to see if I could an answer to a Kohl's bill payment question and it brought me to this nonsense. Grow up.

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