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I'm hired as a seasonal floor associate in the men's department this holiday season. My primary job is to make sure the fitting rooms are neat and that all unwanted merchandise is returned to it's proper place. If it gets really busy I'll get asked to hop onto a register for a few minutes. Kohl's really pressures employees to get customers to open up credit so "she" can discounts to make "her" happy. (Khol's always uses female pronouns. As one of the few men that work there, it's pretty annoying.) I don't use the register that much and when I do, 99% of the customers already have a Kohl's charge. I just got my schedule for this week and I only work 2 days totaling about 15 hours. I asked a manager why I wasn't getting a lot of hours for the month and she flat out told me it's because I haven't made a customer open a Kohl's charge yet. I tried to explain the situation and she just told me to try harder. I don't know they expect a floor associate to open up charges, especially when they're not working that much.

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  • Po
      Nov 18, 2010

    That's a common complaint at a lot of work places. Radio Shack, for one, expects its employees to sell people on cell phones and cell phone service plans. Because... yeah... when people think cell phones... they think Radio Shack.

    It's a bizarre and twisted policy to expect employees to up-sell people to stuff they don't want. But it's not illegal, nor particularly immoral.

    But very... very annoying. For the employee AND the customer. (the manager, meanwhile, traipses around and belittles entry level employees for not acting like car salesmen...)

    Sorry for your problem, but there's nothing you can do about it. Also, if your employer finds out you've been bad-mouthing their business online, expect to get reduced to ZERO hours. Just sayin'. Be VERY careful. You probably signed an agreement NOT to do exactly what you just did when you were hired. I hope there's a LOT of Kohls stores in your area.

    And I'd recommend you delete this, as no good will come of it...

    Even though I COMPLETELY agree.

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  • Co
      Nov 18, 2010

    It's a common complaint at tacky workplaces. That's why, for instance, I don't even shop at Kohls, or Radio Shack (except in extreme circumstances when they're the only place that carries something I need), or Burlington Coat Factory, and the list goes on.

    I do not make a great salary. My partner and I together do pretty OK, but we do our main shopping at places that do charge more, BUT in return we are not hassled to do anything, we're actually HELPED! (how's that for a business in America these days?), the quality of what we buy ensures its longevity, thus costing us less in the end, and we never have any problems taking anything back.

    We like Publix, Costco, Home Depot, Dillards (the closest thing we have to a Nordstrums here in my neck of Alabama), AND I might add, most locally owned "mom and pop" type stores.

    I hope that you find a great job elsewhere!! I agree you're being treated unfairly. Good luck to you in finding a good vocational fit this season and beyond. :)

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  • Ai
      Dec 02, 2010

    When you were hired, the job was explained to you. You knew what the expectations were. Yeah, it sucks that you aren't getting hours...but you can fix that.

    Go ask around. Talk to the cashiers that consistently open credits, ask them about their approaches. Maybe you're not phrasing it right.

    Bottom line? If you're unhappy with the expectations of your employer, seek employment elsewhere. You knew what you were signing on for.

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  • Sn
      Jan 19, 2015

    I agree with you kullik on the reduced hours and credit. I am a fellow Kohl's associate too and I am having similar issues. Yes, they do expect employees to get credit every day and it is definitely easier said than done to meet the quotas they give you, unless if you are working as a cashier on the busiest registers (then you can ask alot more people about credit). Achieving goals can definitely betricky though in many ways. For example giving the challenging economy, the vast majority of shoppers either already have a kohls charge or they simply refuse, and it is hard to get them to change their minds too unless if you are the aggressive salesman type (which I too am not). Definitely tougher to do when working the sales floor instead of the cash registers (especially during the slower hours) since you have less people to talk to and the best time to solicit credit is by responding to back up calls (which can be hit and miss). By the way, you should be lucky you have 15 hours a week. I am only averaging 3-4 hours per week myself and am definitely looking for a new job as a result.

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