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Kohl's / credit card scam

1 NY, United States Review updated:

We used to shop at Kohl's regularly, especially for school clothes and Christmas shopping. They WERE my favorite store. Last year, at the checkout they had a promotion to apply for a Kohl's credit card and receive 10% off on the spot. We do not typically have any store credit cards, have excellent credit and pay for everything with a debit card, which comes directly out of our checking account. So, we applied for the credit card merely to receive the discount, with the intention of paying it in full as soon as the first bill arrived. We never receive that bill until months later, even after wading through their very confusing electronic voice answering system on two occasions, explaining that we are not going to pay a bill with no receipt. These people expected me to rattle off my credit card numbers over the phone with no bill. I reviewed our mailing address and explained that we would be paying the charge in full as soon as the bill came, but would not pay any late fees, as I had provided the correct address when I applied for the card. We finally got the bill, paid the original amount, but not the late fees. Kohl's marketing department has been harassing us ever since, calling our phones 12 times a day. We are still not going to pay the late fees, which have since accumulated, as they have added additional charges. Be warned, if you deal with Kohl's they will rip you off and harass you to death.

If anyone can suggest any recoursive action we can take, please post a reply.

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  • Ho
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    If you find out anything as to where there is a complaint office in kohls please let me know. this past may I had to leave town for my job, my husband was in charge of paying bills which he did, but in August our credit was pulled and kohls was reporting us deliquent, after calling them found out that somehow our street # on the address was changed, now i have lived at this address for five years and for all those years the address was correct and stayed the same, I have been trying to get this cleared up and have not to date, they say they will remove the deliquent on my credit since it was their fault, they say they will fax me something to show my creditors that i am in good standing and have not been late, I have called twice for this letter, faxed them once and I am going for a mortgage and I am in need of this letter.
    The reason that it was not paid my husband did not know that we had a kohls bill and since it did not come to the house it was not paid, but it wasnt our fault....
    they have corrected the address after two times calling them to change it... I am so FRUSTRATED>

  • Jo
      27th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    If you never recieved a bill after one month, that should have sent up a red flag, and you should have either contacted the credit center or checked your statement out on

  • Li
      11th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Back in Feb. my fiance applied for a card in store..many phone calls later from home and from customer service in the store itself we have YET to recieve the actual card OR a bill...Always an excuse that it was returned to them (wrong address) and even tho the actual application has the same address we have given to them numerous times and they have repeated it back to us, all they can say is that its been returned yet ALL of other mail finds us everyday so why the problem??
    I get so aggrivated at their laziness and stupidity..Help!!!

  • Mn
      17th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    What some companies or the ones running certain departments, do not understand that sometimes a situation like this is all it takes to push someone over the edge. I love scaring the living crap out of them with a 3rd party threat. Ya see, from what I have found out as long as the treat is not directed at them and a 3rd party nothing can be done. (i.e. I can understand why people get pushed to the edge, this is the last draw, I can't take it anymore. I feel like I am going to shoot someone if this doesn't get fixed. Loudly ### the shotgun and politely ask them for their location.) I'll bet it gets fixed.
    If corporate America can threaten us, why can't we do it back as long as we are within the guidelines of the law.
    I had a similar situation with Video Professor. Free my BUTT. After 129.00 charge, I went completely bonkers and lost it with this poor guy on the phone. Similar to above. The next thing I know, it went from sorry we can't help you to a credit in 3 days and a faxed letter confirming no more charges would be applied. It was all fixed in 3 days. Now I get to deal with SEARS...UHG I need more shotgun shells. LOL

  • As
      11th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    So I had a similiar experience, I got a Kohl's card, my name is all goofed up on the front of it, which they say is no big deal. I got my first two bills fine from them, but then I stopped receiving them for two months. Stupid me though, I didn't think anything about it untill I saw on my credit report that I had a delinquet account. So I called customer service they told me my address was incorrect, so I went through the automated recordings to fix it. I eventually talked to a real person who told me the address was right so it must be a problem at the post office. She waved one and a half late fees, but it left a big ding in my credit. Right after this I signed up to pay my bill online through their website. I paid my new bill from them online last month and then today I got an email from Kohl's telling me I had a payment do in two days. This place is ridiculous!

  • Jo
      16th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too am a victim of Kohls scam and while some people may only have a few bills and can notice that they didn't receive their first bill in four weeks, the rest of us have many bills and pay them as they come in and wouldn't notice if a bill that has never came in before was late or not. Not to mention that it is Kohls responsibility to send out credit statements (bills) to their customers and not every customers responsibility to make sure that they receive their statement (especially new credit accounts).
    It was 5 1/2 weeks before I noticed the bill hadn't arrived. Not only did the bill never arrive but customer service gave me the run a round when I called and tried to find out what I needed to do to pay my bill that they still hadn't sent me. They said my bill would be sent out but it still never arrived and by the time I called them again they had already turned into their collection agency (that they own) and I found out that my $60 in charge was now $148!
    Kohls changed my address from the one I entered on the credit application to one on my credit report. Not only that but they never called my phone until they had already closed my credit account and sent my case to their collection agency (that they own). That means they never bothered to resolve the issue until they had already tacked on $88 in bogus fees, closed my account and put the information on my credit report. I agreed to pay my bill if they would remove the erroneous information from my credit report. They refused to do so and to this day I haven't paid them one cent. Who is running this company? It is almost as though they hired a ### to do their data entry and instead of holding that person responsible for this obviously repeated unnoticed mistake, they continue to allow this person to work at their company. It's either that or they are doing this on purpose for some unknown reason to the public. I can't figure out how they would benefit from doing this on purpose unless they need tax write offs or something and even that doesn't make real good sense. Go figure. All I can say is if you are thinking of applying for a Kohls card, beware because this can happen to anyone (irrespective of the persons comment above stating that we all should have called Kohls within one month of not receiving the first bill).

  • Jo
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    Not only did I not receive a bill, but I never received a credit card from Kohls either. My address was changed as well. Now my small charge (less than $100) is noted as delinquent on my credit report. They won't remove the information from my credit report so I'm not paying them. I can't believe this company is so mismanaged.

  • Ro
      27th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    They ripped us off as well, we even got a 12 dollar late charge well after we had already called and canceled the card.

  • Ko
      27th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If you have an issue, all you have to do it call the 800- number and keep pressing "0" it will connect you to a live representative. Also, regarding not paying your bill beause you don't have it, all you have to do it go to the store, at any register, and say you want to pay your bill but you don't have your card. You can enter your SSN which will pull up your account, and you can make a payment right there, and get a receipt.

    Also, Kohl's has a "Yes We Can' philosophy. If you complain enough, they will do pretty much anything. I worked there for years, trust me. They're not trying to rip you off, you just have to have common sense.

    It's not that hard people...come on.

  • Sa
      1st of May, 2009
    -3 Votes

    My wife got a Kohl's card in Aug 07. She pays the bill, but doesn't really pay attention to the charges. Recently I reviewed the account online. There are charges every month going back 1 year (that's as far as you can review online) for something called "Account Ease". I called Kohls customer service and apparently this is some kind of credit insurance program whereby they will forgive the balance on the card if she were to lose her job or otherwise be unable to work. She assures me she never signed up for this program and these charges, going all the way back to November 2007, amount to theft. Kohls offered to refund only the last 2 months worth of charges. Kohls stated that they could not prove she signed up for this program. She did not sign up for it. The charges are currently averaging $20 per month. We have demanded a total refund of all "Account Ease" charges and the associated interest back to account inception. Kohl's refused. Complaints have been filed with the BBB and WI State Attorney General Office. Kohl's is sending us monthly statements back to the beginning of the account. We will pay off the balance for the merchandise we purchased, but we will never pay these "Account Ease" charges. They can file wit the credit reporting agencies and we will dispute that also. We have cut up the Kohl's card and will never shop there again.

  • Do
      3rd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I experience the same thing, I HATE KOHLS

  • Mn
      19th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have experienced the same exact thing. Was anyone ever successful in disputing the mark on the credit report with the Kohl's Dispute Department?

  • Di
      23rd of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Dear Most Likely Annoying Unintelligent Customers -

    Do you really think people will be clamoring to write down you SSN 24/7?

    That aside, ask to write it down instead and keep the paper afterwards.

    Also, anything regarding your account can be accessed in store, online, or over the phone (there is a number right on the card). Anything that goes wrong with your account is your own fault. Keep track of it, and late fees and APR and other "hassles" won't exist.

    As for complaining to get your way, yes, it will work. If you say something is the wrong price, or that you lost a coupon, we will most likely honor it. It always depends on the person you get. If you get a person just starting there shift, there won't be any issue. If someone is finishing their 8 hour shift and had to deal with annoying idiots all day, they might give you a hassle (because you are usually either wrong or lying, quite frankly). But if you start to give a bit of a hassle yourself, the "Yes We Can" policy allows us to just do what you say. So, if you don't mind stooping down to the ranks of a criminal ("It's supposed to be 5 dollars, and that's what i'm gonna pay for it") or terrorist ("If you don't change the price, I refuse to shop here ever again.")

    On a final note, for the love of god, try to treat the employees like they are people. It's hard being nice to idiots for an entire shift, and the occasional smile and thank you can go a long way. Try to remember how crappy you felt in your part-time job when people would not be pleasent.

    Your Frindly Neighborhood Kohl's Employee :)

  • Se
      2nd of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Ok excuse givers,

    A) you charged stuff, obviously there is a bill coming, dont play ###ed and assume you dont have to pay if it didnt show up, contact the 800 number.

    B) KOHLS is not responsible, or the individual store for that matter of any charges you may get, CHASE is.

    c) The Social Security # giver outer worry freaks, hey maybe we need that so some 1 doesnt fraud you, you cant just sign up for a CC with a first name and last name basis. "Bob Smith" - If you still have a problem with that, DONT do it and go on with your day

    d) Working here I notice absoloute crap, you guys are worse than you call Kohls. We will give you basically 30% if you ask for it off. Every body is a Criminal, they take advantage of policies and play us like ###s. The world is corrupt. People will cheat the system if there is no Penalty for there actions. Human Morals dont play into anything thats why laws exist because people can't be good themselves they need babysitters (law enforcement)

    e) I believe the world would rather make excuses and point fingers than fix there own mistakes, don't sign up for credit, all the terms and agreements you guys are complaining about is right on the thing you X_____SIGNED_____ the other parts your complaining of is still your fault.

    e) did you seriously make a website about this?

  • Ea
      14th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Just to let you people know, these kohl's employees are right. We do have th "yes we can" policy in place.

    As for the account ease, it is one of about 5 questions that are answered on the pin pad when you are filling out your kohls card. Its says yes or no. Obliviously your wife needs to read what she is getting herself into. I make sure all my customers opt out for that so they dont get charged.

    By the way, if you have a credit card, then you should be on top of your bills, No matter how many you have. Create a system and a way to make sure you are getting your bills. There is a phone number, a website, and you can even go into the store and use the customer service phone!

    You are the same idiots that sue McDonald's for gaining weight.

    Get a clue!

  • Wi
      16th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Kohl's uses a trick menuver when making payments on line at there website, when you enter payment there is a line below it that says what day you want it to post. If you do not state the date to post it will revert to default which may be 7 days later. Very easly it could have been programed to reject the payment until all info was entered. This of course is heavely infavor of Kohl's.

  • Wi
      16th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Kohl's deceptive web site for making payments, when making payments on there site you must be extra careful after posting the amount to post the date you want it to post otherwise it will revert to a default posting which may be in favor of Kohl's so that they can tack on extra interest or penalties, this could have been easly programed to reject the payment until all info was filled out. Also, websit and your account is not up to date possibly as much as 5 days behind .

    Kohl's tricky pricing be careful just so that know NYC 11 other states have a retail pricing law that each item must be marked at its sale price so that retailers can't get tricky, this law does not apply in Virginia and Kohl's uses it to there full advantage, although they do have scanners available for customers to use, again they know that most customers do not use it because of the extra trouble to scan.

    Kohl's very tricky reatailer WATCHOUT

  • Gi
      18th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am not a regular Kohl's customer. Just to be clear from the start.

    I happened to notice on the front cover of a recent Christmas advertisement that Kohl's was offering a portable television set for $69.99 after redemption of $20 Visa prepaid card by mail. So I think that the TV normally sells for $89.99.

    Underneath in smaller print, but large enough to read it says that the TV is on sale for $89.99 and it is regularly $199.99
    It is a 7 inch LCD TV with built in rechargeable batteries digital television.

    Then below that marked with an asterisk it says, "Mail-in Reward Visa Prepaid Cards are issued by MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc These cards do not have cash value and can be used at any merchants that accept Visa debit cards. Cards valid through the expiration date shown on the front of the card." ( What does this really mean? It is confusing.)

    I searched Kohl's website. They say they are a family valued organization. Another section for investors talks about getting part of the "market share" This wording drew my attention since we are in an economic downturn and I see that the Meta Bank prepaid debit card is being promoted on the front page of the Kohl's 2 day specials advertisement booklet. Organizations might be tempted to take risks that they otherwise may not have in the past; I don't know.

    Meta Bank was involved in a $4 Billion dollar lawsuit for fraud this past summer. The people with Meta Bank who should have been overseeing their employees practices pushed all the blame on one person within the bank. The hiring practices of Meta Bank look for people who are willing to work in a fast paced and ever-changing work environment. No where does it say they are looking for honest people with good customer rapport.

    I cannot recommend Meta Bank to anyone. Please be advised not to use Meta Bank's services.

    When I saw this advertisement, I went to our local Kohl's store. I wanted to speak with someone in customer service or the manager. What appeared to be the service department was the returns line and that was too long. I did not know how to find the manager. Clerks were few and far between. It is the Christmas shopping season. I did finally find one clerk who told me that the rebate offer is being made by the television people and that it has nothing to do with Kohl's and yet Kohl's is offering this on their front page advertisement. Meta Bank has used other long standing well known and reputable entities in the past to get their foot in the door to get access to their customers.

    I would like to warn both customers and Kohl's Department Store that Meta Bank tends to use a third party to push their bank. Customers would be far better off by using a local bank to get their credit or debit cards. Customers should deal only with local banks. Kohl's should look very carefully into the history of Meta Bank; it is all on line if you are willing to spend some time doing research. I don't think that Meta Bank will help Kohl's in any way with developing good customer relations. This kind of relationship will not be good for Kohl's in regard to long term growth. Please understand that I am trying to be a friend here. Meta Bank could ruin Kohl's reputation. I personally would have nothing to do with Meta Bank or anything or anyone affiliated with Meta Bank.

    If customers feel that they have been grossly mistreated by a banking institution, such as Meta Bank (the name Meta Bank may be in small print on the back of your Visa Card) if enough of you write to your state Attorney General's office, these practices can be stopped in your state.

    National banking entities can be stopped from practices that are unsavory if all of you would write a letter explaining what happened to you to:
    Office of Thrift Supervision
    Department of the Treasury
    Consumer Affairs Division
    1700 G Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20552

    Collectively, if we all write one letter just to explain what happened, change for the good can happen so that what happened to us will not be able to happen to another person. If some people had only written in sooner, perhaps we would not have experienced what we did. Please look at your card, if it says Meta Bank on it anywhere, a complaint has already been filed.

    I wrote my letter. One letter is just a start. The organizations that are in place to help us need to see the big picture and to be able to see the big picture they will need to hear from anyone and everyone who has been hurt by Meta Bank's practices and customer service. Please write to the Attorney General's Office in your state and to the address above in Washington, DC


  • Vi
      18th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I work at Kohls as of right now. There really is no "scam" reguarding the Kohl's card. Honestly, we are FORCED to pressure customers into applying for it because it's our job to. I on the other hand rarely do that because I dislike when I'm asked to apply for one. IF you are overcharged or are charged a late fee on your bill, DO NOT come stomping into a Kohl's department store to customer service demanding we remove the late fee or ask why we put the late fee. ITS NOT US! THAT'S CORPORATE KOHLS. It's ridiculous how many customers come in upset that I can't explain to them about their late fee, WE DO understand you're upset and have sympathy towards concerns. However, don't get pushed out of shape because YOU have to call about the card. Take advantage that we have the "yes we can policy", but don't push it. It's amazing how many customers will come in, and say they forgot their "25"% off coupon they received. Then customers become upset when I let them know that NO there is no coupon for that amount and we never have extra coupons. 1-We don't (In EASTLAKE, CA) have those coupons and if we did it is never that percent. 2-Ask nicely, and tell us you will use your Kohl's card and we will be happy to honor it for you.

    Advice when you do shop at the store:
    1. If we ask to see your identification card along with your credit card do not hassle us, it's for your protection, there has been numerous times that a customer will throw a fit saying they don't want to show it to us because it's their personal information. DUMB DUMB DUMB.
    2. Don't ask if we have extra coupons, because we don't.
    3. Don't hand us your card and ask whats your minimum payment because we don't have access to your account.
    4. Give us any coupon you have at the beginning of the transaction, because once we've rung you up and you've paid, coming back saying oh I forgot my coupon, guess what we manually have to return all the items then ring them back up again to apply it.
    5. WHEN STANDING IN LINE, seriously be ready with your wallet. It's quite annoying when a customer decides to look for all coupons/credit/debit/cash at the end. We don't mind waiting, but you should have been ready to check out.
    6. Decide before hand what you want to purchase, don't come to the check-out and spend those extra minutes pondering if you like the item because it backs up the line when were trying to ring you up and it's a tiny bit annoying when your being indecisive.
    7. BE courteous when you decide you don't want an item anymore. Don't just throw it in an aisle, or leave a shirt hanging in the shoe department, it's tacky, it's messy and you wonder why you're complaining about the messy HOME department you shopped through today, we clean our mess, you should too. If you don't want something hand it to an associate so the store doesn't become a mess.

  • Do
      15th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have a Kolh's account that I can't seem to pay. I take payment into the store and they credit my wifes account which has a zero balance and then charge me a late fee. Imagine that. I call the "Can do butt nugget" on the other end and get jerked around for 30 minutes because he/she had a bad 8 hr shift? I own a business and I would be out of business if I treated people this way. I am not late and have a great credit score except for the "can do's" at Kohl's. Bad shift are you kidding me. Maybe that's why you are only part time. You couldn't work for me and treat people like this.

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