Kohl's / kohl's cash card problems with balance

United States

I purchased dinner and lunch plates on 11/8/2011. i got to the register and paid with a $100. american express card, plus $30. Kohls cash, plus a $5.00 kohls card. The plates rang up at regular price and I told the girl that the plates were on sale. She in turn called for someone in houseware to check and that person returned a call saying the plates were not on sale. i bought the plates anyway. On 11/9/2011 i returned a defected plate and picked up another one and noticed the plates were on sale, so i went to customer service with my receipt and told them. they did make the return and the adjustment, however, she claims she had to put the money back on my american express card and said it would take 7 days before the money returned to my american express card.

Ultimately what has happened is that there is not more money on my kohls card, then there was the previous day. I used my american express card to SAVE money at Kohls. So even though i will ultimately get my money back on my american express card, she told me that i can’t use my AE card to pay down my kohls card. So for something that was not my fault, it wound up costing me more. the purpose of me using my gift card, was not to have a higher kohl’s balance. I don’t understand why she just couldn’t deduct the 30% sale from my kohls card. i’m very upset, i am not made of money!!!


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