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I went into the Kohl's in Amsterdam New York where I usually do the shopping for my children and my wife. I had over $500 in clothes and I needed to buy my wife a watch. When I walked up to the counter to look at the watches I asked the lady if I purchase a watch can I bring the rest of my merchandise up here. She told me no that I could purchase a watch there and then go stand in a line that was wrapped all the way around the store to purchase the clothing. Guess what I left the clothes there and I never purchase the watch. Kohl's needs a reevaluate they're Brack Black Friday procedures four people spending good hard-earned money there. Kohl's will no longer get my business until somebody contacts me and does something about me wasting 2 hours shopping in their store to be told I know that I can't cash out at the jewelry department where I was about to purchase a $500 watch. You guys lost out on over $1, 000 worth of business and will continue to lose it for me I can go spend my money at JCPenney's just as well.


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      Nov 24, 2017

    Your complaint essentially states that your entire trip was centered around being able to purchase your entire order at the jewelry counter. If this was so essential for your purchase, why did you not ask before shopping at all? You made an assumption and that is your error, therefore you are not entitled to anything. Honestly your complaint sounds like you just threw a temper tantrum and stormed out when you found out you would have to wait like the other customers.

    I hope you put the clothing you decided not to purchase back. It would be awfully rude if you didn't.

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