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Kmart / no service, poor management!

1 Meadville, Meadville PA, PA, United States Review updated:

On Feb.8th, we entered the Kmart in Meadville, PA. The store number#7129, and manager on duty, Denise, badge # 1001. My seven year old, used the mens room, and learned a phrase, that my 13 year old said, was visible to all that entered the mens room. He has just started reading, so many questions arose, that we didnt even attempt to answer. We had decided to let the children pick out a few wii accessories, for their new game system. First we stood there staring at the locked merchandise for ten minutes with noone in sight, and then we went looking for help. We found a girl helping another customer and she would be with us in just a minute. We waited another twenty minutes, and my wife decided to go try on some clothing while the rest of us waited to look at the wii games. My wife waited back by the changing room, after ringing the bell for almost ten minutes, and nobody came. There were piles of disheveled clothes all over the counter. It looked as if people had been leaving merchandise all over all week. It was unreal. We put her clothing down and headed for the door, only to find three girls at customer service laughing and talking as if they were all enjoying a cocktail at the local pub. My wife asked if there happened to be a manager on duty. A girl, stated "yeah, somewhere". My wife took the children in disgust to the car, and I waited to talk to the manager. Again, my wait was approx. 10 minutes. She came up to me without a smile or greeting, and I explained to her the situations that had happened. That we wanted to buy wii games and accessories, and my wife waited to try on clothing. I asked her if this was their idea of customer service, and that we would not be doing business, and I told her that Walmart blew them away with customer service. I told her that if this continued in their store, they would all be looking for new jobs, as consumers look for great customer service. She stated that she hoped I lose my job??? WHAT?? Now I realized that the manager in front of me had little to none customer service skill, and I was again, wasting more of my time. I asked for the store number, her name, and she gladly gave me her badge number. When I told her about my son learning a disgusting pornographic phrase in their mens room, she chuckled, and shrugged her shoulders. A customer in line, told the manager that she had seen me waiting with my family for service, had seen my wife standing looking for service by the changing room, and that she didn't blame me one bit for being upset. I thanked her, smiled at the manager, and walked out of the store. I noticed then, there were three cars in the parking lot on a Friday night. We drove a mile down the road to Walmart, where we had to drive around a minute for a parking space, and walked in. We were greeted by a smiling face, and a sticker for my daughter, we again were asked if we needed any help, a minute after we walked into electronics, and three women were at the changing rooms eager to help my wife with clothing she needed to try on. We spent $ 423.18 at Walmart that night. Funny thing is, as we were leaving, I looked over and saw one of the cashiers from Kmart putting her purchases on the belt, LOL. I finally understood why the parking lot was packed, and the store was full of families buying all sorts of merchandise. My daughter who is five, used the bathroom at Walmart before we left, and there wasn't a terrible message on the wall, or papers on the floor, in fact, an employee was cleaning the sinks, and smiled at my daughter and wife as they walked in.

Poor Kmart, they just cant compete.

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  • Jb
      9th of Jun, 2008

    I had a similar experience where the girl didnt want to be there or she just didnt have a clue as to what she was doing. She puts heavy things on top of a greeting card and a gift bag. When I got the bags in the house the card was bent and the bag was so terribly wrinkled how was I going to give this to a friend. I commented it to a manager and they just shrugged it off. Now Wal-Mart is the new K-Mart. Wal-Mart is very friendly and never had a bad experience in there. I hate to say K-Mart needed to stay bankrupted.

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  • Dy
      3rd of Mar, 2009

    Whoah, Big D really? dude u need to chill bro, i don't like walmart either but um, how to say this...your an ### with the IQ of a 2 year old, if you don't have the intelligence to respond to a complaint with dignity then just don't say anything, trust me, you'll sound smarter if you don't talk.

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