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terrible experience

1) I bought a watch. I wore it for 10 minutes and the watch fell off me. The pin fell out of the clasp. I went to the return desk. There was 3 women standing at the desk talking. I waited for 5 minutes. All 3 women walked away from the desk. Then 1 woman turned to the other and said, " you have a customer". Her reply, I didn't see her. She looked at a few times while she was talking with the other 2 women. Not happy with this. Then I used my debit card, she said that it was used as a credit card and the return would be put back on my card. I said then I have to watch my bank account to see if I get my money put back into my account? She said this is what I would have to do. This is upsetting. I buy a watch which falls off me as soon as I get home and I have to keep checking my account to see if I get the money returned. Not good business!

  • Fa
    Faye Duvall Jun 27, 2008

    I went to Kmart 6-27-08 because I went the day before and saw a great deal on kids clothing. The sign all over the store has a 40% sale. On the kids clothing I was to get the 40% plus there was a sign in the kids dept. you could by 4 for $10.00 on certain brands. When I got to the register, I told the girl that. She rung up the clothes and the price came up of just the sale price. She had to get the lady from the service desk over there. They finally got those in and then the little boys underwear were on sale for $3.50 pk. I showed her that price and she said thats what came up. Then when I got home looking at the receipt one pack she rung up the regular price instead of the 3.50. So when I go back that way I'm taking them back. We have this problem everytime we go there. I like the sales if I get them and don't have to argue with the lady.

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  • Ma
    mary Aug 11, 2008

    I have tried a dozen times to go on sight. I have entered 19 digit number, but it wont accept it.

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  • Ba
    babetty Sep 05, 2008

    Site doesn't exist for survey, shopped at store #9166, receipt said to visit to complete survey, no place to do survey, any way store was nice, clean, salespersons polite, no complaints, just would like to do survey, receipt number 09166 090508 003 19516.

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  • Li
    linda mcgregor Sep 09, 2008

    earlier today i was in a k-mart store in winchester ...after i stepped outside i was approached by a middle aged white man asking if he could speak to me..i stopped thinking he was with some religion group since he was rolling up paper..he wanted to talk to me about an item he think i put in my purse without paying for it...i slung my purse off my shoulder to allow him to look which time he commented on the fact he thought my wallet was a unpaid item from the store. since i was the only black person in the store...i felt like a victim of racial profiling...of course it scared me at first but then it made me name is linda coakley mcgregor/542 country club court/winchester, ky 40391/859-744-3260...this was embrassing and it says a lot about the city of winchester...i look forward to hearing from organization shortly...thanks

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employee attitude

I was shopping for printer ink (vivera HP 02). They had every color except black which is the number one color of cartridge. I ask for help in finding it. The guy working in the electronic dept. ask if I saw a price header for black. I said no but they had every other color. He said if there was not a header then they probably didnot carry it. I said that made no sense concidering they had all the other colors. He said that a lot of things k-mart did didn't make sense to him. I ask if he couild contact anyone up the corp. ladder to let them know that they were missing the black cartridge. He said everything came from corp. and he could not do a thing. I thought this odd so I ask to speak to the store manager. He was not there so they had me speak to the asst. mgr. She said that she was standing there when I ask the clerk and that what he stated was right. They had no authority to tell anyone at corp. anything about product. I normally do not take the time to respond to silly people or silly situations but this was beyond silly. I have owned my own business for 16 years and understand that you cannot have everything a customer ask for but it seemed to me that ordering all but one color of cartridge might be an oversight of the buyer. I thought they might want to know. Maybe if the employees of k-mart were more helpful and not so negitive they would have more business, especilly at a time when business is suffering. Thank You

  • Ac
    aces Aug 24, 2008

    Kmart was always the store to go to for all our family needs. we are originally from mass and are now living in LasVegas, we find it funny and sad at the same time, that a store that was so respected is now not worth visiting. Me and my wife went to get the kids school supplies, the store looks like its going out of business, when we got to the register 1/4 of our stuff was mis-priced and labeled wrong, the cashier was really rude and annoyed, we went back for price checks 4 times. We are officially done with kmart stores, your employees have such a dislike for the store and no respect for the customers. that the second store in Vegas that we went to, which is why I'm writing today.. Kmart has lost all customer loyalty and its easy to see why Kmart stores wont be around much longer as with the Ame's and other like you, but to finish telling you about our visit today, after our 4th price check we left the kart and all the school supplies we grab, we drove to Walmart purchased everything we needed for the kids and encountered No Problems going in purchasing or leaving, as always painless. Kmart should close its doors as soon as possible and cut your losses cause at the rate the stores are being managed, you wont be in business much longer.

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no air conditioning

It is always hot in the store and athe manager doesn't seem to care, you see carts just left in the aisles where people get too hot and leave.

  • Ed
    E. De Castro Jul 24, 2008

    It seems they could care less how the customers feel. The same here in Southern Calif. in the summer the stores are extremely warm. If we don't shop at these stores perhaps they will get the message.

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  • Ce
    Celine Nov 27, 2008

    As a former coach at a K-Mart (what we called managers), when I was hired, I brought up the issue at our store of it being either terribly hot in the summer or brutally cold in the winter.
    Turns out, the stores are not responsible for the controls anymore. It's controlled at home office. If it doesn't reach a certain temperature outside (I believe here it was 90F), the AC won't turn on. Likewise with the heat in winter.


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  • Le
    Leprechaun Jun 08, 2009

    I have been a customer of Kmart for years, but that will be ending soon. The store I frequent the most, Kmart # 4202 in Warren, MI, does not have any air conditioning. I've been told by store management that corporate is responsible for the problem. The irony is that there are no fans around to "cool off " the customers, both figurateively and literally. In addition, there are very few cashiers and even fewer sales personnel... Sadly, Kmart is destroying itself...

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  • Ge
    George C Jul 24, 2010

    This problem continues at our store and many of the surrounding stores. Corporate has no clue as to the number of customers we lose as a result of this. They only focus on the bottom line and do not focus on lost revenue. Employees do not work and customers do not shop in a store that is 83 plus degrees (we have digital thermometers in the store to prove this)

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  • Wo
    Wowzer Jun 11, 2014

    As an employee, only some of the A/C's are controlled by corporate. The store manager in our store refuses to turn it on in the employee break room, the rational? It costs too much money. How much does it cost to keep losing and gettin new associates?

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solicitation at register!

As a customer who is profile, I take offense at being solicited at the cash register to donate to the March...

they are pathetic

I don’t even know why they keep the Kmart in Sebring Florida open it has almost no employees or they are in the back hiding so at their peek of customers only one register is open and all they want you to do is apply for a sears credit card pathetic and all the ads for sale items they don’t put out even more pathetic Kmart is only a shell of its former self and it wants to bring sears down with it just close the chain so the welfare recipients can collect their fare share .

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over priced 5/07 for same item at walmart

I purchased a pair of Lee Riders jeans at Walmart on 4/17/08 PAYING 16.92.I needed to buy one more pair of jeans and went to KMart on 4/18/08 and tried jeans on not paying attention to brands and purchased a pair of jeans for 21.99.I took them home and took the tags off to iron and noticed that both pairs were the same but I paid $21.99 at KMart in Williamsport, pa.that is a difference of $5.07 for the exact same pair of jeans.I am disgusted that KMart was so high priced on their jeans.I also purchased shoes and was very happy with them and the price.Can I received a refund for the difference in the two prices.I wonder why Walmart is always so much busier than KMart so now I know why.Please respond to my complaint.My address is 125 W.Eighth Ave. S .Williamsport, Pa. 17702

price mis-marked, would not honor

Choose several rugs to buy, with sales signs on the shelves, but no pricing on any of the rugs. Cashier got associate to check when scanned at much higher cost. Assistant manager brought to check, manager brought to check. After 45 minutes of waiting in line, manager stated that the signs had been moved and would not honor the price, "it was just to bad". .
Also during this busy Saturday morning, there was only 2 lines open, one more than usual, and customers got in line behind us and got upset that it was taking so long and only one other line was open. I too have been in there when there are 10 or more customers in one or two lines and they never open another line.

false information re: layaway pymts due

I placed 2 baby items on Layaway @ K-Mart on 26 Feb 08, made an over minimum amt. due payment of $40.28. I have paid $50.00 for each subsequential payment with the exeception of the last payment which was $20.00. I checked with an associate and she stated that my balance due is $68.00. On the original receipt, it states that the payment due is 25% of the balance due. 25% of $68.00 is $17.00 and I sent $20.00. I was called on Sunday, Apr 7th by a K-Mart Associate stating that my $20.00 payment could not be processed because I owed $26.00. My complaint is that NO ONE could tell me WHY I owed MORE than the required amount. I spoke to 4 different associates and none of them could explain to my why, just that the cash register would not allow a partial payment. One associate stated that it's because I owed a cancellation fee of $10.00 of which I never cancelled the layaway. They supposedly spoke with a couple of "Managers" who also couldn't explain why I owed the extra $6.00...Another explained that if I didn't pay the $6.00 the layaway would be returned to stock...I had sent the payment ahead of time so it wasn't late so why would they return it to stock when again the contract (original receipt) stated that it would be returned if delinquint after 7 days! The payment wasn't due until 8 Apr! Another complaint is IF you are going to call someone on a Sunday to tell them they owe more money, then you should be able to tell them why! And the layaway doesn't have to be paid out until 22 Apr paying 25% of the balance due and over...should be sufficient. One person stated that I should have to pay $42.00 for 2 weeks which would be over $300 for a $200 layaway! Another stated that on the 'Original Receipt" my 2 week payment of $26.00 should be listed. She also insisted, basically calling me a liar that IF I had the original receipt the bi-weekly payment of $26.00 is listed. I have the original receipt and it is NOT listed!

false advertising and dirty stores

We had received mail. In our mail there was an Advertisement from K-mart Stores. The advertisement stated that they had 50 Gladiolla Bulbs on sale for $5.99. This adversisement ran for a week. The advertisement stated March 23, 2008 to March 29, 2008. We went to two K-mart stores. The first K-mart store was located at: 5400 South and 3850 West Kearns, Utah 84118. This store did not have any gladdiola bulbs at all. In addition this store was filthy and very dirty. We decided to go to another K-mart store located on 3900 South and Redwood Road Salt Lake City, Utah 84118 and the second store we went to did not have any Gladdiolla bulbs either. Both stores had nothing in their garden department. This is false advertising. You claim to have this product in your k-mart stores and when we went there ...there was nothing in the garden stores or any where else in the stores. In addition we were given a receipt number and a web site to fill out a questionaire and a chance to win $2, 500.00 Shoping Spree. Wow this just keeps getting better and better. Here is my Receipt number: [protected]

not asked for 19 digit receipt number!

#1 I was never asked to enter 19 digit receipt number. #2 answered "no'' to items that I did not...

no service, poor management!

On Feb.8th, we entered the Kmart in Meadville, PA. The store number#7129, and manager on duty, Denise, badge # 1001. My seven year old, used the mens room, and learned a phrase, that my 13 year old said, was visible to all that entered the mens room. He has just started reading, so many questions arose, that we didnt even attempt to answer. We had decided to let the children pick out a few wii accessories, for their new game system. First we stood there staring at the locked merchandise for ten minutes with noone in sight, and then we went looking for help. We found a girl helping another customer and she would be with us in just a minute. We waited another twenty minutes, and my wife decided to go try on some clothing while the rest of us waited to look at the wii games. My wife waited back by the changing room, after ringing the bell for almost ten minutes, and nobody came. There were piles of disheveled clothes all over the counter. It looked as if people had been leaving merchandise all over all week. It was unreal. We put her clothing down and headed for the door, only to find three girls at customer service laughing and talking as if they were all enjoying a cocktail at the local pub. My wife asked if there happened to be a manager on duty. A girl, stated "yeah, somewhere". My wife took the children in disgust to the car, and I waited to talk to the manager. Again, my wait was approx. 10 minutes. She came up to me without a smile or greeting, and I explained to her the situations that had happened. That we wanted to buy wii games and accessories, and my wife waited to try on clothing. I asked her if this was their idea of customer service, and that we would not be doing business, and I told her that Walmart blew them away with customer service. I told her that if this continued in their store, they would all be looking for new jobs, as consumers look for great customer service. She stated that she hoped I lose my job??? WHAT?? Now I realized that the manager in front of me had little to none customer service skill, and I was again, wasting more of my time. I asked for the store number, her name, and she gladly gave me her badge number. When I told her about my son learning a disgusting pornographic phrase in their mens room, she chuckled, and shrugged her shoulders. A customer in line, told the manager that she had seen me waiting with my family for service, had seen my wife standing looking for service by the changing room, and that she didn't blame me one bit for being upset. I thanked her, smiled at the manager, and walked out of the store. I noticed then, there were three cars in the parking lot on a Friday night. We drove a mile down the road to Walmart, where we had to drive around a minute for a parking space, and walked in. We were greeted by a smiling face, and a sticker for my daughter, we again were asked if we needed any help, a minute after we walked into electronics, and three women were at the changing rooms eager to help my wife with clothing she needed to try on. We spent $ 423.18 at Walmart that night. Funny thing is, as we were leaving, I looked over and saw one of the cashiers from Kmart putting her purchases on the belt, LOL. I finally understood why the parking lot was packed, and the store was full of families buying all sorts of merchandise. My daughter who is five, used the bathroom at Walmart before we left, and there wasn't a terrible message on the wall, or papers on the floor, in fact, an employee was cleaning the sinks, and smiled at my daughter and wife as they walked in.

Poor Kmart, they just cant compete.

  • Jb
    J B Jun 09, 2008

    I had a similar experience where the girl didnt want to be there or she just didnt have a clue as to what she was doing. She puts heavy things on top of a greeting card and a gift bag. When I got the bags in the house the card was bent and the bag was so terribly wrinkled how was I going to give this to a friend. I commented it to a manager and they just shrugged it off. Now Wal-Mart is the new K-Mart. Wal-Mart is very friendly and never had a bad experience in there. I hate to say K-Mart needed to stay bankrupted.

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  • Dy
    dyce1200 Mar 03, 2009

    Whoah, Big D really? dude u need to chill bro, i don't like walmart either but um, how to say this...your an ### with the IQ of a 2 year old, if you don't have the intelligence to respond to a complaint with dignity then just don't say anything, trust me, you'll sound smarter if you don't talk.

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unauthorized charges!

In oct 2007 I purchased products from and on 1/11/2007 my debit card was double charged again. (I was double charged in oct) over the last 9 days I have talked to over 20 people in customer service and at the corporate office, with no resolution. I was told on 1/11 that was aware of the computer error that caused several customers to have their credit cards charged accidentally, I have yet to see any type of resolution. The charging of my card has caused me to have many overdraft charges and returned check fees. I was told by a supervisor by the name of ruben that kmart was not responsible for the overdraft charges. However, the overdraft charges are a direct result of the unauthorized charge on my debit card.

Not to mention that the table that I bought in oct came missing a piece and after fighting to get the piece for 4 weeks and finally being told that does not have replacement parts, I was forced to take the table to kmart store 45 minutes away. Then in the middle of december the missing piece shows up at my front door.

  • Ma
    Mandy Campbell Jan 28, 2008

    They are horrible! I am currently dealing with them on $1500 worth of overcharges! What makes it worse is that I don't even have the products! I ordered tables for a restaurant we were opening and only got 2 of 18 that I ordered. They charged me for 18!!!

    Mandy CAmpbell
    Weston Grill
    [email protected]

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  • Na
    Nancy J Feb 06, 2008

    At least you were overcharged for orders you actually PLACED -- charged a credit card I had previously used only in a physcial kmart store, for an online order I never even made.

    After one month, I still don't have my money back (again, for a non-existent order).

    I have sent hard copy letters to the head of the SHC audit committee and to their Ethics office, and have filed complaints with the State's Attorney, FTC and the BBB.

    This is outright fraud and theft, and everyone out there should be checking their bank statements if they've ever used a card anywhere at kmart.

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  • Ja
    Jan Harrington Mar 07, 2009

    I have called and talked to the store clerk and Manager to pick up shopping cart that has been being shuffled back and forth from the Apartments (that are located behind my house where it originated from)to the end of my private property. The manager assured me they would pick it up each time I called them. This has been ongoing for 2 months. I realize these shopping carts are expensive, but it seems they don't care. Well I would like some kind of results TODAY for someone to pick it up from my property and take it back to your store.
    Which is across town.

    The location is 100 block of EL PORTAL AND VIRGINIA ST. next to the apartments on my lawn. I realize this happends but when I do the right thing in calling the manager in your store to pick it up I would like results.
    I would like an response as soon as you resolve this.
    Thank you [email protected]

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  • Bo
    Bonnie J Sep 17, 2012

    On Sept. 13, 2012 I went to to pay on my layaway. Apparently the web site was having issues and kept showing the payment screen. I thought that maybe I had entered my debit card number incorrectly, so I proceed to use my other (checking) debit card. Now supposedly I was only making a $10 payment but somehow sent 10 transactions of $10 payments plus 9 transactions of $1 payments (total of $109.00 hold on my account) all for a $10 (ten dollar) payment. I get on the phone today ( I received an email concerning this problem from explaining that all transactions for that day were cancelled and that they are correcting the problem), and spent all day with continued calls from my bank and the number that the email said I could call to remedy this problem. After I had been hung up on three times and had spoken to several people and supervisors, I was informed that even though this problem was THEIRS, concerning the web site, I had to call MY bank and have them send a fax stating that these holds were still affecting my account because of Kmart error. After I had them (my bank) send the fax, I was informed ( via call back to Kmart customer service... YES, I called them, NOT them calling me, with NO resolutions ) my other bank called me and asked if I had authorized to debit my account for 4 payments TODAY!!! I stated to my bank, "NO, I did NOT", SO I filed a fraud claim against them! NOW, I have to WAIT 5 ( I do mean, FIVE ) business days before this other matter (supposedly) WILL be RESOLVED...(I PRAY!!!) and will be able to use MY MONEY that they put a hold on. I am a VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!! :0)

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scam and cheating!

While shopping in Kmart I saw a pool table on sale (not clearance) and I asked if I could put it on layway. I...

dead kmart sears champion car battery

Champion battery obtained from KMart on 1-5-05. 84 month warranty with free replacement within 36 month...

being overcharged

Last few times I have been in the store, I have been overcharged for my items that I purchased. The last time the scanner was not putting in the correct price of the sale item. I went out to my car thinking that the purchased price was too much. After I looked over my receipt, I found that I had been overcharged for 7 items. I went back in the store and got my refund of the overcharged items - amount being $19.01 . Like I said this not the first time, now every time I buy something in this store I check every item I buy for the price scanned. I have 4 kids at home and I have to watch my budget. I feel it is a shame that I have to watch what I am being charged everytime I go in the store.

terrible customer service!

This complaint is regarding my return of damaged merchandise from Order Number #[protected] of November 14, 2007. I have not been issued a refund from the item I returned via UPS on November 20, 2007 and I was told that I would have to wait until a "research request" was processed (10 days) then it would be issued (3-5 days).

I spoke with a manager, Angela (993451) on the phone January 10, 2008 and I've never been treated so badly by a customer service representative in all of my life. Here's an example: Angela said that it showed that a credit was issued, when I asked her when that credit was issued she firmly said "Do not interrupt me, mam". She told me that the credit was issued on December 3rd, I explained that I called to follow up on my refund on that day and I was sent a return receipt on that day stating it would take 30 more days. I assume that Kmart doesn't record its customer service calls as the employees are free to treat customers so rudely.

I then asked her if she could send me an email confirmation that the research request was made, she said “I don't know what good that will do". Needless to say I was extremely disappointed in the KMART phone customer service. I've never had to wait this long for a refund for damaged merchandise and I still have no resolution. In addition, I was treated badly.

I'm still waiting for my issue to be resolved. I’m a loyal customer and I hope to remain one. I am due a refund of $141.20.

  • Me
    Melissa S Aug 26, 2008

    I called the KMART store in Cliffton Hight PA #7293 regarding a product I purchased at the store and was put on hold for over 25 minutes. I called back to inquire about the product again and was told to hold while they checked and again, I was on hold for over 25 minutes. I called back and inquired about the product but ask not to be put oh hold, the next person that answered the telephone asked someone next to her and that persons response was damn we don't have it. I asked to speak to the manage and his response was we are very busy and no one could get back to you. He added that when you work in retail you get poor service. My response was, you get what you pay for and he agreed thats retail. He brushed me off by saying ok dear, what can I say dear, I'm sorry dear and thank for calling. This is not the only issue with this store, there are in store problems as well. Short staffed, they have maybe two cashers working register with the check out lines over flowing into the lines and when the manager is called his response is what do you want me to do. I would not recommed shopping at KMART and from this point on my family and friends will shop Walmart. Walmart's prices are lower, they have a better product selection, costumer service is very good and professionalism is present.

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poor customer service!

Back during the early part of October I packed a PlayStation3 on Layaway. I was instructed that I had up December 24,2007 to have this layaway paid in full or it will be return back to stock and I will loose my $10.00 layaway fee. With understand I came back in November 16, 2007 (not really sure of date) put it was some were close to that date, that I came into the store to make a payment, and again I was told that I had up until December 24, 2007 to pay the layaway out in full or it will be return back to stock and I will loose my $10.00 layaway fee. I went to Kmart to pay this layaway out in full, put I was told by the cashier that it had been return to stock. I explained to the cashier that every time I came into the store Concerning this layaway, I was told that I had until December 24, 2007 to pay it out, and now I'm told that it has been returned back to stock! Well I was very UpSet and I still am. However I asked to speak to the store manager. The cashier paged for M3 to layaway, in the mean while, while waiting for the store Manager, the cashier said to me that I was not the only layaway was not the only one that got returned to stock, because several other people had been told the same thing, that they had until December 24, 2007 to get their layaway out or they will be return back to stock, and as people came to pick up their layaway's they were already returned back to stock. The store Manager by the name of MR.Liarey came to the layaway Department . The cashier began to explain to him that I was another one that had been told the same thing that my layaway would be here and now it's been return back to stock. Mr. Liarey never once apologized for the mistake, he began to get a foul attitude with me as if I made the mistake. I explained to him that I was told this by an employee of this store, and I feel that if Kmart is hiring people just for the Xmas Season and the store fail to train these short term employees with the proper knowledge then the Manager should be accepting the liability of their employee's. Instead Mr. Liarey still insist on having a very negative approach about the matter. I explained to him that the $10.00 process fee was ot that big of a deal, it is the store accountability that concerns me. As over the Years having a Family History of shopping at all the varies Kmart's here in my local area, you would think that loyalty weights over a $10.00 process fee. I tried to contact a District Manager at the Kmart on Airport Blvd and left several messages for him to return my call, and he has not yet to contact me. I don't understand Kmart at the District Level. Why should your doors even be open , when the public is been treated so unfair. I would like to know for future reference who do you contact for complaints concerning poor customer service with Kmart (My Lawyer) this answer my question and a thousand others. Wal-Mart will always be the leading store in American (Because they know how to treat their Customers)

I would like to hear from someone in higher level concerning this matter.

  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Dec 29, 2007

    That sounds very interesting especially if you were told 12-24-2007. I did find on there website the following contact information, perhaps you would like to try to contact them that way?

    Contact Us

    Have a question? Have a great suggestion? Want to compliment one of our associates? Or make a comment about our Website? WE'RE HERE TO HELP!

    To reach the Contact Center for, call 1-866-KMART-4U (1-866-562-7848), from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. (CT) Monday - Sunday.

    E-Mail us with questions or comments.
    [email protected]

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unsanitary bathrooms!

I am writing to file a complaint on several different subjects regarding your elkins, wv big kmart store. Every time I am shopping at this store the bathrooms are unsanitary. (No soap, no toilet paper, trash and sanitary napkins lying all over the floor, no paper towels. ) I have brought this to the sales clerks attention several times, nothing is done. Also, several occasions I have asked sales clerks for assistance finding prices, since nothing ever has a price on it. I was told on my last visit when I asked a passing sale person a price check on an item, " I don't know and I don't have a scanner with me, " then she just walked away.

rude behavior!

I dropped off my 3 teenage daughters to do some last minute Christmas shopping At the K-Mart in Marshalltown Iowa. I get a call later that they are being followed around the store by 2 female employees for the last half an hour. And that other customers were asking my daughters if they were being followed. When I arrived I found my daughters and walked around an aisle to find these 2 female employees peering around at my girls. I asked why they were so blatantly following my girls.they said they hadn't been which was an obvious lie. I asked if they had in any way given the impression that they had been shoplifting... they replied no.

I asked to see a manager all the while the employees are giggling and whispering amongst themselves. A manager named Dave shows up.I tell him the story and that I was offended and that my girls couldn't even shop with such rude and blatant behavior by his employees. That my girls were scared and angered at this going on for over a half an hour and so noticeable to other customers that it wasn't justified or professional.

Dave, then proceeded to tell me that he has been followed in places such as Menard,s and that "He" wasn't offended so I shouldn't be either. He took no action and offered no apologies. We left the presents that they had already chosen in the cart and left the store. Needless to say we wont shop there again, ever!

  • Sp
    spitfire Jan 01, 2009

    Jason - are you always this negative

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  • Mi
    MinimumWageQueen Sep 17, 2009

    Since when did Kmart become your childrens babysitter? Of course they would be suspicious of three teenagers wandering around with no adult supervision. Teenagers are often shoplifters, and also have a penchant for mischif.

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there is no place to enter this drawing

Kmart receipt states that kmart values your feedback, enter our $2500.00 sweepstakes online at There is no place to enter this drawing.

  • Fr
    From Guam Jun 17, 2008

    I've been shopping at K-mart on Guam-- never really noticed the receipt until just now.. I'm exited about the sweepstakes (as it is announced on the receipt).. but the page can not be displayed!

    K-mart needs to remove this sweepstakes announcement on their receipts.

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