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Kmart / accused of shoplifting

1 Enid, OK, United States Review updated:

On Dec. 22, 2008 I purchased a Mamma Mia DVD from Amazon online. It arrived at my home in the mail on Dec 29th. I live 35 miles from Enid so I called some friends there and asked them if they would like me to bring it down to their house and we all watch it together. The next day I put it in my purse and drove to Enid. I needed some cough syrup and Vicks cream so I stopped at KMART there to purchase it. As I was going out the door the machine went off saying I was taking something out that I obviously shouldn't be, so I stopped in wonderment because all I had was what I bought. Then I remembered I had put that dvd in my purse but could see no reason why it would cause that to go off in KMART when I had purchased it online at Amazon! The clerk from the customer service desk came over and scanned it and it had the same barcode as the ones in KMART-why I have no idea. She wouldn't let me have it even after I explained I had purchased it online and called some man up to the desk that so much as told me I had taken it from their store and wouldn't let me have it back. He went down back and brought one up and the store's had a KMART sticker on it and mine didn't and told me I would have to go get the packaging it came in or I couldn't have it back. I had thrown it in the trash. A friend called me on my cell phone at that time and said she would go into my e'mail and print out the receipt I got from Amazon for it and fax it over to KMART. The woman at the service desk was being extremely rude and totally ignoring me and would not give me the fax number. Another woman walked up to the desk that worked in the pharmacy and gave the fax number for over there, but only after I threatened to call the police. My friend faxed the receipt to that number and they took their sweet time about even bothering to look at it. Then she called the guy back to come and look at it and he did and then asked for my license, I guess to prove it was me. Then he handed me the dvd-never appologizing for the inconvenience or anything. This time totalled to over 1 1/2 hours. I am a 64 year old disabled woman with a very bad back that has bothered me ever since this happened. I am considering calling a lawyer about the pain and agony they put me through. I had a very good upbringing and have never stolen a thing in my entire life. I feel these people should be fired for treating customers in this manner. I will never shop in KMART again! I hope everyone reads this complaint and stops shopping there because there is no need to be so hateful.

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      19th of Aug, 2009
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    I apologize that this happened to you Ma'am. I work as a Loss Prevention associate at another store in another part of the country. We cannot detain anyone unless we see the individual enter the store, enter the department, select the item, and then leave the store with the item without paying for it. Obviously, they could not have seen you select that item from the Electronics department, so they did not have enough elements of proof to detain you. It sounds like not one of those store employees was Loss Prevention - KMART only authorizes Loss Prevention associates to detain people for shoplifting.

    I would advise you to call the corporate number for KMART and file a formal complaint. You may want to tell them the exact date, time, and store location of the incident. Corporate will then do a full investigation of the matter and ensure that steps are in place to prevent this from happening again.

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      7th of Mar, 2011
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    Loss Prevention in our local town stinks! One ASSociate is a complete and total bully. Recently, he detained a young girl standing out side the men's restroom. The girls (I think she is about 16) was holding a BB rifle her brother (old enough to buy the gun) purchased. Receipt was taped on the rifle. Brother had to go to the restroom and asked sister to hold the rifle for a few minutes. As she was standing there, the loss prevention guy approached her and demanded to know why she was holding the gun. This was said very loudly and customers (including myself) overheard him. He implied that she was trying to steal the gun. About then, the brother came out and saw his sister's fearful look. He was angry and rightfully so. He told the loss prevention guy he had paid for the gun and had the receipt. At that, the loss prevention guy told them to "C'mon. We are going to the office. Now!" He then called the police on them. WHY? The police let them go. My point is -- this guy is only capable of interacting in a rude and beligerent manner. And obviously only with those who are easily intimidated. He should be terminated! His name is Ray...

  • Ju
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    kmart store ( 3725) is full of unprepared associates.They are not aware of what the store really has in stock and they are not well trained.I am very upset because I went to kmart located in watsonville and nobody was able to help me with a furniture carry out.I ask an associate to help me and he just walked away.I was shocked to find out that the person I had ask for help and who ignored me was a manager.I'm never shopping at kmart again, I rather drive all the way to walmart were I will get the service I deserve as a customer.I already got a hold of corporte and I hope they do take some action

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      13th of Aug, 2011
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    Something similar happened to me not long ago. I was in the local Kmart waiting for my girlfriend to finish trying on clothes and I had wandered over to the entertainment section and had picked up the newest season of American Dad. I had been wandering the store for 10 minutes with the case in my hand looking at the book section and having a look at the jeans. When a store employee walked up to me and accused me of trying to steal the DVD. It is important to note that the DVD season is inside one of those very secure locked cases that are made of extremely durable plastic, and the case that holds the DVD's is also locked. Anyway this man accused me of stealing and told me that I was trying to steal it from inside the case. By the way, it is also important to note that I am an IT networking administrator and I frequently perform small fixes or changes to computer or server hardware in the workplace and I wear a Swiss army knife object on my belt (although it doesn't have any blades, just different screwdriver types and a magnifying glass), to perform these quickly and conveniently instead of retrieving my 300 tool kit because it is cumbersome to carry all the time. Anyway back to story. Once I was approached by this man he said that I was trying to steal this DVD from a very secure by trying to open the case. He at that point noticed the mini toolkit on my belt and told me that I was trying to open it with that even though it was still inside the cloth holster it is buckled into. He asked to look at it because he kept accusing me of having a hidden blade and once I showed him that it had no blade on it he told me that I was trying to jimmy it open when he approached. Although it was nowhere near my hand at the time. He then told me to pay for it and get out because he was calling the cops, needless to say I dumped it on the nearest shelf in anger and left refusing to buy it because of the shoddy treatment. This incident has angered me to the point where I no longer wish to be anywhere near a Kmart. Is this the kind of treatment people are to expect at Kmart, false accusations and threats of police and arrests where none are warranted.

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