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2,500 gift card

My receipt # is [protected] amount 141.06 dollars next [protected] amount 820.72 dollars next [protected] amount 413.87 dollars next [protected] amount 111.38 next [protected] amount 72.90 dollars next [protected] amount 201.21 dollars next [protected] 128.71 dollars So you see I can keep going and going back almost four months have not even started to touch half of receipts I have with Kmart feedback on them, that is pretty pathetic that you can not honor any of what your own black and white writing says. So if that ink is a waste and the trees are even more of a waste than I guess all who have taken the time to be loyal to you and give you are time to do a survey that does not exist I believe that it is time it be made national news buy contacting local news stations as well as case for all you are scamming. If I cant trust you why should we as consumers spend our hardworking money at your store? I think compensation is owed to those who have been deceived for months. "wow" You may think I am blowing smoke about national coverage but unlike you I am a black and white person and I stand behind what I believe is wrong and wright.

  • De
    dee May 31, 2008

    unable to enter contest receipt #0943805250800445495

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  • Pl
    playpiano89 Oct 05, 2010

    I am really quite confused at what your complaint about kmart is...

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2500 gift card scam

Just decided to go to look up kmarts 2, 500 hundred dollar gift card found nothing but complaints. So i...


The bathroom is filthy, the candy has mice droppings in it, the service(when you can find anyone who works here) is the worst i've ever experienced, the manager of the store looks as filthy as his store does. This place should be shut down for health reasons. Other Kmart stores around this area are not this bad. This one should be shut down before someone gets sick.

  • Ba
    Barb Van Fleet Jul 05, 2012

    Hello, 6 months ago I went to Norwalk, Ohio Kmart.Looking to buy a hat.Found one but could not find a mirror to see how the hat looked.
    Talked to 2 employees about this.Was told they will see to this.Was back in the store 2 days ago.Saw another hat for the sun, still no mirror.Walked all over the place no mirrors..Than I went to the area where the Goodsense Nicotine Gum was to buy some to stop smoking.Was a shock to see the polacrilex box of 110 pieces of 2 mg was DOUBLE that of Drug Marts same thing, I paid for 1 box at Drug mart 24.00, Kmart price was 42.00.I left the store with nothing from Kmart.I will never go back again.I am 73 years old and need to save but with your out rage prices, I do not need to shop Kmart.Thank you Barb Van Fleet

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rain check

Since October 28th I have been carrying around a rain check for a Panasonic DECT 6.0 phone system with 3 handsets for $69.99. I began calling the store daily to see if they had received a shipment. Then continue calling every other day, now every 3 days. When I was in the store on Wed of this week I was told to call the beginning of next week. When I call someone always has to go look to see if they came in. Wouldn't you think when a product was called for daily or regularly someone's tentacles would be up and watching for that particular product when the shipment is unpacked so I can be told immediately whether or not the product came in? there any chance that this particular shipment will ever come to the Vails Gate store? How can you advertise a product that you do not carry? This store is 40 minutes from my home so I cannot go there every day to check. Is there any other way to get this phone?

Very truly yours,


  • Ba
    Barbara Utter Nov 21, 2008

    Since October 28th I have been carrying around a rain check for a Panasonic DECT 6.0 phone system with 3 handsets for $69.99. I began calling the store daily to see if they had received a shipment. Then continue calling every other day, now every 3 days. When I was in the store on Wed of this week I was told to call the beginning of next week. When I call someone always has to go look to see if they came in. Wouldn't you think when a product was called for daily or regularly someone's tentacles would be up and watching for that particular product when the shipment is unpacked so I can be told immediately whether or not the product came in? there any chance that this particular shipment will ever come to the Vails Gate store? How can you advertise a product that you do not carry? This store is 40 minutes from my home so I cannot go there every day to check. Is there any other way to get this phone?

    Very truly yours,


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automatic refill system

Couple months ago, the automatic refill system was introduce to the customer. There was a voice messages promted when you call for refill that the K-mart having the autometic refill, just inform to the associate worker or phamarcist to enroll the program. I have never enrolled for the automatic refill.

This afternoon, I called in for refill the medication. The Pharmacy tech. told me that there was no refill left, she would call the doctor. She was then told me that it was her mistake, the last refill was filled on 11-14-2008 and ready for pick up. I was confused and asked how come? I did not call for refill. She explained that the automatic system allows her to refill this and it is ready for me.

I was surprised, since I did not ask to be enrolled this system; why it happens? I spoke to pharmacist in charge at the moment; he said that before you have to enrolled, but now you don't have to it is the K-mart pharmacy policy that we refill the prescription for the patient who has refill every month, and you will informed by phone that the medication is ready for you. I said that what is happening if I do not need to take anymore. He said that the medication will be restock/ When I asked is your policy. He said "YES". I said you better give me the K-mart policy in writing. He said well if you do not like he will take me off the automatic refill system.

This is non sense:
* do not want to be bothered and surprised when someone call "medication is ready for you!"
* what else they are trying hide? Are they going to bill the insurance and the Medicare/ medical? A senior over 70 years old does not care if the K-mart bill to the Medicare/medical. Only the people paying tax who cares.

Next time, when you fill your medication. Do not let them enroll you to the automatic refill system.

I personally did not believe there is a policy; they could be in trouble if they want to disturb people by calling “medication is ready for you!"

  • Jl
    J. Litaker Nov 19, 2008

    CVS also has this automatic refill system. I find it is so much quicker than having to call every single time I need a refill. Geez...maybe you should excuse Kmart for trying to make your life easier !

    Don't you have anything better to complain about?

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  • Mo
    Molly Nov 19, 2008

    The automatic refill is good If you wanted and enrolled.

    I have issues in the pass that the medication just automatic appears in my mom's mail box from one of the pharmacy even though my doctor already changed her medication. When I called they said someone called for refill. They wanted to get money from the money from Medicare. My mom by the way, she was 80 at that time, she did not care...

    K-Mart should ask there customer before they enroll them to the automatic refill system.

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  • Tv
    TV Nov 19, 2008

    That's what I am talking about!

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  • Wi
    WiscRPH Feb 12, 2010

    Kmart Corp. routinely enrolls customers for AUTOMATIC refills, whether they refuse this service or not. The company has a software application that searches each store's prescription database and switches the patient profile to AUTOMATIC refills & billing even if the pharmacist opts the person out of this. This is the corporate practice! Additionally, the computer system under corporate control TELEPHONES patients at home to remind them to pay for their prescripts up to 1-2 weeks after the prescription has been purchased. Corporate HQ is aware of the tremendous number of complaints from customers, but they refuse to remedy these practices because they believe these increase the number of prescriptions filled and enhances sales figures.

    There is more to know. I am aware of one pharmacy that stores medications (insulin, other cold items) in a refrigerator that does not work. As long as the latest batch of medications to be dispensed are placed in the working fridge an hour or so before use, the company refuses to spend a few dollars to keep the medications cold as specified by the FDA and federal law. This results in loss of potency for many items, including insulins. In turn, this may lead to a doctor’s visit for poor glucose control (because of bad insulin) and further prescriptions for more expensive types of insulin or other glycemic control medications (i.e., more business & sales).

    While most all large pharmacies have standardized "E-Script" software that allows doctors’ offices to send a computerized prescription directly to the pharmacy computer, Kmart software is the only of the large chains with software that is incompatible with this safety service. Worse, Kmart "encourages" their pharmacists to promote their "E-Script" services to patients and doctors offices in order to appear to be state-of-the-art. The truth is that each E-Script received by Kmart usually produces 6-7 separate prescriptions in the computer that all contain errors. Pharmacists are expected to pick and choose what they "guess" is the most likely correct info for each piece of information. E-Scripts never arrive without multiple errors---which is unacceptable under FDA regulations, state & federal laws, and it contrary to accepted standards of professional practice.

    So much more..."secret source" generic drugs are shipped to pharmacies without a paper trail. Fraudulent insurance billing practices (bill for one product and dispense another), etc. and an array of other ongoing violations.. How does Kmart Corp. handle suggestions to help correct these dangerous deficiencies? They threaten and attack anyone seeking to make their customers happy and safe. This is a slap in to the face to the entire USA public by Kmart Corp. and the regulatory government agencies. The government offices will ultimately inform anyone that seeks assistance with these matters that the agency must protect the PUBLIC, not individual persons who constitute the public. The government agencies act to protect the large business with complete ambivalence to the hazards and harm caused to American citizens who trust the government to protect them.

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  • Gr
    GreedWatch Mar 24, 2010

    I couldn't have said it better. Of course doctors change prescription and patients are admitted
    to hospitals and other institutions that provide in stay medications. Patients also die and no
    longer need the Rx. Automatic refill is tantamount to a years Rx for maintenance medications.
    Patients that are old and dieing are being used as a means to milch medicare and other institutions.
    It's hard to keep off automatic refill for the obvious reason that medications will be dispensed
    whether they are needed/used or not. Especially at a time like this when the price of
    health care is under scrutiny, this gross mismanagement should be put to a screeching halt.
    Simply fraud under the guise of better service.

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  • Sa
    Sarah56743 Jul 11, 2011

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
    P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 9sh73h

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mix up on charging of prescription cards, not filling all prescriptoin on a will call. and very rude young...


A couple months ago I purchased a golf driver. The price marked on the driver was $19.99. When I got home...

changing layaway contract

Contract I received when I put in lay-a-way states Final pickup date is 12/19/08. I received a call from kmart stating I had not made a payment as of this date of November 13, 2008, and one was due now. I call kmart and talked to a lady that stated I had made a payment on November 11, 2008, and her records showed that. My contract # is 31953. She said the manager has told them to tell people their layaways have to be picked up on December 05, 2008. I told her I was not told this on November 11, 2008 when I came in paid on it by Ms. Faye Mcdon, who took my layaway payment. How can they change my due date when I was not told and my receipt says December 19, 2008. I do not like to be lied to nor do I like to be told kmart will not bhonor their word or contract. I choose K-Mart because as a senior citizen I needed layaways to help me get christmas and other things that I can not afford to pay instanely for. This now shows me that kmart as well as walmart do not keep their word. I thought I had found me a place to shop instead of walmart. But I guess not. I tried to call and talk to the store manager, but he never would answer his phone for me to talk to and ask him about this.

false advertising

A rack with about 30 or so Rt 66 shirts had a sign on top of the rack that said 30% off. We bought one of the shirts and was charged full price. We went straight to the customer service desk to question this. A lady from there walked back to the shirt rack, came back to the cashier at customer service and told her to give us the 30% off but it was only supposed to be for knit shirts only. We did get our discount but I went back afterwards to read the sign again. It said 30% off Rt 66 knit shirts. The shirts were all the same on the rack... cotton, long sleeved. There was not one "knit" shirt on the rack. I took the sign off the rack and asked the lady about this who gave us the discount. She said, what are you complaining about?...I gave you the discount. I told her it was a matter of principle! They shouldn't have a big 30% off sign on a whole rack of clothes when there is not even one item on the rack that qualifies. I told her to throw the sign away because it just wasn't right. I wasn't looking to get something at a discount that wasn't on sale, but was made to feel like they were doing us a favor by giving the discount for something it wasn't meant for. I think they had better get their act together. I was honestly thinking of putting my job application in there but don't think I'd want to work for a wacky place like that.

  • gesserfan Aug 06, 2010

    she gave you discount, for an item that wasnt on sale and you continue to complain.

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false advertising?

My wife replied to the ad last Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008, concerning Corelle Dinnerware. It was listed as 16 piece Winter Frost White dinnerware set (CUP, dessert plate, bowl and dinner plate times four) with two extra place settings making a total of 24 pieces. This was advertised at $25. She went to our local Kmart store and they had the sign on a 16 piece set of Corelle (GLASS, dessert plate, bowl, and dinner plate times four) nothing extra. Upon inquiring and pointing out that this was not as advertised, they stated they did not have the advertised special and would probably not get it. My wife was wanting to buy 4 sets at this price to have 24 place settings. She then drove 25 miles to Bloomington, IN and received the same story from two Kmart stores in Bloomington. Again the sign was on the wrong material. On Saturday, the 8th of Nov., she returned to our Bedford Kmart and found the sign still on the wrong dinnerware and again was told probably never available in the store.

We still have the ad and there is nothing in the ad to state only available in certain stores or until supplies run out or any other such disclaimer. We feel that based on the ad and finding the same thing in three stores with similar comments by store employees, that this is a form of deceptive advertising to draw people to Kmart. What is our recourse for this type of deception?

Sincerely, Barry Strong

charging for work not done properly

Three times I attended the k-mart tyre and auto service station. First time... I had a water leak and they did not fix a water leak but charged for it. When I returned the car they shortened the water system by blocking it off at one section and then the heating did not work. They still charged!
Second time... I had low power steering fluid... They made out it was a big problem... They charged alot and the fluid leaked out much more quickly.
Third time... I was very reluctant but I got a coupon for a relatively cheap service... On getting my car back... I was lucky to get home because they did not connect the leads properly.

I will never go back even if I was offered a free service. This all happened in 2002...2003 but it still upsets me

accusing customer of stealing

accusing customer of stealing, when the customer is not. The exit greeter is checking the receipts for item...

not meeting a confirmed hiring appointment

I applied via computer for a Loss and Recovery Associate at the above address and was scheduled for a 3:00...

there is no such website

My receipt from kmart said to go onto and enter my 19 digit receipt #, to win a $2500.00 gift card to kmart. There is a website as such and there is no place for the recpt #. It's a scam!

Lauren Matzen

  • De
    Debby Shorter Nov 01, 2008

    Very surprised there is no kmartfeedback and no were to placed your 19 digit receipt number... was not pleased with your prices at all .. I have seen kmart going down since sears took it over... wont be shopping there anymore... Wal-mart has better prices and there web site is real and there feed backs are real.. Lost a customer here in MD... Bye Kmart close your doors... Wal-mart and Target are here and true to there sites...

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  • De
    Debbie Silva Nov 06, 2008

    This is BS - there isn't a website. It gets upsetting when people pull s--t like this. Kmart, to me was an okay place to shop for what I needed in a hurry since our store in Tulare isn't very busy. I think Walmart is better and it's right across the road from Kmart.
    You can keep your ficking survey.

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  • Ma
    Madeleine Nov 20, 2008

    Survey what survey. Chance to win a $2, 500 gift certificate what a fraud. The quality of your products are inferior. The prices are no bargin. I won't be shopping there anymore, lost another customer on Long Island, N.Y.

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  • De
    DeLaine Speer Dec 02, 2008

    I too am disappointed to not find a survey.

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  • Ra
    ram arnold Jan 19, 2009

    K-mart has their items priced way too high for the quality. Their sales are disappointing"; bringing you into the store only to find that prices supposedly at big clearance discounts are the same as before sale starts albeit already discounted. They might reverse this downward spiral if they lowered prices and thought out their sales advertising and prices better giving customers the satisfaction of getting a bargain and a reason to go back to this store

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  • Mi
    mishely1 Jul 20, 2009

    The website address for The K-Mart Feedback Survey & Sweepstakes is:


    The website is sponsored by The Link Group which is a market research group.

    I have filled out the feedback form & sweepstakes entry numerous times myself & can attest to the fact that the site DOES exist!

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  • Ga
    Gary T. Oct 14, 2009

    The website does exist!


    DO NOT USE a search engine!

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  • Wi
    willy3 Mar 07, 2010

    I should sue this Company!False Document's given out to people!

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  • Lo
    love affect May 02, 2011

    i need you guys to sell methe fisher-price doodle pro classic with 2 stampers-purple andthe ohio art classic doodle sketch .i live in the carribean jamaica westmoreland grange hill belle isle road just ask for santas yard

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I agree with all the other consumers that say their receipt is a scam. I just received my receipt yesterday...

online survey - no website

I to, like many others was deciecved by the reciept survey ad of a $2500.00 gift card winnings(Receipt#[protected]). i couldn't find a site to do the survey. There probably won't be a lot of people flooding the net to complain about this because most people don't take an interest, but those that do shouldn't be mislead and that includes those don't do the search. Kmart step-up your game, it doesn't look good, especially when you're competing with another company that is advertising helping the families. It's not good PR during these economic times.

misleading advertisement

On 10/20/08 I went to Kmart to buy a kids trike that I saw in the add for that week. I got the trike plu...

survey scams

I responded to a blurb on my register receipt regarding a satisfaction survey, etc. I logged on to the site. They asked my name, address, e-mail, etc. Sounded like legitimate requests. Never got to any survey. Page 2 started asking me to check if I was interested in any services provided by numerous companies listed. Never went to page 3, as I knew I could be on-line for 2 days checking interests. They usually get down to.. If you don't check an interest, then you don't get registered for the $2, 500.00 drawing. So I clicked out. I don't know who or how many sevices they gave my name to.In 2 days I have received 71 spam mails. 71. To get off some of them I would have to open the mail, and hope they had an opt out link. Well, that's not good. If I tighten down my spam filter I might miss some mail from friends/family because of the strict filters. What to do??? Larry dickson

  • De
    Deborah Ingram Dec 11, 2007

    I purchased a Sony Playstation 3 from K-Mart on 12/10/07 . This purchase entitled me to a 25$ gift certificate ,which printed
    out along with my paid receipt. According to the guidelines I must submit ORIGINAL UPC code and copy of receipt to redeem.
    Problem : along with the Playstation is an offer for 5 free BLU-RAY movies, just submit ORIGINAL UPC code and copy of receipt.
    I phoned K-Mart customer service their solution use one or the other! The reason I purchased at K-Mart to begin with was the extra
    25$. Neither K-Mart or Blu-Ray is willing to accept a copy of the UPC. I feel K-Mart should have done their homework prior to offering the gift card . No one would take responsibility for making this right. I have purchased many things over the years from other merchants where there were multiple offers without problems. I can't believe I am the only person who has encountered this. I was once a loyal K-Mart , Sears customer but no more.

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  • Ca
    Carol Metz Jul 21, 2008

    I don't have a complaint. I wish to compliment K-Mart for selling items made in the USA. Try to find something made in the USA at Wal-MArt. I am so proud of K-Mart. I'm now a regular customer just because they sell items made in the USA. Thanks for believing in the USA products. I'm telling all my friends. We all stopped buying anything made in China. Thanks again. Luv Ya K-Mart.

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  • Me
    Melissa Elliott May 29, 2009

    I am wanting the information about where and how you get to the website to do the Survery to be registered in the drawing for he $2500.00 gift card. Becasue I visit k-mart real often and I have several receipts that I would like to getmy numbers in and hopefully if this isn't a joke that maybe I would win a 2500.00 gift card but when you go to that website you can't do anything to get the information in there so I would like the information as soon as possible!!!

    Thank You,
    Melissa Elliott

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  • binder May 29, 2009

    The drawing is sponsered by - information pertaining to the contest & additional survey details are given after the intro jingle. Unfortunately there's no "skip" button for the intro, so you have to watch it until the end to get the rules & entry. Good luck, big money!!

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  • Ma
    Martha A. Trotter Jun 30, 2009

    I put two items in layaway. Paid for all of it. Had it held at front desk for neighbor to pick up for me she worked there. When she brought it home to me part of it was missing. I called store and talked to someone but they never called back. They say I got all of it. But my niece was with me and she said I did not get the item a limited edition of Bolt DVD. This is the second time I've had trouble with department; and I live on a very fixed income. My neighbor has been checking up for me. They told her that I had to speak to a certain person. Went last night and asked when she worked ( I have to get someone to drive me to stores), was told they did not know. I was also told they had no way to call me to report on item loss. I might and that is a big might use this dept again but not for a while. They have not been rude. Just unhelpful. I love K-mart and will continue to use rest of store.
    Miss Martha Ann Trotter

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Naujoks-Leite Jul 28, 2009

    Holly, cashier, was extremely rude. My husband picked up 3 cases of water that were under the sign marked SALE $2.99. Cashier said we had the wrong cases of water because they were ringing up $3.49. My husband went back to get the correct cases of water. Cashier snarled at me to take the 2 cases of water out from under my cart. Cashier continued to sigh in disgust. She rudely said to me "I didn't think I was going to have to wait for someone. We're really not suppose to wait for people." I replied "I'm the customer!" I don't feel the need to have to make separate purchases due to incorrect signs posted on the wrong product! K-Mart, Hyannis, MA (Store #3040). Date: July 25, 2017 at 12:22 p.m.

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  • Ja
    Janice Wilson Oct 28, 2009

    Tried to register for the $2500.00 K-Mart gift card and unable to do it. This has gone on for at least 9 -12 months. Get real and don't put something on your receipts that says you can win something if you shop at K-Mart. How low and deceiving can you go? Especially in America in times like these. You companies raise prices for struggling Americans and the advertise hope with possible winning on a receipt when it is not possible to even register. SHAME ON YOU! Someone needs to turn you in. This is only the second time I have commented on not being able to register after many times of shopping. I will not go back to your store because of this besides of higher prices then other competitors. I thought you were American but obviously not. Do you not get the hint from these comments?

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  • Ko
    kobuu Oct 31, 2009

    what site are you going to? the correct address is i have NO problem getting there. well, unless i'm drunk, or maybe you're ###ed. who knows?

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knife demo

We were told to go in front of the cafe area to listen to a man and we would get a paring knife free for listening. He gave a sales pitch for a bargain on knife packages. We decided that we did not want to purchase them. I asked about my free paring knife and I was told it was in the knife package if I bought it. We feel that was false advertising.

charged wrong price

I purchased some things for haloween on sunday oct. 12, 2008. Said halloween stuff was 30% off. I was charged full price. I asked clerk was I didn't get sale price, he looked at me said why is it on sale? I said do you not have it in your system to ring up sale prices? I'm glad I was paying attention. So then I had to waste more time for them to look it up to see what price it was. After that I got sent to customer service to get a refund. The person there asked me how much 30% off was of the price tag. Wow!!! Now I have to figure out my own sale price!!! I can not believe the crap I had to go through. Then after another 10 minutes, another lady came by to help figure out the price. The cashiere, asked me how much do you get back? Wow. I didn't know that buying 2 $1.99 itemsd on sale for 30% off was gonna take me over 30 minutes to buy. I am not happy with the people you have working there or having to tell them what the sale price is or what my refund is. Very dissappointed in your store.