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I would like to speak to someone "above" the local dealership (Kia of downtown Los Angeles) since I have tried dealing with them directly and continue to be given the run around. Not only was my down payment check submitted with another customer's contract, my trade in vehicle has not been paid off (been the allowed 45 days) causing my credit score to drop due to a Missed payment and I had to pay it even though it's under the dealership's possession. Now I'm told my down payment didn't cover the first month so I'm paying for two vehicles. I went in person to ask about the check being sent to a financial company with a wrong contract and about the trade in vehicle only to be yelled at and even physically shoved out of the way when the man knows and knew at that moment I am pregnant. I reported him to his supervisor only for him to return and continue arguing with me to the point I had to seek medical attention. A week later I followed up with a customer service manager and was given an apology along with a promise of a free oil change and car detail. Sure, that's nice but it doesn't excuse the fact that not only was the health of my unborn child and myself at risk, nothing has been resolved about the money owed to me or even if the correct contract was ever submitted. I am now on bed rest yet will make my way there today. This is ridiculous.

Jun 09, 2017

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