KIA Motorskia soul - bad recommendation

M Nov 21, 2017

I am writing to you because I am very surprised that when I bought my Kia Soul in Braman in Miami, the seller never mentioned to me that the car did not have a tire replacement. I had a bad time when I brought my car to the service and I had bought a program that was sold to me in the Braman Miami called Power Protect and cost $ 499.00 that I did not have to pay for any damage to the wheel. My biggest surprise was that the Kia no longer has more business with Braman because they did not sell the necessary and in a few words they told me to solve myself or to look for another dealership of Kia !! That day it rained and I went to Kia del Doral and arrived and they told me that the only thing I could do for me is to put a patch on !! I really am very disappointed with the Kia and should say that their cars do not come with a replacement .. I've been with my Kia Soul for a year and I would like to get other car ... My recommendation that when they go to buy a Kia, they verify what they are selling

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