Kia Motors / headlight performance

Houston, TX, United States

My name is Audrey Douglas and I am writing about the poor performance of the headlights on my 2015 Kia Sorento. I purchased the car in 2014, received it directly off of the delivery trailer, and have had scheduled, manufacture-scheduled maintenance performed at the dealership service department. However, I have constantly complained and inquired about the dimness of the headlights every since ownership. Despite several inquiries of having brighter headlights installed, I was told by several different technicians that none was available:if off market halogen lights were installed, it would disqualify my warranty if the lights burned out the wires. The poor performance of the headlights on low beam has caused me to limit my traveling to daytime, high-lighted hours, because of the very low coverage during night-time hours. I am forced to continually use my high-beams when occasional travel at night time. It's only then that coverage is safe and acceptable.
My research has uncovered that Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the KIA Sorento a poor rating for lighting up the highway at night. In comparison to VOLVO XC60 a person was not seen at 100 ft with the Sorento and at 200ft a deer was not seen with theSorento headlights compared to the VOLVO XC60 headlights. This is very disturbing, as safety is of paramount concern to me.
Please inform me how this issue can be corrected on my automobile. What are you all doing to address this safety issue/concern?
I would like a more efficient effective, safe headlight system installed -in my car.

Jun 13, 2017

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