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Cape Coral, FL, United States
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Not only was I dupped into buying a 2015 Kia Cadenza from Fucillo Kia in Cape Coral, Florida. I sent my payment with a post dated check and letter explaining I only get paid twice a month and not to process the checks before the posted dated. Not only did KIA Motors cash both checks leaving my checking account several hundred dollars negative, my bank charged me two NSF fees. When I called KIA I was told that basically my letter was totally disregarded and it is not "their" responsibility to read letters just process payments. So now it is 8/24/16. I do not get paid until the 1st of September, I have NO GAS, NO FOOD and two children to take care of, and KIA will not help or do anything for that matter at all!!! So far everytime I have called I have had to wait OVER 20 minutes just to speak with someone to be treated like crap from the reps working there!!!

Aug 24, 2016

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