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My name is Jennifer Pinto. I have been a Kia customer since 2011 and have thoroughly enjoyed the quality of my vehicles and been pleased with the customer service I have received over the phone as well as in various KIA stores. However, my feelings about the quality of KIA’s customer service have changed since my fiancés last visit to the KIA store located on Sahara, in Las Vegas NV.
On Wednesday 5/10/17, I arranged for my fiancé to bring the vehicle in for service, as I was working. When he told me what had happened while he was waiting for the vehicle, I was absolutely disgusted with the service rendered at the Sahara location.
While I understand that there is no way to determine if an employee is racist at the time they are hired, certain observed behaviors should not be tolerated by the public or KIA management. At the very least, cultural awareness training should be a component of the hiring process.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVAs a result of KIA’s ability to train competent, respectful team members, or KIA’s inability to address these behaviors with their staff, my fiancé was deeply offended by KIA team members and the victim of racism while at the KIA store.
As he waited in the waiting service area for the vehicle among other customers enjoying the complimentary popcorn, he noticed 2 different female team members walk by observing him sitting in the waiting area, not paying attention to the other customers in the room. One of the employees reentered and observed only him among the other customers again. Shortly after, he was approached by a third team member who walked directly to him and asked, “Is someone helping you?” My fiancé replied “yes.” The team member then asked, “Who is helping you?”
The outrageous assumptions made by KIA team members were out of line and determined by race. No other customers were approached as they waited, for their vehicles. However, they also were not black.
This issue needs to be addressed at the Sahara location. Though, the discrimination that occurs every day cannot be stopped, one does not expect to fall victim to it at a place of business where they spend a great deal of money. It is very bad for business.
Thank you,
Jennifer Pinto

May 14, 2017

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