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My name is Brandon Merchant. I recently purchased my 2015 KIA Sedona at the end of my lease (Acc # [protected]). I had the check sent to KIA at the end of March and the check was finally cashed on 4/18/2018. I have been trying to get a copy of the new title for over 60 days now. This has been the absolute worst experience of my entire life. They have had me send over the odometer statement a half a dozen times now and we still can't get it right. I was forced to renew my old tags thru the MVA(non refundable) b/c KIA has not and will not release this title to me. Nobody has once contacted me letting me know there was an issue or hold up. I never find out until I call for a status update. Not one person I have talked to, supervisors included, has cared at all about my situation or the heart ache I have experienced trying to get this title. Nobody seems willing to help or shows any compassion. I just want it known that this experience has completely ruined any chance of me or my family every purchasing another KIA again. I will do everything in my power to tell as many people I know about the horrendous experience I have had with KIA Motor Finance and encourage them to purchase a vehicle elsewhere. I am extremely disappointed with this entire transaction and completely regret purchasing this vehicle at the end of its lease. I am sure this message will fall on deaf ears but I just want someone at KIA to know about this and at least attempt to make it better for other customers in the future.

Jun 01, 2018

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