Kfcmanager's bad attitude after receiving raw food

I bought two street wise two's and a large mash & gravy from KFC Northmead on [protected]. When I got home to eat (in Farrarmere) the chicken was raw at the bone and there was basically no gravy with the mash. I returned to KFC on [protected] with my slip to complain, but I was told that I was lying to my face by the manager. Not only that, but she raised her voice to me, and I dont believe customers should be treated that way in a shop full of other customers. We all know that chicken that isnt well prepared can make you sick and that fast food restaurants must take precaution in preparing their food. I would like to see what management of KFC is going to do about this situation, eventhough it was a small order. Or am I lying about this as well...

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