Kfcno stock and wrong order

On sunday the 27th september I visited the kfc’s drive through at the reds. I ordered what we normally do: double crunch burgher meal upsize white sauce only with a coke and a streetwise two with an extra peace, the teller then informed me that they don't have any coke or any chicken??? I can only order a burger (But not with coke) and if I would like chicken I need to wait 20min. I changed to double crunch burgher meal, upsize, white sauce only with a fanta grape and a colonel burger the same. When I got home I noticed that they gave me fanta orange and put chilly sauce on the burger and a coke (Which they did not have) it's amazing how much the service from one kfc to another can differ so much, is there no regulating “authority'???

How can the largest fast food franchise which serves chicken run out of chicken???

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