KFC Andover Uk / bullying/higene

Andover, England, Hampshire, United Kingdom Review updated:

My daughter worked for KFC for over 2 years, she was always happy in her work and was only off sick once, she would go and pick up stock when the manager had run out, a new manager took over and he is not thing short of a woman hater and a bully, he also continued trading with a cockcrouch infestation. Just before the last manager left my daughter got pommission to have her ear pierced a week later he left and this new one started, he mad her take it out but let the others wear thiers, when i phoned up and complain he cut her hours as i had put in a complaint, he has done nothing but bully my daughter for the last few months and as a result she left yesterday, withing hours of her leaving he told all the staff they could wear thier piercings. i think i have a case her for victimisation, bully and harrasment in the work place, also they say the chicken is fresh i know for a fact it is not, i went with her to collect stock and it was all frozen chicken legs which is a trading standards issue .
i will be taking advice and i hope this matter is not going to be brushed under the carpet

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