Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]food service

H Nov 18, 2017

11-18-17 I went to the drive thru of KFC in Hillview Kentucky and when I got to the speaker I was asked to wait because she was by herself so I said yes thinking it wouldn't be 10 minutes before someone would take my order in which that person apparently didn't have s clue. I ordered 2 of the big boxes that were supposed to be $8.49 each and they were to come with 2 sides, biscuit, drink, popcorn chicken and 3 strips and I asked to get that in the Nashville chicken and the boy asked 3 or 6 strips so I said 6 and also ordered 3 chicken little. When I approached the window they said that it was going to be 10 minutes for the strips so I agree to pull up of store to wait but realizing that it was going to be a 30 minute wait and I had to call and ask if they had forgotten about me and in which they did so they said we will be right out, well they girl finally cones out and asked for my ticket to see what I had ordered in which she never returned to me. So still waiting and I'm freaking out because my son is home alone and there is tornado warning going on and I want to get out of there and I start backing up and the manager comes out to leave and she is like are waiting on s order and I'm like yes I have been waiting forever and she is like she is getting it ready which ended up being another 5-10 minutes. I think I should deserve my money back, that was rediculous that I had to wait that long and get home and didn't even have what I thought I was ordering. they gave us 3 tiny strips for each meal and no biscuits and only 1 side and by the time we got our food our drinks were watered down. Worst KFC I have been too and this has not been the first time with bad experience with this location, since it had been years since I had been there because of bad service I thought I would give them another try well I guess things never change. I will jut go back and I will be spreading the word. Management sucks, how. An you go ahead and leave when you know that someone has been waiting forever in the parking lot for their order.

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