Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / 20 min wait - only car through drive through. terrible service.

Iowa City, IA, United States

I never complain to anyone about food service. After getting my wisdom teeth out i wanted reg soft foods and in pain i sat at the iowa city drive through for 20 mins- took forever for anyone to answer - we thought the place looked so run down it might not even work. The guy answered and said it would be a min he had to change his battery then never answered again. The next person after we said hello over and over was so foreign we couldnt understand her and she very much could not understand us - after giving a simple order of a number 6 chicken strip meal and a large potatoe and gravy on the side - that simple order took bout 6 times to get across. We had patience through this whole experience even with my extreme pain and regret of even leaving the house to get some real food at kfc, because we are friendly folk but - even when we got our food after sitting for even longer the order was very wrong - didnt have half of the order - didnt get our extra buscuits or our extra gravy and potatoes . This was by far thee longest drive thru ive ever experienced and by far the most worst customer service and service period at any kfc much less any other drive thru. Very disappointed. Now i am in pain and will not be going to the only kfc in my area again. Also - its a shame there isnt a kfc in the coralville / iowa city area that is in a better neighborhood and doesnt look like a used to be run down place that we are scared to eat the food bc of the lack of cleanliness we noticed once we were at the pickup window . Thanks for your time . Date of visit - 4:00 p.m. On saturday, sept, 16th 2017

Sep 16, 2017

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