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chocking hazard..?

My husband surprised my 2yr old son today with some KFC's Popcorn chicken.
He just loves the stuff.
He was just sitting in the living room coloring with his crayon, eating his popcorn chicken, when he began chokeing.
My husband and I have never jumped up so quickly before in our lives.
though thank god, after smacking his back and shoving our fingers in his mouth to get the food out, to our surprise we pulled out a chicken bone from his throat.

After calming him, and discarding the rest of the meal, I immediatly called head office to complain.
I at first left a msg on their voicemail with information for them to reach me back. (at 12:30)
by 4:00 I still had heard nothing. So I tried and tried until about 4:30, when someone finally got on the phone.
And all I'm told is someone from the franchise will call me back in 48 hours.

What if my 2yr old son had chocked on that bone and died..??
I am beyond angry that there was a bone in their food, but extreamly angry that this is the way it's dealt with...

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    Godchild Jan 03, 2011

    thats a shame thses companys don't give a [censor] all they care about is MONEY they could care less about your son its very sad..

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    Shannon36535 Jan 03, 2011

    Very sad but unfortunately small bones get missed. I am thankful your child is ok and hope KFC can make up for the mistake. Have you decided what will make up for the mishap?

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customer service

Female manager who doesn't like certain people in public gives bad customer service in kfc/taco bell to those people. Owners should question other employees about said manager with out fear of being fired or singled out by said manager. Apparently this bad customer service happens often, and nothing is being done to correct the problem.

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    Nelson Boyer Sep 27, 2009

    I went to get a "tailgate" bucket of chicken for myself and my three children. I was told that the grilled chicken would be about 8 minutes which I said I would wait for. After ten minutes, I was told that the grilled chicken was still not ready but the crispy style which I ordered would also be about 13 more minutes.

    I asked why I wasnt told about the crispy chicken when I was told about the grilled chicken also, and the staff member (John) said they had a rush lately and they had to cook more. I could not wait another 13 minutes after waiting ten minutes already so I asked for my money back and John said to me, "Why, you cant wait". I said I did not have the time and during Sunday meal hours, it was 6 pm, why was the place not prepared. He said to me, "well sir, this isnt Burger King".

    I have never been so inulted and treated so rudely before and if it were not for my three children wanting KFC about three to four times a month, I would never give KFC any business again and will tell everyone I know about this incident. It just so happens that four other people walked out with me at the same time.

    I would think that KFC would want customers in these tough economic times, but I guess I am wrong, the way they treat their customers. This store was sotre number X721601 at 298 Washington Street in Weymouth, MA and the employee who made the smart comment was JOHN.

    Definitely not an asset to KFC that is for sure

    Nelson Boyer
    1007 Main Street
    Weymouth, MA 02190

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irrespected service.

Hi... I wish to complaint about irrespective service of KFC in Eastham.I went to buy food i asked for eating...


After eating at this KFC for the second time on two different Sunday afternoons and recieveing the same poor service I felt like I needed to turn in a complaint to
possibly help get this problem corrected. Having to wait 25 minuted for a chicken strip meal is not acceptable. Especially when some other people come in and
the person that waited on us takes a freshly cooked chicken strip meal to their table and there are three people that haven't gotten theirs and we had been there
well over 15 minutes at that time. Somebody is showing favorites and also someone is not managing the store very well as far as the cooking and getting the
customers their food. We want return for awhile. Hope you can get things straighten out. Their going to lose business at this rate.

never recieved the speakers or my money back

I never recived the speakers I ordered back in september of 2009 I have tried talking and calling this business day in and day out and emailing none of this seems to ever help they sent me and email stating my order was canceled and they would be crediting back my credit card within three days it has been 2 months and still no money or any responses from the company

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shocking service

To whom it may concern
I live in gonubie in east london in south africa. Kfc opened a branch there which I thought was great but now I think its a waist of kfc's money and time. Do you know if I go through the drive through and my husband drives to kfc in beacons bay (Please bear in mind this is a + / - 10 min drive from gonubie. ) by the time he has got there and placed his order and paid and recieved his food, I am still sitting outside the kfc in gonubie waiting for my food as there is always a delay they say of 3 min... Which I can handle but there 3 mn lands up to 45 min and I am not even joking or over doing it. I have ordered food through the drive through then had to go back inside to get the right order cause they gave me some one elses order, the once I got back to my car I found they stuffed it up again. I had to go back inside 5 times in a matter of and hour of waiting for those pathetic people inside there to try scratch the brains that god gave them and try get my order right. I have now got to the point that I do not even go back I have given up with kfc in gonubie. And I dont think u understand how bad they are, the one night there were 8 cars waiting outside to get there food from the drive through. Is it not a drive through cause when u go through it u can order and get ur food in one shot and not have to go into the shop. They should rename it to a drive and wait through. Please I dont mean to ### and moan but you need to do something about that branch cause it is really bad. I mean so bad that my husband and I did the test to see who would be faster. Go to beacon bay or gonubie. And I mean we live in gonubie and he still won the bet.
I can go on and on about all the bad service I have there, cause I go to kfc once a week. Sometimes more. One afternoon my son was booked off of school cause he had german meisles so I went to the drive through cause I did not want to go into the shop just in case there was a pregnant woman inside, so anyway I go through they ask me to wait in the parking lot for three min... 35 min later I got out my car and also please it was summer (29 degrees outside) I have a child running a temp in the car of about 38 degrees and I still asked the lady please to harry up I would even giver her a tip cause my child is really really sick and I need to get him home cause we just came from the doc, she said no fine she would make a plan. So anyway I go inside and I ask were my food was and I gave them my slip, they said to me they did not have and invoice for that no and time, but mean while back at the ranch I had paid already and they told me to wait thank goodness the cashier recognised me and told them that they other lady had voided or credited the invoice and that it should have been invoiced again. So I had to wait another 10 min. I ask nicely for my money back and told them were they could stick it.
So now what I am asking of you. What are you going to do about this? Are you going to do anything at all?

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    Dom1 Jul 13, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sick and tired of going to KFC Brackenhurst, Alberton. Every time I have gone there their credit card machines are not working. I understand that they have ### with signal and connection but seriously. Besides that when you arrive at the drive thru there is no notification that their machines are not working, place your order at the 1st window pay at the next only to find that you have to go inside to pay... and guess what the [email protected]#king machines are not working. I will never go to KFC again to be inconvenienced and have my day spoilt. Another thing KFC needs to look at employing people with the correct skills, asked to speak to management and when I complained to this Manageress all she could do was shrug her shoulders, GREAT customer care. I will be spreading the word about how useless KFC as a whole are.

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  • Gj
    GJetson Oct 09, 2010

    I agree, I had the same thing happen to me at the Portage KFC in south bend IN. I also had a friend of mine say he never got service at that store. Unfortunately nothing will be done about it because it's a franchise and the owners don't care. The only hope is that KFC will buy back the franchise and turn it back into a positive business like McDonalds had to do.

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credit card machine payment problem

May I know why the card machine for payment using Visa or Mastercard at KFC Menglembu, Ipoh branch always out of service? There are two counters with two card machines at this outlet but unfortunately both also out of service everytime I have my lunch and dinner or supper there. Everytime when I wanted to make payment with my Visa Debit or Mastercard Debit, the staff there always give the reason that the card machine cannot use, network problem, no respond from the card machine and etc. Even everytime I ask “Did you ask technician to fix it?”, the answer from the staff there always the same, that is already call for technician and now waiting for technician to repair.

Yesterday (15th March 2010), I have my supper again at there around 9.45pm and I use my Visa Debit card for payment after I make my order. This time the staff says Visa or Mastercard is not accepted or used here. Then I point to the “We accept Visa, Mastercard for payment here” signboard and ask the staff that serves me why my Visa Debit card is not accepted here. What is the purpose of putting the signboard there showing” We accept Visa, Mastercard for payment here” and the card machine there and say the card is not accepted here? Is it for display purpose only? After that, the staff only say the card machine cannot use.

My questions are
- Is it the same meaning between “Visa or Mastercard cannot accept for payment here” and “Card machine problem that cause Visa or Mastercard cannot accept here for payment at this moment”?
- Is it the staff of this branch don’t know how to use the card machine for payment? So, they always say the card machine got problem?

Nowadays, government always encourages people to use debit card everywhere for making payment. Unfortunately, I always can’t enjoy this facilities and privilege at this KFC Menglembu, Ipoh branch. This branch always gives me a lot of problem and lot of bad experience. If this problem cannot fix it, I suggest that the card machine and the signboard of “We accept Visa, Mastercard for payment here” should be taken off from this outlet.

bad service

I eat in restaurants very very often. The last 9 orders at Parys KFC has something wrong ranging from incomplete orders to products beyond the sell by date - like in long beyond.
Today I was told that I will have to wait outside for 15 min for my order. After 23 minutes and only 3 customers I went inside and they did not even start with my order. I had no other option than to request my money back as I did not had another 15 minutes to wait in the sun.
I am sure KFC can not afford to have franchises doing this to their name.
Well some other franchises in Parys is just as bad - perhaps the problem is Parys

rude employees, not willing to help with allergy concern

My mom and I were in Charleston, South Carolina for our annual trip. We were staying at the Best Western near downtown, which is within walking distance to KFC. We decided to grab something quick to eat, so we went there. Having a severe allergy to peanuts, we asked the girl up front what kind of oil they cook with. After she finished vigrously scratching her head and adjusting herself on the stool she was sitting on, she looked at us, shrugged her shoulders and said "I don't know". As she continued to dig at her head, I was starting to make my way towards the door when my mom asked her again and made it clear that we were asking because I had an allergy. The girl huffed and puffed and yelled (literally yelled) for the manager. He walked up front, rolled his eyes and demanded, "what??!!" The girl asked what kind of oil do we use, and he said very abruptly, "peanut", rolled his eyes again, and flung himself around in the direction he came from. The girl behind the counter said to my mom, "well, is that what you wanted to know?!" My mom simply said "no thanks". We left.

filthy restaurant

Driving in from AZ to CA - this is the only KFC at a main exit in Blythe, CA. We'd forgotten that a couple of years prior we had stopped here and that it was terribly dirty. It still is: floors were filthy, tables/counters unwiped and bathrooms unusable - horrendous. One can imagine what the cooking area looks like :( Eat elsewhere!

  • St
    Steenetrick Apr 18, 2011

    You don't seriously think any of that is left in such conditions when closed overnight, do you? No, they clean it every night so that every day, more fat [censor] customers can come in and [censor] all over the place and leave it looking like a pig sty. I can see why the employees have stopped bothering about it at this particular branch, especially as it doesn't stop people like you eating there.

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why I will never go to kfc again!!!

I Came in kfc one day and ordered a Fully Loaded Box meal. The first mistake the cashier made was when she forgot to give me my drink. Then when i got my drink I waited 30 minutes for my food.As I stood at the counter waiting on my food, I asked the cashier when was my order gonna be ready and, she said Well, They aint got no Chicken Ready maam, Do you wanna wait or do you want a refund?So I asked to speak to a Manager, because the cashier had a really nasty attitude with me, from the time i walked in the door until i left. I don't know if it was a guy or woman all I remember is a Yellow, Orange Multicolor bracelet, on it's wrist, and a cellphone holder on the hip. As it walked away I heard mumbling under it's breath, and things like Oooh, these Muther###er's be getting on my nerves! When a White lady in her 30's came to the front and said she was the General Manager I started explaining to her what was going on, Because, I know this is not the way A buisness should be conducted .I told her that I overheard her employee's cursing at each other, and I was the 3rd person to order, that they were clowning and acting so Immature and I had my sister with me and she was waiting on her food as well. The white lady that was making her food did'nt even have gloves on! She was coughing like she had the West Nile Virus ! Yikes...and If she was sick we don't know? I have never been that afraid to eat fast food until I saw how Unsanitary this place was.When she was making my food someone called her cell-phone, and she answered it, continuously touching my food with that same hand, I truely feel like I wasted my time and energy to be so very unsatisfied with the whole situation, it was chaos when they were cursing at the Manager and she cursed back .That's not right.I don't know what kind of buisness this is where people don't respect the customers, and they make the orders when they feel like it.I should have went in drive-thru. Anna Ramirez.. No need to contact me i will never eat there again it's just not my cup of tee.But I thought i would share with other fast food lover's as myself.

dirty greasy uniform tops

everyone who come to work each day, comes with a dirty greasy top on, as this is supposed to be part of their uniform. The place is also, dirty, blinds are broke, closed all the time, dirty, greasy and its just a scummy place.The government needs to come in and close them down. Or give them a surprise check. Everyone hired there is DIRTY and GREASY.Hair and uniforms.Wearing dirty caps on their messed up hair.They shouldn't even wear those caps! This restaurant should be closed.Its been like this a long time and no one cares.It is filthy.They should all come to work with clean uniforms, each and every day. Why can't anyone do anything about this? I know many friends who say the same thing, that they aren' going there because its so dirty and unclean and scummy people with scummy uniforms.

unfair treatment/illegal

I work at the KFC in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Our boss Shirley Robinson, clocks us out earlier than she should. She clocks us out, while we are still working! She, along with other managers make us stay, after we are clocked out, at KFC. We are not allowed to leave, until everybody else is clocked out. Which many times has taken over 20 minutes. By law, we are supposed to be payed. This is illegal and action should be taken.

poor service, poor food

Good day,

I would like to inform you that:

1. Heidelberg kfc's service is poor, but not as poor as

2. The food - if you buy the burgers it is so dry you can't swallow it.

3. The chicken is so oily, you can't get it into your body

4. And worst of all, yesterday we bought chicken, the pieces were not so oily but a green piece ball of hard fat or whatever was stuck under the chicken crumbs - I don't know what it was, but it look awful and we could not eat further - the pieces were not cleaned before cooked.

Why does this not happen to us at other kfc's, why is the service there so great and the food excellent.

Is it the quality of the workers???

bad food/bad service

I went in to huyton branch for round 6pm on tuesday last week for a family bucket for us. Bought 8pcs chicken deal family meal, got home looking forward to eating it and me an family, but the whole 8 pcs chickens ended up going in bin as all chickens had a funny smell as if it was off and very oily like if it was re-cooked and the fries look like been re cooked very bad condition and oilychips bags were oily and ripped in bits inside bucket.

The only thing was ok was the coleslow which was prepacked, all three of us in the family thought the chickens were off so we ended up going to macdonalds for fresh food,
I must mention that this is the first time im complainning from many bad things that I have experinced from this paticullar branch, this is my local kfc as I live near them and I do my best not to go there usually I go to other branches.

Also other problems in this branch is the place is always dirty, floor, tables are never cleaned, bins always have rubbish hanging out of them, the staff are very unhelpfull always having bits missing from ur order and forgetting to give u things like forks for coleslaw tissues, missing out the gravy, salt etc etc when u sitting in or take out and so forth.
U never see a manager in front incase u have a complaint only some young girls which when ur food is late or missing no apology or anything, eg they have missed out ur popcorn or miss pcs chicken and u have to come bak from car and wait in quee again to get them and with a bad attitude they just put it in the bag and handed to u as though the customer is in fault, no sorry or anything from staff, I get better service in the local chip shop if mistakes happen. There is always a issue with this branch I think the management needs retrainning properly like ur other branches.

  • Kf
    kfcdirtyplace Jan 01, 2011

    I tottally agree the kfc in huyton is always dirty with over flowing bins and bad attitudes off the staff i also live nearby and avoid the place because of the hygeine problem they have .

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whom it my concern. My husband and I went to KFC on Jan 22 nd @ 7:38pm. We ordered a two piece meal with to...

cold food, inedible chicken, poor service

My husband went in to KFC tonight & ordered me a 2 piece chicken dinner with what was supposed to be a breast & a leg. I opened the dinner & took a bite of cold mashed potatoes & gravy & told him they were disgusting, so he went back in & told them that the potatoes were cold & asked them if he could have an order of warm mashed potatoes & they told him that they were warm & they didnt have any more & it was close to closing time anyway & gave him an order of coleslaw which I didnt want an extra order of coleslaw or I would have ordered an extra one in the first place. While he was in there trying to get me some edible mashed potatoes, I seen they gave me a wing that didnt have any meat on it in place of the leg that he ordered. Then I couldnt even get the fork into the breast, it was so tough. The chicken tasted plum nasty also. I would suggest that they start closing earlier & go home, since they arent doing their job anyway.As far as I am concerned, not only did we get ripped off more or less paying $8.00 to $9.00 for an order of coleslaw & a biscuit ( the only 2 measly things edible out of the whole dinner), but whoever is paying the employees their wages there got ripped off too, because where I come from, if you are on the clock & you arent doing your job, you are stealing from the company & losing customers for your employer also, which neither my husband, my son, or I will ever go back. By the way, this event took place on Jan.23, 2010 in case the ONE who signs these particular employees' checks would be interested in knowing which ones of their employees are lacking customer service skills for a starter.

  • Ed
    educateyourselfNOW Jan 24, 2010

    I usually make fun of these complaints. I have been in management for more than 20 years. Mostly food service. The unfortunate reality is that the fast food industry is the toughest industry to find good help. The pay is poor, the hours are poor, and the truth is, you are relying on 16 year olds to cook your food properly and serve it with a smile. These same 16 year olds grow up a few years later and join the ranks of the management team. They do not change their views on you the customer. They just have better pay. It is unfortunate that this is the case, but it will never change. I find the restuarant that gives the best food and service in my area, and never change. I would suggest calling the store and requesting the corporate number or district managers number. If they will not give it to you, call another KFC in your area and chances are they are owned by the same people/company. In a NICE way, explain to them that you want to make a formal complaint on ANOTHER store. Tell them that their place is great, and the other store should follow their example. The management team at the "good" restuarant will be glad to help, because when you finally get the district manager's number, you will tell the district manager that you had to get the number from the "good" restuarant. Good luck to you. They will most likely appoligize and possibly give you coupons for your trouble. Give them a chance to make it up to you. They do not want to loose a customer.

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terrible food

I haven't eaten at kfc in a while, while on a business trip I stopped at the kfc in Gonzales, La. This was about the worst fried chicken I ever ate. I also ordered a Coca Cola and they didn't sell coke. I then cancelled the order for a drink and the server told me it comes with the meal. Therefore i was forced to have a pepis.Other than having soggy cooked chicken an d ridiculas pricing for a three piece meal, which I started eating and then discarded, I decided not to eat there anymore. I am a fried chicken lover and never thought there ever was bad fried chicken.

  • Ed
    educateyourselfNOW Jan 24, 2010

    UH...KFC is owned by PepsiCo. Of course they are not going to have Coca Cola!! And KFC chicken is vile anyways. You couldn't pay me to eat chicken at that place! Now the sides are awesome!!!

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poor service / ignorant manager

Tonight stopped in to KFC for a quick meal @6:25 P.M. CST. Tried ordering honey barbecue wings, said they...

3 comments Minooka Food

delivery service

I am from peshawar and peshawar is a land of hospitality, on 11 jan 2010 at 11.24pm I called at peshawar office [protected] and booked the order for Admore pump old haji camp G.T road Peshawar of (2 Mighty Zinger, one Hot Shot and another discount package), your order reciever told me that it will reach in half hour and your bill amount is 985 Rs, After 35 mints i called again and they said that there is no order on your name, Dear sir we are pathans and we valued our guest and at that time guests were with me and i realy ashamed in front of them, and i booked the order for them and when i told your order reciever, he behaved so rudely.

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