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K-mart Layaway Plan / false information re: layaway pymts due

1 United States

I placed 2 baby items on Layaway @ K-Mart on 26 Feb 08, made an over minimum amt. due payment of $40.28. I have paid $50.00 for each subsequential payment with the exeception of the last payment which was $20.00. I checked with an associate and she stated that my balance due is $68.00. On the original receipt, it states that the payment due is 25% of the balance due. 25% of $68.00 is $17.00 and I sent $20.00. I was called on Sunday, Apr 7th by a K-Mart Associate stating that my $20.00 payment could not be processed because I owed $26.00. My complaint is that NO ONE could tell me WHY I owed MORE than the required amount. I spoke to 4 different associates and none of them could explain to my why, just that the cash register would not allow a partial payment. One associate stated that it's because I owed a cancellation fee of $10.00 of which I never cancelled the layaway. They supposedly spoke with a couple of "Managers" who also couldn't explain why I owed the extra $6.00...Another explained that if I didn't pay the $6.00 the layaway would be returned to stock...I had sent the payment ahead of time so it wasn't late so why would they return it to stock when again the contract (original receipt) stated that it would be returned if delinquint after 7 days! The payment wasn't due until 8 Apr! Another complaint is IF you are going to call someone on a Sunday to tell them they owe more money, then you should be able to tell them why! And the layaway doesn't have to be paid out until 22 Apr paying 25% of the balance due and over...should be sufficient. One person stated that I should have to pay $42.00 for 2 weeks which would be over $300 for a $200 layaway! Another stated that on the 'Original Receipt" my 2 week payment of $26.00 should be listed. She also insisted, basically calling me a liar that IF I had the original receipt the bi-weekly payment of $26.00 is listed. I have the original receipt and it is NOT listed!

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