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Jpmorgan Chase / fraud

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I received a call from Providian over a week ago notifying me of fraud. Over $600.00 in cash advances were made using a card (manufactured by the thieves) in North Holllywood, CA and Van Nuys. I live in St. Louis. They removed the first transaction, but not the second one that was nearly $500.00. I have submitted a signed affidavit, which they have confirmed their receipt, but yet the charges remain. Now they're transferring their business to JP Morgan Chase. I have spoken to every rude operator in India that cannot understand the most basic English. They have assured me many times that they are removing the charges, yet, each time I check my statement on-line, it's still there! Moreover, if they have already acknowledged that the first withdraw was fraudulent and they canceled my card on the 18th, how could the next charge on the 19th be valid. It's NOT! It's like talking to a wall. They refuse to remove the fraudulent charges. They are liars. I cannot be in my home town, over 1, 200 miles away, and in California withdrawing money within an hour of each transaction. It's impossible. The government needs to step and regulate these crooks. Is there a company where I can deal with US customer service reps only?


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N  13th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I just had an email from paypal stating that my 500 dollar payment to Justin Collier, Seller's email: justincollier00@yahoo.com was paid from my Chase credit card as requested but was awaiting for this Justin to accept it, luckily I was checking emails when this msg came through, I called Chase which was formerly for me until the 9th of March a Providian/ WaMu account that Chase just took over, and fortunately there was a zero balance on my account so they didnt give me a hard time when I called to dispute this payment, they closed that account and I was told that I wouldnt be liable and theyd contact me if during the investigation there was further information needed, , she was American spoke good English and was very helpful, I also filed a dispute w/ paypal to stop the payment which they did, and are requesting more info from this Justin person, , so unless everyone Ive talked to at Chase and Paypal are scammers, phishers and thieves also then this should be taken care of as promised, , , I just wanted to share my expierience w/ you and offer you a bit of hope, , ,
N  6th of May, 2010 by 
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This information was very helpful to know I am going through the same thing with chase. I was previously a WAMU customer. In my case it is a debit card. So it is not the bank's money. It is my money. They have refused to credit my account. I have sent 30 emails, 5 electronic faxes, called 25-30 times all in the last 22 days. On vacation and attempting to attend son's graduation. Needed my funds for medication finally got that, then need the final amount for car rental to attend son's graduation. They excuse they give after 22 days faxes and 5 electronic forms is that claims does not have the forms. So many excuses don't have form for the last 10days. Supervisor gone for today, we will do today. Finally got a return call from the executive office wait 2-3 business days. I am disabled, fixed income and support 3 people one being a 7 year old child. I live in California, vacation in Alabama, son graduating in Kentucky. I have spent most of the morning for days calling chase. I want to know where I should file a lawsuit for my money. my time, my loss of vaction and my last 22 days of working for chase. I even had to call Merchants and explain my situation to have them knock off charges up 1359. I have several accounts with chase. They can only see two that have automatic deposits. I think they will be surprised when I am able to withdraw other funds. As soon as I return to Ca I will be closing all accounts. I will tell the world what has happened to me . I most definitely want to be compensated for the drama.
A  6th of May, 2010 by 
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Very helpful to know I am not alone appears to be a pattern

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