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Chase recently closed my account. My balance has been 0 for the past few months, and knowing CC companies are closing accounts due to inactivity...I assumed this was the reason. It was not! Chase is the sneakiest company I have ever dealt with.

This past December, I realized Chase had not sent me a renewal card, so I called them. This is where it all started. The rep with a heavy accent told me no problem, then proceeds to sell me "payment protector". He assures me that with no balance, there is no charge for this. Once I have a balance then only 1 percent of that balance will be applied to payment protection. Fine. He even assures me with a 0 balance there is no fee. Now, since I have not used my Chase card and have no balance I have not been opening my statements. Bad mistake!

February, I see a 10 dollar fee for "Credit protector" - Not! "Payment Protector" and it has been charged to my card -now payment protector applies a 1 cent fee! I'm I call Chase. They tell me both of these protection plans are 3rd party compaines and I must call them. I call both companies which are NOT related. I thought maybe with the reps heavy accent, he sold me both protection plans! Both companies deny how this could have happened without my consent. I have never wanted or ok'd this Credit Protection. Now due to me not paying the 10 dollars and 1 cent for 3 months...they have closed my account!

If Chase CC, Chase Credit protection, and Chase Payment protection are 3 seperate is it that when I called the CC company to send me a new card this is where they attached this fee!

I also had a Chase banking account for 6 months...their bank sucks worse than the CC. There is a fee for EVERYTHING! Transferring money, using your own money, getting your balance, overdraft protection goes on a seperate CC with a high interest rate! I even set up overdraft with my own savings account and there was a 25 dollar fee everytime money came out of my own savings! UGH!

I now use my Credit Union for banking which I LOVE and my Bank of America CC which I love...


  • Li
    Linda McCoy Oct 20, 2007

    I have been receiving phone calls from this number continously for several weeks now. Caller ID says Chase but location unknown. They never leave messages just continue to call at least 12 times a day, sometimes more often. It is beyond me who and why they are calling. How do I stop them from calling? I have no credit accounts with Chase nor does any one else in my household. I am on the do not call list.

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  • To
    Tony Grggio Jan 16, 2008

    These people are a bunch of idiots. I got a problem in one check I went to chase to pay cash. It was my mortgage payment. He said "I can't receive it. I cannot collect the cash." He said I had to buy a check and send it through the mail. And I know the mail service takes a week to get there when it was due the next day. Why don't they collect the cash when we went to go pay at there own bank!!!

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  • An
    Ana Maria E Valdes Jun 01, 2008

    Is the worse experience. I will never refinance with Chase anymore. Chase did not pay the money the pay off balance and Chase officer lie to me saying that everything is going to be O.K. I don't want to speak with nobody else from Chase, I don't trust Chase anymore, they supposed to pay amount for the Canceled Extended Warranty and the Gap and then Sovereign Bank supposed to received the money, but still after more than three months Chase did not do nothing, absolutely nothing, just receiving my monthly payment.

    I honestly want to change to another Bank but I just refinance on February, So I can't do it. But I am not happy with the service, with the work. Chase did not work on time because they don't care. It is a very, very bad experience for me. I don't want to hear about Chase no more in my life. Is terrible, terrible bad what they did with me.

    Ana M. Valdes.

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  • Ed
    Edwina D Bennett Aug 28, 2008

    My husband is trying to say that these aren't his credit they are we Divorce and all the credit cards are his with my permission to use them before he left the home. His full is Terry L Bennett and I will provide the social security number if needed they all was forward to another after he left the home and I did contact about these matter that he cancel them so he needed to pay all of them for non-payment. He had them stop while they were been paid, or you may contact at this number

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  • Ke
    Kelly Feb 02, 2009

    I just opened my statement from Chase and was very upset when I noticed that they now charge a $10 service charge and have increased my minimum payment. I have always paid my amount due on time and in good standing with them. When I called they said that it was due to the economy. I agree that a class action suit is in order or at least check into it. It would be one thing if I did not hold up my end of the bargain, but I did. As soon as I pay off that card I am never using them again.

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  • Ca
    cat Mar 11, 2009

    I was behind one payment on my mortgage for two months with Chase, only because they would not take partial payments. However it is now current. During this process, their collection calls involved a question "how do you pay your mortgage?" Well today, I get another call, apparantly I am late - which is strange because my billpay was never late before. But nonetheless I told them they should have already received payment and if not received in a couple of days, to let me know and I would research. Then again, the question - "how do you pay your mortgage - a paycheck?" No, I have recently become a crack dealer - yes of course through paychecks. I asked them why that question and they said it's for their investors?

    Not so much that I care, but it is really annoying. Do they have a right to ask me this? I qualified for a loan, I am current and now you are asking me how I am paying for my loan - I dont believe it. I think their is some other tactic.

    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Or
    Orlando Mar 12, 2009

    After battling with Circuit City for months with support and response from the store of purchase, I had no alternative but to go to the credit card company (Chase) for assistance. It would appear this type of customer rip-off is something Circuit City and Chase developed into a real science because neither corporate nor Chase would make any effort to correct their "error". I gleaned from the local store that this type of incident has occurred often. I made a purchase with a postcard mailing granting me 36-month interest-free payments. However, the receipt indicates only 12-month terms as the computer would not accept the lengthier terms. The salesperson immediately took us to customer service where he faxed documentation to Circuit City Corporate indicating the receipt did not reflect the correct terms and they should notify the bank to extend those to 36-months. When this was still not corrected the store again faxed a request for corrective action. In bankruptcy, Circuit City has chosen to ignore this mistake and, along with Chase, pocket undue interest payments currently in excess of $700. Because I didn't keep the mailed offer (the store kept it when I made the purchase), Chase will not acknowledge the copy of the fax the store provided me showing they clearly attempted to get their corporate offices to correct the error. I have cancelled all my Chase accounts, written letters of dissatisfaction and explanation and will now make certain everyone I know avoids doing business with this greedy company. I believe this was an intentional and deceitful act and am appalled that a company the size of Chase is not willing to cooperate with a good customer and maintain their continued business.

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  • Fr
    Frank Mar 13, 2009

    Chase is going to lose all my personal and business accounts by treating excellent customers like myself who don't default or ever make late payments and turn around and raise rates on us. Called them and notified that i never received a notice in increase rates, they said they did late january with a deadline to respond by mid feb! First off, not enough time to make a decision...and when asked if there was anything they could do? NOTHING! Rep was smug and very unfriendly. Will NEVER DO BUSINESS AGAIN WITH CHASE!!! No wonder big banks like them are losing ground day by day. All they want to do now (after receiving our tax payer dollars) is take tax payer money and shore up their balance sheets and then raise rates on all good existing customers to squeeze them for profit so that they can afford corp jets and elaborate parties again.

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  • Wh
    Where is Justice today? Mar 17, 2009

    I am experiencing a similar situation. I feel very angry with chase and cannot express how much I miss WAMU.

    First they did not send me a statement for Feb 2017 or email alerts, so feeling suspicious I checked online. I was about 3 days late. I immediately paid my bill in full, but was still stuck with the finance charge.

    Then the injustice doesn't stop there, I was charged a huge finance charge, something that I never experienced with WAMU.

    Oh but the fun really begins when you start talking to these Chase idiot reps. They are probably the meanst and most unreasonable people ever.

    Not only do they not listen to you, after you waited for ages for them to pick up, a guy name Jan told me "well sir you're not with WAMU anymore, this is Chase" YES I've noticed!

    Feeling so put off and angry and spending 3 hours on the phone, I decided to cancel my card. So I was shuffled around some more until I got to a guy name Maurice. He is just as incompetent as Jan, he tells me that he cannot close the account until this cycle ends. WHICH is 3 DAYS from today. Can you believe it? It is okay for me to wait on Chase and waste my time some more just so they can get their system together!
    I would like to charge Chase for wasting my time!

    Chase has really turned itself into an even more stupid organization with even plenty of incompetent, inefficient, and ignorant people. PLEASE Chase if you're going to become a money crazed, blood sucking evil corporation, hire someone who can speak intelligently and work efficiently!!!

    AND by the way, you have just lost a customer who's never missed a payment or even late for one. Who will tell all his friends and family about your evil doings. By word-of-mouth, us angry customers will take you down.

    STUPID company! DON't you know we have capitalistic market, the way you're running the credit business will not give a sustainable supply of reliable customer base!

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  • Sa
    Sarah Mar 31, 2009

    Chase credit cards are burying me slowly and ruining my credit by changing their rules and then charging me extra penalties, fees and higher interest rates according to these new rules. I will never be able to pay off the ridiculous amounts of money they are piling on me and I will have to file bankruptcy. They call me morning, noon and night and harass me about the amount I owe them, which is only so high because of their trickery and deceptive tactics.

    They also recently bought out my bank and are adding all sorts of charges and fees to my accounts, which I have had forever. I am closing all of my accounts with them and if I ever pay off my credit cards with them I vow to never ever do business with such an evil empire ever again.

    Be warned - those credit card offers seem great at first but that fine print can change on a whim - THEIR whim! Avoid this bank and this company at all costs. They do not care about the consumer, they only want to drain you of all of your money and trap you into their cycle of debt. Stay away!!

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  • Ta
    Talpford Apr 07, 2009

    Over the past 5 years I have been trying to payoff my Chase Credit Card. I have only been late paying them 3 times (and that was only two days past 30 days). They continue to charge me 30% APR. Is there someone I can complain to? My other creditors were willing to come down but not Chase. Does anyone know if there is something I can do?

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  • Da
    Daniel Rice Apr 14, 2009

    I purchased a laptop before circuit city closed only to find out that they were going bankrupt. Well now that I can't pay at the store like I used to do, I have to pay by mail. Well, I havent used my card since it became the wonderful chase with outrageous late fees!!! I didn't recieve my bill and called to find out the balance only to find out that they had charged me $35 on a $10 min. Payment. What the f#!^!! My payment was only a day late and the jerk on the other ph. Would not do anything for me and came across as an arrogant jerk. What happened to customer service?? They even want me to change it over to become my best buy card now. Forget it, my credit means more to me than I do to you guys... You lost a customer and I will make sure that you lose many, many, many more for how I was treated. P. S. I work in customer service so I know what help you can do.

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  • Ba
    bailoutboy May 11, 2009

    I have (more like had) been a customer of Chase for almost 10 years. Never one late payment and I consistently carried a modest balance on my 2 Chase cards. Mainly to benefit from the rewards programs.

    Over the last few months I received notification in the mail, in the fine legalese print they love so much, that my APR was going from a fixed APR (8.9%) to a Prime plus 9.99 variable rate. When I called to find out why this was happening I was told it was a change happening to all Chase accounts and there was nothing I could do about it. They were very rude and exhibited little customer service. Their attitude was too bad for you, we can do want we want. This must have been the outsourced customer service to India that our $25 billion federal bailout money paid for.

    Well they were wrong, there is plenty I can do.

    1. I transferred my balances to a better card (BBT) with a low fixed rate and $0 transfer fee.

    2. I am telling everyone I can to watch out for Chase and do not do business with them. Their hope is that no one will read the fine print while they increase interest gains trying to make up for years of bad lending practices.

    Hopefully there will be justice and companies like this will get what's coming to them. Read every notice you get from your banks and credit cards as it seems lots of financial companies are trying to stick it to their good customers for the company's bad dealings.

    The next big crash will be in the credit card sector and companies like Chase will be begging for more bailouts and help. I hope all they get is a "too bad for you" then. We should never have bailed out vulture lenders like this to begin with and I hate that they got paid off by the US and still are trying to stick it to their customers.

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  • Yk
    ykb May 13, 2009

    I had a chase credit card a few years ago. I closed the account because after 2 years, the card was still the same $300 credit line. (Yes, I have asked a credit line increase and the request was declined.)

    Now I have another Chase card, which was owned by Wamu when I applied. (Of course, this was not my intention after the previous experience.) It went over the limit and I admit that was my mistake. I checked my balance before using the card to make sure enough fund available, but I forgot about the finance charge. This was also when the ownership changed and the interest rate was increased. I called them to ask to remove the fee and none of them was able to do that even though I have been a good customer, never paid late, never went over the limit, and paying more than minimum. It is their ridiculous policy: they can not remove over limit fees no matter what situation you are in.

    I am closing my account and will never have their card again.

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  • Fr
    friend20 May 20, 2009

    I got a notice in the mail today from Chase that in order to "maintain profitability on my account" they are raising my interest rate from 10% to 13.24%.

    I told them it's not to "maintain profitability" it's to INCREASE profitability because they're already maintaining profitability with the rate I currently have. I went through 3 different levels of supervisors and they all cited vague economic reasons for the rate hike and increased risk. And apparently no one in the whole corporation can do anything about it. I was told several times that I have the option of closing my account and keeping my current rate. Yeah, the part they fail to mention is that that will hurt my credit score, thereby perhaps triggering rate hikes on other cards!

    Where's the increased risk with me? I've never missed a payment or even been late. I told them it's crap, and a terrible way to reward loyal customers.

    It's my fault that I have a fairly high balance on the card to begin with, but this prompts me to do everything I can to pay that sucker off QUICK. And try to avoid dealings with Chase in the future.

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  • Ra
    Raleigh Chase Customer May 20, 2009

    My wife and I received an identical notice today. Our card is 2 years old and was originally a WaMu card. Prior to Chase taking over our account our APR remained around 10%. We have NEVER been late on our payments with WaMu or Chase. Our card balance has hovered around 50% of the total maximum value for the last 6 months. We have never gone above 80% of the total credit limit. Based on today's notice our APR is going from 10.25 to 13.24% Our notice stated the following...

    "We are sending you this notice to let you know that we will be making some changes to your credit card in response to market conditions and to maintain profitability on your account."

    The statement sited one of the summary key changes as...

    "The standard Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for non-promotional purchases and balance transfers will change to: the Prime Rate plus 9.99%, which as of April 17, 2017 would be 13.24%"

    We did a little research to determine if the prime rate had changed. Based on the Wall Street Journal the rate dropped to 3.25% in December 08 and has remained the same through April 09. We are baffled about why a rate increase is warranted. We are not credit experts but try to make an honest effort to stay on top of our payments and credit spending. Our opinion might be ignorant but it appears that Chase is only interested in squeezing as much out of their customers as possible regardless of the customer payment history or spending habits.

    If anyone has any information about this APR hike we will be grateful. It might be time for Chase customers to settle their debts and start looking around for another lender. A lender that cares about their customers and wants to keep them long term. (If there is such a lender.)

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  • Tr
    TRL May 21, 2009

    Got the same letter today. I was also a Washington Mutual card holder, and when they switched over to Chase in January, they hiked my rate from 14 to 23%. Now they want to raise it to over 25% to "maintain profitability". This is just a cash grab until they can't do things like this anymore once the legislation kicks in. Monstrous business practices.

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  • An
    Ann May 27, 2009

    "First they did not send me a statement for Feb 2017 or email alerts, so feeling suspicious I checked online. I was about 3 days late. I immediately paid my bill in full, but was still stuck with the finance charge.

    Then the injustice doesn't stop there, I was charged a huge finance charge, something that I never experienced with WAMU."

    I've been a good customer with WAMU, paid my account on time since it was opened and always paid off or more than double my minimum payment.

    Basically, the same thing happened to me in March - I didn't receive a statement then they changed my payment date in April, no email notification and I was checking something else online and thought I'd verify when the payment was due. I was 3 days late and they hit me with a$39 fee. I called and sent them an email via my account and they said they wouldn't raise my 12.24% interest rate, but they couldn't reverse the fee.

    Today I got a mailer offering to lower my interest rate to 24% if I sign up now for automated payment deduction. NO other "official" notification, just this ad mailer. So I called them... they raised the rate to 29%.

    Goodbye Chase!!! I'm moving all of my accounts out this week!

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  • Ly
    Lyn Jun 15, 2009

    I unfortunately am a wamu customer and that bank is being taken over by chase. I transferred funds from my personal checking to my business checking online and they didn't credit the funds for 3 days. When it was wamu transfers between accounts was automatic. And yes, this caused a $27 overdraft charge.

    I am transitioning my accounts out of this bank. I already knew about their dirty practices to gouge you coming and going because I used to bank with them prior to moving my account to wamu.

    If they buy every bank there is, i'll buy a safe and keep my money there.

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  • Em
    EMVVIP Jun 17, 2009

    I am so upset, I am a full time college student and every summer i apply for my student loan which is imperative for me to receive. It is the only way that i can continue my education. This year due to the economic recession Chase decided to stop giving out loans, although i have a 800 credit score, they will not budge they say i need a co-signer, which is not going ot happen. How does a company loan so much money go way over their head, and now completely strips away student loans.
    THank you Chase because of you, i am not able to attend school this year. P.S my graduation was this May!!
    NExt time you think that your company can save the world with loan and mortgage modifications, think about it!
    These people are out of school, in debt college students have debt but if you read the Stats! They will graduate and get jobs that can pay the loans back!!!

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  • Al
    Alice Jun 20, 2009

    On June 2th, 2017 I visited a Chase ATM machine to withdraw $700.00 in cash for rent. As i was entering the appropriate information, the ATM malfunctioned and did not dispurse cash, instead the cash door kept opening and closing but did not disperse the cash. It gave me an error message and gave me back my card but withdrew the money from my account. And i've been having holy hell trying to get the money back onto my EBT card to pay rent for the month, which is now late.

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  • Mi
    MichelleM32467 Jun 22, 2009

    I recieved a letter today stating that my interest rates were being jacked up almost 4% I have had my cards with Chase since 2017 have never been late with a payment or missed a payment. I have paid the balanaces in full on many occasions. They tell me that it is nothing i did or didnt do but the company has decided to raise its rates. They would not need to raise our rates if they would stop buying freaking banks that are going under. I was about to go open an account at there bank but after this I wont being doing any business with chase or any of its affiliates again.

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  • Pi
    Pietro7050 Jun 25, 2009

    Chase is a dirty, vile, loan sharking operation. Do not do business with them. Tell your friends and family not to do business with them, If I find a class action against them I will let you know.

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  • Pi
    Pietro7050 Jun 25, 2009

    Chase is nothing but a predatory loan-sharking operation. Tell all of your friends and family not to do business with Chase.

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  • An
    Andrew Jul 11, 2009

    As of January 2017 I noticed a $10 Service Charge/*Finance Charge* on my statment I had a fixed promotional rate of 3.99% on further investigation I found I am not alone. Chase changed the terms of it s agreement in breach and is attempting to charge its customers so it can pay back the bailout it received from the very tax payer it received the bailout from. i called and the rep was rude and hung up on me when I told her as a consumer I had joined the class action lawsuit.

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  • Ir
    IrkedByChase Aug 05, 2009

    Both my wife and I each had WaMu credit card accounts, recently taken over by Chase in the WaMu acquisition. Like most former WaMu customers in good account standing (going on the many complaints now appearing online) we too had an absolutely perfect record on our WaMu credit card accounts of 3 years. In fact, all of our credit cards have zero default history: paid on time, paid early, always more than minimum payment etc etc.

    Chase closed our WaMu accounts in a completely discriminatory manner. Refused to talk with us, told us it was all based on our Experian Reports, they had no further comments, and that a letter was in the mail. FUNNY THING IS: we received a mailing with our two NEW Chase Credit cards to replace the WaMu cards then, next day, an additional mailing to say those accounts were now closed.

    Customer loyalty counts for nothing with Chase. What has us angry is the manner in which our accounts were closed without notice. We had a small vacation fund saved, loaded onto one of our WaMu cards, went to Europe on a vacation, and had to suffer the embarrassment of sitting in a restaurant with friends to be told BOTH our WaMu cards were declined. We called from Europe on the phone to be told by a Chase representative "it is what it is, can't help you, go talk to Experian ... and I hope you enjoy the remainder of your vacation!"

    Customer loyalty, excellent track record in the handling of ALL our credit card accounts, not just WaMu/Chase, never ever defaulted in any manner, and this is the thanks and the way Chase treats my wife and I on inheriting our WaMu accounts. I asked about the possibility of reopening the accounts, and their response was "not going to happen." Reading all the complaints based on Chase's obvious campaign to throw WaMu customers to the curb, I hope a well deserving Class Action Lawsuit comes out of all this.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Chavez Aug 08, 2009

    I was going to deposit $100.00 into my brother in law's account today when I noticed that the stupid metal rod was not holding the money down it was 1 $100 bill and the deposit slip. When I told the rep that it was not holding the money down she retracted the tray in which caused the money to fly away I quickly jumped out of my truck looking for it ... It was gone and while I was looking my wife says the rep was laughing and wouldn't even try to apologize. I complained to her about it and somehow she was upset that I was upset with her. If the damn tray had been working properly I wouldnt have lost my money.

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  • Te
    temiller Aug 11, 2009

    So I was irresponsible and over drafted onto my chase account. Which I have happened to do almost every month for quite some time now.

    I would always receive a "Service Fee" Of whatever amount was left in my account ($10 or Less) each month around the middle of the month. I would never get a notification of this fee, or a something saying "Hey, were going to take $10 from you like it or not, Hope you don't mind". After a few months of this, I find out its because of the over drafts. And I over draft because my account will show I have a certain amount left, so I use it (since I'm unemployed, every penny counts), and find that I'm any wheres from $1-10 under. I have to spend MY TIME talking to CSR's, trying to get this settled, and to get my $35 overdraft fee(s) back. That I never would have received if I didn't get the service charge from the previous months overdraft from the service charge the charged me from the previous month, and so on. You get the hint. I thought I had everything fixed.

    I ran into some problems, and over drafted. Due to my own fault this time. Well, it should only be one charge from what my records indicated, but I look on chase's website, and its showing 6! The 6 smallest debit charges show up at the top, which will give me 6 $35 charges. Equaling a whopping $210 in over draft fee's for 26.33 in overdraft fees.

    And it shouldn't even be that high. I didn't have much room left on my overdraft protection (Like I said, I'm unemployed, Times are tough.), It maxed out that card, as well as packed on another $10 charge to my account, before my account even started to be over drafted.

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  • Ja
    jamiemuff36 Aug 15, 2009

    I have never had a late payment with them and they doubled my finance charge to 28.44% so Id imagine they wont help you with 3 late payments.

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  • Ja
    Jackie C Aug 22, 2009

    I am a 20+ year customer of Chase. I've never had a late payment and rarely, if ever, incur finance charges. I know, that my not make me their ideal customer but I do charge at least 10k to their accounts so they still make some money on me. I recently made an on-line payment well before the due date but for some reason it did not register. I noticed when on their site to pay on another account that I have with them. It was 2 days after the due date. I called to have the situation investigated. I was not listened to and simply told the late fees would stay, plus a late payment fee, plus the finance charges. Adds up to nearly $70...all for what seems to be their error...but I can't get anyone to even hear me out let alone check into potential system issues! I was treated as a thief, lied to (I was promised a call back from a supervisor within 24-48 hrs but then found out when I called back that they offer no such have to write to a Mr Kelly Hanick) and they made it way too easy to close my accounts out. I paid the balances dues and extra fees just to be done with them (though it was hard hit based on the moral of it!) I thought that I was done with them until I received another bill for additional finance charges...even though I paid the bill before it was even issued. Again, when I called no appreciation for the situation or my history with them. It's less than $6 at this point...but I am not paying it. I feel bad for the reps that work there. Most seem nice, but they hav to deal with stupid, inflexible customer service policies are CLEARLY not empowered to think.

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  • Ra
    randylkavnme Sep 03, 2009

    Chase Bank is the WORST credit card company to business with ...EVER!...I have had so many bad situations with them...This is one of the reasons that our country is in the shitter!...When is the government going to step in and put at stop to interest rates that are unreasonable...29.9% ...I mean really!...needless to say, I have since paid off my card through them and will never get another credit card with anyone else...Thanks Chase for making me remember if u cant pay for it with cash, then u dont need it!

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  • Si
    Sick of Benig Ripped Off Sep 03, 2009

    I experienced a very similar situation with Chase. When I received my statement and it said I had not made my payment, I immediately went online. The website shows the last time you logged on, and guess what?? The last log on was the exact date I had in my bank register, but there is no record of my payment. I too have never missed a payment and requested a one time removal of the late payment fee and was told, "No." When I requested to speak with a supervisor, I was pretty much told I would be wasting my time, because the supervisor would not be able to waive the fee either. I had them close my account, and I will NEVER use CHASE again.

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  • Re
    rescuelady Sep 18, 2009

    I had a similiar problem with Chase, but since they seen my payment history, and I asked to speak to a supervisor, they removed the charge because it was only over by less than $50.00

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  • Re
    rescuelady Sep 18, 2009

    I had received a letter stating my payments were being increased on a promotional balance transfer that was to be 2.99% until paid in full. What they did was kept the 2.99% interest rate, but my payments were $60.00 month, they changed them to $150.00 month, which was totally impossible for me to handle, I was laid off. So I had to accept their new agreement which was keep the payments at $60.00, but interest rate changed from 2.99%, new rate is 7.99% for the remainder of the balance until 2017. I was actually paying more than the actual payment for months, and two times they sent an invoice with $0 due, but I still paid the bill. So to me this is a very rotten thing to do, especially when they received stimulus money that we have to pay for eventually. So, I got screwed twice, by the bank and government.

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  • Ma
    Marcella M. Garcia Sep 25, 2009

    Chase bank cancelled my credit card stating that my risk was to high due to the fact that I had not had the card long enough and that my credit limit was not high enough. They also went back more than 6+ years on my credit history and found an old retail card account, that is ready to roll off my history, that had been seriously overdue nearly 7 yrs ago and has since been paid in full to add to their already assinine reasons for closing my account. This was all done at the time that my Washington Mutual card was to expire. I had been with Washington Mutual for nearly 3 years when Chase took over. They raised my interst rate from 19% to nearly 25% once they did. I had never been late so there was no reason that just because they took over another companies accounts that they should have done this. I made the mistake of making a payment less than 48 hours after the due date for which they charged me $39 for a late fee and when I made payment the next month, on time, without paying the whole late fee they charged me another late fee and then called me 10 days after the due date to inform me that my account was now past due and needed a payment made immediately. When I requested that they remove the second late fee I was told that they could not do that as it was not their policy and even though I had made a payment on time it was $9 short. I will be making complaints to the BBB as well as the AG until chase learns that they can't treat their customers like dirt and they don't even matter.

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  • Ro
    Robert-K Oct 16, 2009

    My issues with Chase started around April of 2017. I have two cards with Chase. One of my cards was not paid by the due date because of my own oversight. They charged me a 39 late fee, which was the first time since I have had my cards with Chase, formerly WaMu. I called to ask for a one-time fee reversal and they declined. They said that Chase does not reverse any fees. I told them then that I wanted the account closed and it has been closed ever since. Recently while out of town, I missed the payment due date by one day and again they charged me the 39 late fee, which again was my fault. I didn't try to fight it, since I knew they would do nothing. Next is the part of the story that totally pissed me off about Chase and when possible I will take my business elsewhere. They started calling me less than 2 weeks after I missed the payment. I told them that since they don't remove fees and will get my late fees plus finance charges that I would pay them when my next bill was due. I figured, why rush to pay something where I am already late and charged a late fee. Why pay them the money before my next payment is due????

    Well, when they started calling I told them this and they wanted to set up a payment schedule. Mind you that my payment that was late was less than 70 and it was less than 2 weeks overdue. They became aggressive and I said they would get their money by my next payment due date. Well, about a week went by and I received my next bill. My payment was for the past due amount PLUS an additional 110!!! I was livid!!! Now it only gets better. I knew I would just pay it when it was due and just be done with it. Mind you again that this account was not over the limit and it was a closed account. So here we are about 3 weeks before my next due date and the phone calls begin again from Chase. They want to know when I am sending the past due balance and want my routing information and want to set up a payment schedule again!!! I once again said that they would get all of their money when my next payment was due. I became more aggressive with them as the calls continued, not once, not twice, not three times, but 4 or 5 times a day for 2 plus weeks!!! They started at 8am and continued all day!!! Thank God for caller id. Every once in a while I would answer and chew them out again and tell them to stop calling. They stopped for the remainder of the day, but them started again the next day.

    Now I just paid the full amount of my next payment of almost 200 and am waiting to see what happens next. So, I was late with my payment and they got all excited for something that was paid with 30 days after missing the payment. I find it hard to believe that a bank that just posted a 3.59 billion dollar profit, per, had to harass me for almost 3 weeks. Chase is not a very consumer oriented bank and do not work with their customers very well. I would think that in this rough economic time that they would be more willing to work with their customers, than be a thorn in the side of their customers. As soon as possible, I am taking my business elsewhere and will not deal with them again. I wouldn't be with them now except for the fact that my credit cards and mortgage were sold to them during some merger. My advice is to stay away from CHASE at all costs. The grief that they give is not worth even a better interest rate.

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  • Ma
    MAR3 Oct 16, 2009

    Chase is a very evil company in my experience. I advice watching out for two new things, well, the first isn't so new: Chase will change your due date around to screw with your head -- actually, to get you to accidentally pay late. This is a known fact about credit cards.

    Second, the banking industry is gangbanging customers with something new called recurring fees. Like, if you are out of town and someone wrongly debits your account, you will not only be charged a single bounced check fee. They start adding up any made up fee they get pushed through Congress with all of their evil Lobbyists (you know, those paid con artists who will give their adult children who can't find jobs $100k/yr fake jobs.)

    Multile penalties? Recurring penalties for not catching an error right away? Or for not submitting to their American-family financial-rape tactics? Thank congress. They charge 'em because they can. Remember, 50% interest is perfectly legal (not usury) in our 'fine' country of the United States. That apparently worships corporations over their citizens. 666 indeed.

    Chase is just another evil corporation working to screw American families out of what little money they have left. Guess what happens to Congress members? They are put on Chase's protected list to make sure nothing 'real' happens to them.

    Good luck.

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  • Ri
    Riva40 Oct 23, 2009

    The crooks on duty at Chase Bank are not loosing their mind when it comes to stealing your hard earned money...
    Go to the nearest Chase branch and try to cash a Wamu check, its 5 bucks, period!
    Wait a minute, you're telling me now that the transaction has been processed?
    Oh yes we have a fee for cashing checks from another financial institution!
    Wamu became Chase due to their lousy investments and now Chase has taken over and its the same rip off going on...
    So we bailed those ... out and now they are ripping us out?
    Avoid this bank at all cost.

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  • Ma
    MAR3 Oct 27, 2009

    Um, this doesn't work very well with home accounting programs that rely on the set due date system of company's that aren't trying to screw with you. This doesn't work very well for people who set up their bill payment calendar in January.

    It doesn't work very well with automated payment systems -- which people rely on when they have to travel.

    Playing "Where's Waldo?" with your due date is just another way credit cards are out to screw customers with as many fees as they can get shoved through via their buddies in Congress.

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  • Pr
    Pria Nov 03, 2009

    I'm also having a similar issue and dealing with jerks and wasting too much time. They stole my money! I had a business checking out that I wasn't using, just the savings where I made deposits. I almost accidentally opened the checking the other day when trying to deposit into my savings on-line from a personal account. I noticed they had been charging me $12/m - but the history didn't go beyond 3 months. I was being charged for not using my account! I got no verbal notice when I opened the account and it's not even in the fine print like they said! I went through everything they gave me. They literally took 1/2 my small checking balance of $200 for my start-up business. I dealt with 4 people at different levels and was treated poorly by all. I'm a great customer - no bounces, etc. How can theft be permitted???

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