Jpmorgan Chase / sure miss wamu

United States

I had been a WAMU customer since 1997. I as were many was told that Chase would continue WAMU's practices until I learned the hard way differently. My first experience was unexpected NSF's showing up in my account. Come to find out... Chase employees out of the blue decided to place a hold on my payroll checks without letting me know. I always make my deposits at the ATM how would I have known? I have worked for my company for 10 years, never a problem. I understand in this economic climate how the banks could be nervous. However, the industry I work in is fortunately recession proof. So then I was told no overdraft protection. Great! With WAMU I had $1000.00 in overdraft protection. So I was encouraged to link my savings account to my checking for overdraft protection. Ok so I did. I then started seeing these credits every once in a while on my checking account. I thought, isn't this nice I wonder what rewards program I signed up for? Then one day I checked my savings statement, savings was almost depleted! The little credits I was seeing were transfers from my savings, however I wasn't overdrawn. Apparently they transfer and charge a fee of $10.00 on PENDING transactions!!! So I quickly canceled that! I played the float one weekend. I had several pending transactions on a Thursday of which my balance covered, these will usually clear by Monday night. I made a large purchase Sunday of which I did not have funds, I figured I would have until Wednesday night. I made a large deposit Tuesday morning and requested cash back and was told my account was negative and I could not have any cash.. ??? Come to find out the large purchase cleared on Monday night, ok I gambled and lost so 1 NSF fee right? Wrong!!! Contrary to what I was told before, (Checks clear in the order of when they are presented, *see first experience) Chases policy is to clear the highest dollar items first stacking them to the smallest dollar items. So they are intentionally setting up their customers for NSF fees!!! (I would say that is predatory) What a way to bite the hand that feeds you! When speaking with customer service and supervisors I mentioned that a law was past that banks can no longer exercise these types of predatory business practices. Their reply is after March 2010 some policies will change. (So if your a customer hold on to your seat till the ride is over !!!) In the conversations with Chase representatives I am continuously told I have the right to close my accounts. *(Bet that's good for business!) I am now shopping the market for a friendlier common sense bank or credit union. So let me sum this up by saying $500.00 in fees in the last few months! In the entire time I was with Bank United then WAMU I have not paid out half that amount in fees in a 12 year period. (Bet Chase is proud of that!) Didn't the government give WAMU to Chase? Shouldn't we as tax payers receive a little better treatment than - after $500.00 in fees to be told "close your account"? (Bet they didn't disclose this to the government either!)

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