JPMorgan Chase Bankmileageplus explorer united chase card

We have two Mileage Plus Explorer United Chase Cards for many years; we open the account to earn miles on United Airlines. Our experience with Chase has been negative and sour, each time we have had to dispute a charge, a very easy process when merchants are not responsive and an expected service when the client pays a yearly fee for the card. Chase Credit Card Services has the worse customer care team, starting with the operators all the way to their Executive Offices in Ohio; they are the THE WORSE, arrogant, insensitive and unfair, just to name a few attributes.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Provo, UTWe were conned by Assurance Van Lines Moving Services, we had made a credit card deposit of $1, 500, but AVLS didn't provide the services promised. We charged-back the amount, and it took five months for a response/denial and another five presenting proof of the fraud, arguments and waste of time and efforts; we took our claim all the way to the Executive Offices in Ohio ( a waste of space regarding customer care) and to the President and CEO Jamie Diamond, who didn't even bother to respond. Contrary to JPMorgan Chase Bank promises to the board of directors, and the sales pitch of the yearly subscription of "a card you can use with confidence" Chase will always side with the crook. We will never use Chase Bank Credit cards, EVER!. I advise anyone to get a banking institution that protects the customer.

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