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I had a lady cut me a 10 inch piece of fabric and then realized it just wasn't big enough. When I told the lady I wouldn't be needing that piece after all, she told me that I had no choice and I would have to pay for it. I spent 40 dollars in there yesterday and another 30 dollars in there today and they refuse to take a 10 inch piece of fabric off my order? The lady was so rude and hateful and talked to me as rude as can be. When I took the fabric up to the register and explained what had happened, the lady smiled and said she would be happy to take it off for me. The lady that cut the fabric for me however, is rude every single time I am in there. Most of the ladies in there are. There is no sign that states they cannot take somthing off your order. If it had been a huge piece of fabric maybe I could understand, but not 10 inches. And for the cutting lady to be so rude about it and then the register lady had no problem helping just shows the cutting lady was just plain being rude.

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      23rd of Jun, 2009

    Actually, unless it was something sold by the inch, they can only cut in certain yard increments. though they are definitely able to take things off the ticket, at least in my local store. However, the huge pieces of fabric are actually easier to take back, because then they can just go back on the bolt, the smaller ones have to be made into remnants or written off.

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  • Be
      20th of Jul, 2009

    i agree that the lady at the counter was very rude and should have taken the fabric back in a heart beat... but you do realize it is easier to sell really big pieces of cut fabric than a 10 in should know what you want before you get in line to have your stuff cut it makes it fast and easy..!

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  • Ka
      4th of Feb, 2010

    Without going into a lengthy diatribe (as I'd really like to), I will just say that I HATED WORKING AT JO~ANN for the three months that I could stand it... and I understand completely the complaints I have read. I will state that while I was always congenial and helpful to my customers, really loving the interaction between us, I believe that the reasons for some employees' seeming lack of same is the conditions under which they are made to work. There are so many obtuse corporate policies that the stores and employees have to follow, that working in this frustrating and sometimes degrading atmosphere creates a deep unhappiness, leading to the outward signs of rudeness and a perceived lack of unhelpfulness. I always did my best to ensure that my customers were treated justly and with respect, but due to corporate policies, my efforts were often met with failure. The main reasons for my leaving the company was that I cared too much, tried too hard, and was disrespected by management. No job, to me, is worth the disintegration of the spirit.

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