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customer service - corporate culture

Returned a dress form back to store i got it from and after waiting over 10 weeks now i still haven't...

poor poor poor customer service

How do they stay in Business?

Only had half the yardage we needed. Advised us to buy 1/2 in their store and drive 45 minutes to Geneva where they would hold the other half we needed. Did so, drove all the way there and no fabric. Drove back and they wouldn't return the first half w/o the receipt (which was left at home).

Time is money. This store just doesn't get it, or they just don't care about their customer service. If there were other local options we wouldn't even bother with Joannes.

  • Pr
    prd Aug 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    because the first store called and said it was set aside with our name on it. Believe me, we're not in to wasting an hour and a half plus the gas for nothing. No one at either store apologized for the wild goose chase.

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to long to wait for fabric to be cut

I went to the store yesterday got my fabric and they were serving number 50 at the time i got 53 i stood in line waiting for my fabric to be cut the ladies there were chatting with there costumers about random personal stuff before they started cutting during and after. I had a child with me that ran out of patients after 20 mins of waiting in line. It was ridicules it was a good half hour of waiting when i dropped my fabric on their counter and left with out service. This was not the first time this happens. The service there is horrible, plus another time that i went in there the cashier didn't want to take my gift card visa she said they don't except those when i told her that every store takes them she still said not them. Another cashier heard us and came over and told her how to use them... seriously train your workers or put a training sign on them. That same lady asked if i have coupons she i said i left them at home she told me that she will keep my stuff till i go get them from home (i live 20mins) from the store, i told her that's ok i'll use it next time she asked if i was sure.


I am 63 years old and was hired by JoAnn's Crafts and Fabrics. I am disabled, being a lung cancer...

rude manager

I called to check the status of my application and was put on hold. The manager named sheila answers with a...

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refused to renew my teacher's card

On Tues., Feb. 9, I gathered supplies to decorate my school display board at our Peoria Jo-Ann Fabrics. I presented my 2009/10 IEA Teacher's ID card so I could receive a new discount card. I also brought in our school's tax discount (which the cashier said expired in Jan 2010) sheet dated Jan 2005--the only one, we as faculty at our school, have had to work with. It was a snow day and I reached the school secretary at home and she said that was the only form we had. The school ID was the same.
So, they would not honor that tax exempt, but what was infuriating was they refused to let me renew my teacher's card when I had presented the proper ID. I have been a customer for at least ten years and everytime I had to renew, I had to present our "Active IEA" professional teachers assoc membership card to prove I was a teacher.
That wasn't good enough on Tuesday. I went to a register that was not being used while the employee went back to discuss this. I waited and waited. Finally, she came out and then I believe the manager, and said I could not renew my teacher's card--that I have to have the school tax exempt sheet first with a new date on it. I WANTED TO PURCHASE THE ITEMS WITHOUT THE TAX EXEMPT and just as a teacher and they refused. My items were left in a cart and they said only 24 hrs. hold and I had to provide a new tax exempt sheet. Needless to say, we had another snow day, so that was not possible. The aggravating part was once they said no, the manager walked away and the employee started ringing up the next customer. Kind of left me hanging there. I asked what to do with the cart and she said leave it there. I was pretty much ignored at that point. Depends on who is there as to how you get treated.

  • Lo
    Lorraine5555 Feb 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Jo-Ann has an email address for comments and concerns about the Teacher Rewards discount card: [email protected] You can expect a response within a few days.

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customer service poor

I have a complaint about how a JoAnn's Store manager handles customers. I purchased a set of 'Just...

charged for garbage - literally & bad service all around

Today was one of those days where I needed to get to Joann's early in order to get fabric to finish a project. I should have known it was going to be a bad experience when all 6, yes, the 6 of their shopping carts were being used to hold merchandise waiting to be shelved or stored. Do you know how awkward it is to have to carry 6 bolts of fabric around? Especially when you’re handicapped!

OK, so I get to the cutting table and have to wait 15 minutes to get my fabric cut because only 2 people were working. One was at the register (with quite a line of customers) and the other was shootin’ the breeze with another customer about sewing machines. So, finally when I do get to have my fabric cut I ask for 1/4 yard of each of the fabrics. The employee proceeds to cut ½ yard pieces. I stop her and in mid-cut and tell her “no, I only want 1/4 yard” to which she claims “you told me a ½ yard on each”. OK, whatever... it’s early in the morning. Just give me my 1/4 yards cuts please.

Because I didn’t have a cart, I grabbed one of their handbaskets to put my fabric in and went and got thread which I needed and placed that in the basket also. I then got in line to check out. I placed my basket on the counter which the cashier tipped over on its side to get all the merchandise out. My mistake was to start perusing some magazines they had at the checkout and I didn’t pay too much attention to the check out process. I’m a frequent shopper in this store and know the employees quite well so I didn’t feel I needed to be concerned. I swiped my credit card, grabbed my purchases and left the store.

When I got to my car I rummaged through my little bits of fabric & thread for the receipt so I could put it in my wallet. This way I know where it is for expense purposes. Well to my surprise I found an empty candy wrapper in with my items so I check my receipt and lo and behold I was charged for the wrapper! Evidently it was in the hand basket when I place my fabric in it and I just did not see it. The cashier just assumed that I had eaten the candy and wanted to pay for it. Good grief! I marched back in and explained that I did not eat or purchase any candy and was given a refund for it after I was told “you got charged for it because it was in your basket”. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was my responsibility to clean out the garbage from your baskets. Next time I’ll know better.

I know these people are minimum wage workers and I really shouldn’t expect too much from them, but really, wouldn’t anybody with half a brain ask about an empty wrapper or container or whatever that they come across in this situation? I guess the cashier figured it didn’t matter who paid for the candy as long as someone did.

  • Am
    AmandaKiss Dec 31, 2009

    I think you're the one who was being rude.

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  • Fr
    FreddyM Feb 23, 2010

    When I go shopping in stores, I don't hesitate to use their carts or baskets.
    When placing my items in them I want nothing more than an empty cart.
    Did you take a moment to look? Did you even think that the cashier world
    know that you didn't eat the candy before paying? That in itself is a form of theft
    and it's a crying shame that you hold a cashier responsible.

    If it were your store I'm quite certain you would instruct your employees to charge for
    everything in the cart or basket. Re-think what you say, and for heavens sake,
    open your mouth when you need help, and small miracles do happen.

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  • At
    at_home Mar 23, 2010

    Seems you got three comments from three Joann's employees.

    - How on earth was the cashier supposed to know it wasn't your candy wrapper? You expect them to read minds? - I certainly would have expected them to ask. Please stop making excuses for bad service.

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  • Ko
    kobuu May 09, 2010

    how about some politeness too? a little of that reflected back makes all the difference. and, btw, there is ALWAYS a manager on duty. i know because i am one. ergo, grab the manager. explain that you are handicapped and cannot carry 6 bolts of fabric (which i find amazing since i'm 28 and 6'5" and have a hard time myself!) and that you would appreciate either an associates help or an empty cart. joann's is very open-door when it comes to guests. if you don't like what the manager has to say, contact the store manager then district manager. use the chain and customer service (just don't ABuse it). it's one thing to POLITELY request some help, its another to steal candy bars.

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  • St
    stupidpeoplehater Nov 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I find it hard to believe that their were just 6 shopping carts in the entire store.

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bait and switch

I ordered fabric from jo - ann via and three weeks later, with no contact between then, they cancelled / refunded the fabric and claimed it was "out of stock". Lo and behold, it is in stock, but for a higher price. That is completely illegal, aka bait and switch. I had bought 12 yards of fabric for 1. 99 / yd, and it shows in stock now for 5. 99 / yd. I emailed, called, etc. And was stonewalled at every turn. Amazon is trying to fix it for me, but i have little hope of a good resolution.

  • Mi
    mickay Feb 10, 2010

    Here's something you might want to try is you haven't resolved this already. Find out where the nearest store is to where you live and ask to contact the district manager. Assuming you have a receipt for your purchase, explain your situation to this person and offer to mail them a copy if necessary. I don't have any way of knowing whether they will be able to help or not with something that you bought through a third party like this but the one thing I do know is that most of the district managers I have come across tend to be more customer service minded than the corporate people who are more used to dealing with store associates than customers

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very rude customer service

I live about 100 miles from the nearest JoAnn Fabrics store so I do my shopping when I'm in Denver. Last...


I have had it with this store!!! On more than 1 occasion I havve shopped there to find the service i...

do not buy from them

I was shopping at this store. When I was about to pay for the item I wanted to buy the cashier demanded my zip code. I refused to give out this confidential information for several reasons:
1. The store does not need to have my zip code or any of my personal information.
2. I was paying with cash. The whole purchase cost $2 so there was no need to get any additional info whatsoever.

The cashier made derogatory comments behind my back and was joking about me with another customer who was next in line. They were laughing at me. Both of them were white Americans. I'm an immigrant and they were making fun of me. I asked for the manager who turned out in the same mold. I returned the merchandise I just bought. He made loud comments about giving my cash back trying to shame me. He was making a mockery out of the whole procedure telling the other people around: You are the witness that I gave $2 cash to this woman.

If any immigrant reads this: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING AT THIS STORE. They are immigrant hater supremacists. The manager name was Steve and the cashier's name Phyllis.

rude employee

I went into Jo Ann Fabrics today 4/27/09 @3:30 p.m. in Scottsbluff Nebraska. I had my two daughters with me. They are 2 and 6 years of age. After looking at patters for about 45 minutes my two year old needed to use the restroom. I politely asked if my daughter could use the bathroom. She very rudely told me that I could go across the street to use theirs. I said " please she's only two, and I don't think that she could hold it." The clerk then said "I told you we have no restroom!" I then told her that I had been in there before and the other clerks had let me. She said that they had merchandise back there, and there was only two of them in the store, and she could not go back there to watch me. I think that it is also important to know that there was only one other customer in the store. I told her that I thought she was being redicolous, and really rude. Her next excuse was that their bathroom was not handicap excessible. She said "if a handicap person were to come in and see that my daughter had used the bathroom they would get sued." I shop at Jo Ann's quite frequently because they have the best selection in town. I never go in there for the customer service. It is no secret that they are the rudest old ladies in town. I am very saddend that our society has come to this. We are a small town, it's just too bad that the small town atmosphere is not there in your store.

  • Sh
    shangrila Oct 24, 2009

    I had an almost identical experience wherein the employee directed me to take my 3 year old son to the dollar store next store. She stated that that particular store didn't like them sending people over to use their restroom so i should pretend to shop and THEN ask to use it. Totally blew me away.

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  • Mi
    mickay Feb 10, 2010

    Chances are, they could have managed to let your child use the restroom under those circumstances, but please keep these things in mind. First of all, the rule about having someone in the stockroom when someone needs to use a non-public restroom is for your protection. Merchandise back there may not be stocked in a stable manner and some of it is quite high, so they need to have someone with you in the event something falls. Also, at a different store I worked at I caught someone who was "trying to find the bathroom" in the stockroom and informed them that the store actually had a public restroom. After the person left we discovered that another associate's wallet was stolen (and people do use their children to help with some of these scams). It is unfortunate that the bad behavior costs everyone else, but in this case the best thing I can suggest is to lobby the corporate headquarters for a public restroom. If you get enough people to tell them they need one they might have to consider it.

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rude casher

A cashier named "Addy" was extremely rude to me at Joann Fabrics store located inside Gulf Coast Town Center...

Resolved employees

I had a lady cut me a 10 inch piece of fabric and then realized it just wasn't big enough. When I told the lady I wouldn't be needing that piece after all, she told me that I had no choice and I would have to pay for it. I spent 40 dollars in there yesterday and another 30 dollars in there today and they refuse to take a 10 inch piece of fabric off my order? The lady was so rude and hateful and talked to me as rude as can be. When I took the fabric up to the register and explained what had happened, the lady smiled and said she would be happy to take it off for me. The lady that cut the fabric for me however, is rude every single time I am in there. Most of the ladies in there are. There is no sign that states they cannot take somthing off your order. If it had been a huge piece of fabric maybe I could understand, but not 10 inches. And for the cutting lady to be so rude about it and then the register lady had no problem helping just shows the cutting lady was just plain being rude.

  • De
    Delphidupe Jun 23, 2009

    Actually, unless it was something sold by the inch, they can only cut in certain yard increments. though they are definitely able to take things off the ticket, at least in my local store. However, the huge pieces of fabric are actually easier to take back, because then they can just go back on the bolt, the smaller ones have to be made into remnants or written off.

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  • Be
    benner3_ab Jul 20, 2009

    i agree that the lady at the counter was very rude and should have taken the fabric back in a heart beat... but you do realize it is easier to sell really big pieces of cut fabric than a 10 in should know what you want before you get in line to have your stuff cut it makes it fast and easy..!

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  • Ka
    kathymars1209 Feb 04, 2010

    Without going into a lengthy diatribe (as I'd really like to), I will just say that I HATED WORKING AT JO~ANN for the three months that I could stand it... and I understand completely the complaints I have read. I will state that while I was always congenial and helpful to my customers, really loving the interaction between us, I believe that the reasons for some employees' seeming lack of same is the conditions under which they are made to work. There are so many obtuse corporate policies that the stores and employees have to follow, that working in this frustrating and sometimes degrading atmosphere creates a deep unhappiness, leading to the outward signs of rudeness and a perceived lack of unhelpfulness. I always did my best to ensure that my customers were treated justly and with respect, but due to corporate policies, my efforts were often met with failure. The main reasons for my leaving the company was that I cared too much, tried too hard, and was disrespected by management. No job, to me, is worth the disintegration of the spirit.

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rude employees

The young women working at the Clive, IA Joann Fabric story are very rude. I went into the store 5 minute...


I went to buy my very first sewing machine at Joann Fabrics in Orange, California thinking that a fabric...

poor product quality

Earlier in the spring I bought 2 Adirondack chairs at Joanne Fabrics and they were very nice. A few weeks ago I bought 4 more Adirondack chairs (on sale) at the same Joanne Fabrics Store. When I opened the boxed they were entirely different chairs. The workmanship was very poor, the pre-cut holes did not line up and the quality was very cheap. Because I thought these chairs were the same ones I had purchased earlier I did not keep the receipt. I am therefore forced to keep these unacceptable chairs. I urge Joanne Fabrics to stop selling such cheap Adirondack Chairs.

I have shopped at Joanne Fabrics for years and this experience made me rethink whether or not I can trust their quality of merchandise.

unprofessional behavior

I was Shopping in the Joann’s Fabric Store in W. Lebanon, NH the night of 5/5/08 when I heard a...