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The young women working at the Clive, IA Joann Fabric story are very rude. I went into the store 5 minutes before closing and two girls were at the front counter. One girl phoned someone in the back and said that some lady just came into the store and that she had told the other one to hurry and lock the door before I came in, but the other girl didn't listen. She purposely spoke much louder than necessary apparently to make sure that I heard her. Well much to their relief I left the store without buying anything (I wasn't intending to anyway - I was just checking to see if something was in stock). I understand that people are anxious to close up and go home but that is not a good reason for them to go out of their way to be rude to a customer and employees should never consider locking the door in front of someone's face 5 minutes before closing. Needless to say I won't be back for some time as that is the third time in the past few months that I have experienced inconsiderate treatment from their staff. There are plenty of other stores and online shops in the world to waste my time on those that apparently don't like having customers.


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    cherry_0075 Mar 11, 2009

    I'm sorry but if you knew earlier that you wanted to check if something was in stock why didn't you go in then instead of waiting til the last minute, I understand why they got rude but it was your fault for going in last minute. They don't know how long you're going to be there. You could have went in earlier or the next day. why would you feel the need to go in last minute?

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    amanda50315 Nov 15, 2009

    i just started working there at that store 8801 university ave...
    wednesday november 11th, 2009...

    most of the people there at nice, and they have been there a while,
    but there is one rude cashier...diane.

    plz let me know if you had any other experiences like this.
    thank you.

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    Jennaffer Nov 15, 2009

    If the store is open until a certain time you have every right to go in there up until the time they need to lock the doors. I've worked MANY retail jobs, and they're paid to stay as long as you're there. They are encouraged to remind you they're about to close, but they have to be nice about it.

    Instead of complaining here though, you should contact that store's manager with a description of the employee. This was not a failure of the store, but of that person, and the manager should be informed so they can be reprimanded/retrained.

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    penguinpandabffs Dec 08, 2009

    A lot of work goes into closing a joanns store, and sometimes it can take up to another hour to an hour and a half before the workers even leave the building. Alot of times, when customers come into a store right before closing it's very difficult to convince them at 9pm that it is infact time to leave. The added stress of having an extra guest in the store right before closing, on top of working an eight to ten hour shift can sometimes lead to a rude employee. That isnt how they are supposed to react however, and I advise that in a similar situation, you complain to the manager on duty about the lack of customer service.
    To amanda 50315, the employee in question probably doesnt even work there anymore, seeing as this was posted in 2008. Also, if you in fact did just start there, i question your authority in this situation. Why do you feel you have any kind of right to inform the world that there is someone, diane or something, who is rude? That's immature and you shouldn't be broadcasting your private feelings about fellow workers. It's actually very childish for you to publicly state your distaste for someone you work with. Imagine if your STL found you bad mouthing your fellow joann team members online...It's kinda frowned upon in the joann world. Adding your store number makes it easier to turn people away from your store based on your remarks, so I can't really understand why you would want to make your store sound like a place people shouldn't shop in. Your DTL, STL, MTL, OTL, and other full time team members work very hard, I'm sure, to make your store presentable and if I were working at your store and found this, I'd be very upset with you. Imagine if they found that after all their work.
    As for the orinal author of this complaint, I would like to inform you, in a friendly mannar, that not all joann team members are rude. they take their customer service very seriously as part of company policy and im personally very sorry that you went through an unpleasant experience at your local store. i hope you are still able to shop at other joanns, and remember as i said before, the employee in question isnt likely to still be a joann employee, so i hope you decide to return to the store and that you're met with excellent customer service.

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    FreddyM Feb 23, 2010

    Locking the doors before a store is officially closed is absolutely the wrong thing to do.
    I'm sure that when you walked in the door and saw the two girls at the front your first reaction was to
    let the know, "Hi I just need to check on an item. I won't be but a minute since I know it's almost
    time for you to close".
    Well can you imagine someone walking in and picking up 10 bolts of fabric at 5 minutes till and needing a
    quarter yard cut on each one?

    Sometimes being polite first helps the situation.
    Check those skeletons in your closet, and I'll bet you do this in more than one place and you complain
    to make yourself feel better!
    P.S. There is always a member of management closing the store!

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    Linda89 Dec 20, 2010

    There is NO excuse for the rude treatment that Joann's employees give their customers. Regardless of it being the last minute, regardless of WHEN you enter their store.

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    Delphinium Dec 31, 2010

    You know, they say the customer is always right, but do they have the right to disrespect their fellow human being? By going in last minute you are showing no consideration to them as human beings; they have homes to go back to, their minimum wage pay doesn't mean they must automatically enjoy you coming in to make them stay an extra half an hour. There are many things employees can not do until all the guests are out of the store, and I personally REFUSE to go into a store right before closing, because I understand what an absolute headache it is. So suck it up and go in earlier.

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    Frazzled Employee Feb 21, 2011

    I agree that the employees' treatment was unacceptable, but being a closer at a retail store myself, I also understand how frustrating it is to have someone come in the store right before close. By then, the employees have just spent almost two hours or more picking up after people who trashed the store and often when someone comes in last minute it just means having to redo everything and not being able to leave. There was no need for them to be openly rude, but also be considerate that these people have probably been there on their feet for 8 hours and want to go home. If you were walking out the door of your job and someone came in who could potentially hold you up another half hour, you'd be annoyed too.

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    MTL2 May 06, 2012

    I know this was posted a few years ago but I work at JoAnn's and have to tell you about closing. we USED to get an hour to close in which we had to perform 3 hours of work with 5 people. We literally would jog up and down the aisles with our brooms and mops, then we would have to rewrap all the material that customers were inconsiderate and messed up. We then put back all of the returns, handle money, stock and remnants. However, now we get 15 minutes to do the same thing and only have 3 people working that shift!
    If we go over 15 minutes it takes it away from our hours that we GET to work in the following week. So when you think coming in at 5 minutes before closing to find something is ok, you're very wrong. The doors HAVE TO BE LOCKED at exactly 9:00 because the alarm is set. If it isn't, then corporate gets an immediate phone call as to a problem in the store. They then call us and if we don't answer on the first ring, they assume a robbery and police are dispatched. Your inconsideration costs us hours and money. You can research what you're looking for on or call your local store. The website will let you know if the item is in the store or online only.
    There is an announcement that we say over our speakers 15 minutes before close and it tells you that the store is closing and you need to get your purchases to the registers and get out.
    How would you like it if we came to your place of business and 5 minutes before you were to close, we wanted to come in and look around. If you know where it is, then u know we have it. If you don't then it will take much longer than 5 minutes. I know I speak for other Joann employees when I say, "if you don't like it, go somewhere else".

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    ashlimj18 Nov 07, 2012

    If you realize how difficult Joann makes it for their employees to get their job done you would understand why the person was rude even though there is no excuse for it. Not only do we get pressure to close the store on time but they want you out of the store within a half hour of closing to save payroll hours and when you have a customer like you that waits till the last minute to shop and take their time in a store it is very difficult to be polite about it even though they should not be rude. do you know that were have nasty customers that purposely trash the stores because they believe employees get paid to clean up behind their nastiness. How would you feel if you were working and had pressure from your boss and continue to get reprimanded about closing store on time and making sure everything is done within the half hour after closing and get told you are not doing your job in so many ways if it is not done and then you have a customer that come in five minutes before closing shopping, taking their time. Don't you think that is not only rude but inconsiderate, haughty on your part and just down right wrong. how would you feel it was you. How would you feel if you had a family to get home to. How would you feel if you had been working 8-12 hours that day. Would you have been extremely polite. would you have been ecstatic about them being there. NO they should not have been rude but how would you have been. Don't always be so quick to judge someone else character until putting yourself into their shoes.

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    Nolie Jan 01, 2013

    Look here you spoiled ### brats .. We are not there to baby sit you while you shop nor treat you like royalty you are customers we are employees We assist you in whatever way we can but you can not come in EXPECTING us to know your project or do your projects for you. I see all kind of complaints all the time from customers because were not "helpful", when the real problem is you guys dont even know what you want when you come in. Were employees as well as customers and we dont go in DEMANDING things because we think the people that work there owe us something. We know how to shop civilized, the problem with my store is Joanns policy is general is too lenient. You customers run all over the store and expect employees to back you up. No sir not I.

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    veniceparrish Feb 11, 2013

    I agree with so many of the above comments. There is absolutely no reason to wait until the very last minute to do your shopping. Just because there is the saying, "the customer is always right, " gives you absolutely NO reason to act like you are queen of the world and everyone is supposed to cater to your every last wish. You, as a fellow human being, have a duty, as well, to treat us with a little respect. As a Joann employee, we're human beings too. It's extremely rude of you to come in last minute, and while two wrongs don't make a right, sometimes we just can't help being rude to rude customers. Sorry. We have lives and families and our job is EXTREMELY physical. We're exhausted by the end of a shift and, as it was explained, Joann corporate has no idea the level of their expectations of us and what we're expected to do after you leave the store and the time in which we're expected to do it. As a wakeup call to all customers of Joann Fabrics and Crafts, please try to understand how difficult our job is and try to make it as pleasant for us as we're expected to make it for you.

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    Fiasco Oct 30, 2015

    Omg! The whining in These comments! For one, if the hours of operation are listed, you are expected to wait on a customer with courtesy and decorum. Frankly, I don't care if you have been there 8 hours and want to go home. I am a paying customer. If you do not like doing retail service I am sure there is a community college near by where you can advance your skills. One point though, customer service is in a lot of businesses...even my docs office. Work is hard, do not blame a customer for coming in during business hours!

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