Jet Airways / unauthorised taking of excess payment

Jet Airways India Ltd Jetair House 188 Hammersmith Road London W6 7DJ, United Kingdom
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I booked my return families flight to bangkok with jet airways . My wife and daughter travelling first, I travel at a later date then we all return on the same date together.
When my tickets where emailed to me I saw that my wife and daughters return flights had been booked for the wrong month - 1 month later .
I phoned jet airways to rectify the matter and change the flights to our original choice.
I had to pay an extra £641.00 that I agreed to but when I looked at my bank account jet airways had taken £961.50 !!
When i phoned them them back they admitted this was a mistake but said they could not refund my money, I had to send an email to another office,
I asked for confirmation of our conversation and their mistake - they said no !! I have emailed the office and explained how urgent it is that I have my money( that they should not have )back immediately but have had no reply

Aug 09, 2016

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