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Complaints & Reviews

Fake calls about job

I got call from HR EXUCATIVE Anisha sharma for customer exucative post she shared I'd latters for fees registration, medical, uniforms totaly I paid 15, 500 to her I took money with money lenders. With
Interest. And I paid I came to know that it was all fake I'm from poor family my father is farmer so plz help me to get back my money refunded which is took from money lenders with interest

Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job
Fake calls about job


Ticket cancellation issue

Even after waiting for 30 minutes counter staff don't know the PNR number in the ticket copy . I was repeatedly ask her to check the number shown in the e ticket but she refused and told me to come back with pnr number. Later I came to know that the number shown in the ticket is the pnr number. Anyway your Staff behavior and assistance are very poor . Pls give proper training to the staff.

poor service

It is a formal complaint of Spicejet service against crew members of flight no. SG 253. Myself and my colleague was traveling from Delhi to Kolkata on 8th Jan 2020 in this flight, feeling suffocation due to very high temperature in side the flight, most of the passengers are complaining about the same to the crew members but they just ignoring. Even I and my co-passenger was complained and asked to decrease the inside temperature at-least four times to different crew members but at the end of journey no action action. They do not respond to our request call also.

I asked for complaint book to one of the crew members, she simply refused. This type of service and behavior of crew members not acceptable and it is not expect from Spicejet.

Finally we completed the 2 hour journey with wet cloths and horror. Please take corrective action against your very very poor service.
Sajid Tamboli
Mobile no. [protected]

  • Ar
    [email protected] Jan 11, 2020

    Mr Sajid Tamboli:
    It is not formal complaint: formal requremnts are not met in message.
    You did not explain what was a defined reason of sence of horor for yourself
    and how much do you want, if you submit the complaint to magistrate court.

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retan for my money

Dear Candidate, You have been shortlisted by Spice Jet location Pune for Ground Staff profile in Pune...

[Resolved] fake call letter from naukri launcher

I've lost about 5000 rupees for getting fake call letter from spicejet through an lady calling from kempegowda international airport bengaluru telling that we're hiring an ticket executive job at spicejet And also she emailed me refund letter, confirmation letter and training letter I've paid total 5000 to this fake recruiter
Account number (protected)
Please report this recruiter and help me to get my.money back Thank you

fake call letter from naukri launcher
fake call letter from naukri launcher
fake call letter from naukri launcher

  • Resolution Statement

    Please help me to get my money back as soon as possible

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misbehaving of ground staff at mumbai international airport

I am a frequent flyer in spice jet. I have notice that your ground staff are very rude to speak to a...

delay of flight

SpiceJet flights are always delayed by at least an hour. I had to attend an important meeting bad booked the flight according to that. Flight was to leave the airport at 10:20am, I was later informed it will be delayed and is scheduled for take off at 11:30 am. The boarding only began at 11:15am and completed at 11:45 am. Flight only took off at 12:30pm, a delay of two hours. I had to miss the meeting.
This is not the first time this is happening. SpiceJet delays are rather frequent now with their reason being operational difficulties accompanied by various other excuses by the SpiceJet staff to safeguard the name of the airlines.
Completely dissappointed with SpiceJet.

  • Ar
    [email protected] Jan 11, 2020

    All air carriers delay their flights time to time.
    Indian regulations fore see standard compensation for delay 2 hours and more.
    In addition, author did not state what was the essence of loss, if any, due to delay of
    less than 2 hours.

    "Others" is indefinite term, that has no legal value anywhrere

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did not allow us to board flight

We travelled from Ahmedabad to Mumbai 31 Aug '19 Indigo Airlines 6E 214 and same day we booked for our return...

baggage scanning and handling

i beenakumari ak a passenger from ur flight noDG759 PNR QDJVWD from bangalore to bagdogra my luggage withheld there they said there is some restricted items in my luggage not clear me what is it . So i forced to travel with out my luggage to bhutan this makes my trip totally a disaster and i dont know what is the present status of luggage which is with held

technical issue within flight

SG 605 was supposed to depart at 20.50 from Chennai Airport towards Cochin on 4th Aug, 2019.
But now it is 23.30. still no chance of take off.
How could the passengers got boarded within technical check? And even if it gets taken off with sane fault who will take the responsibility?
It is almost late night. How can the passengers reach the destination in mid night having least transport??

  • Ar
    [email protected] Jan 11, 2020

    Nobody must take care of troubles of others, if otherwise stated in law
    Delay of 6+ hours in the time between 8pm to 3am imposes the air carrier' duty to provide hotel, transfer, meals, drinks to passenger for account of iar carrier in India,
    according to rules of DGCA of ministry of civil aviation of India.
    If it was not done, pasenger can demand compensation from air carrier via magistrate court.

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flight ticket ah5bpr

To whomsovever, I Freena booked a ticket through credit card in spice jet from Jeddah to kozhikode for June...

fake job openings for air ticketing executive job

Ms Neha Malik called me for interview in spicejet Airlines she told me that she is senior HR in spicejet...


hand baggage claim

Sir, i travelled from dubai on 04th June'19 in Spice jet. After check in, i purchased liquires and...

lost baggage

I have travelled on spicejet flight no SG-89 on 2nd june 2019 from delhi to bangkok, Thailand arrived at930pm.
One of my baggage did not arrive at banking.
I have loved complaint at suvarnbhumi intl airport.
Name of passanger -Shah astuj Singh
SG [protected]

We are facing lot of problem without bag and our belongings.

Please request you to send our bag by tomorrow otherwise we are leaving bankonk for our onwird journey


check in

I, my wife and children have been unfairly stranded at the Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International by denying checking on despite arrive the airport before the required time on the 11th January 2019. Let me outline as concisely as possible:

Although the flight was delayed to 8:54 am India Time on 11/1/19 as reflected Google flight tracker as well as on Kolkata airport monitors, the Spice Jet check-in counter was closed at 7:30 am: 24 minutes before the pre-announced time frame, as confirmed by Julia of Spicejet.

We tried to check in online 24 hours before the departure for flight SG71, but Spicejet website denied us online check-in despite providing the PNR numbers: XHBR9E and LMJWJC

During our outbound check-in at Bangalore airport, we were also denied the boarding passes of our final flight-leg: Kolkata-Dhaka. Despite our multiple request, we were unable to check in our luggage to the final destination forcing us to pick up the luggage after arriving at BLR. While we were aware of the long transit with kids of around 12 hours, we could not have foreseen Spicejet's inability to keep our luggage to lug around all through the night.
Despite our daughter's sudden sickness, we reached the Kolkata airport on time and cleared the gate-security screening on time at the international departure entrance. Upon entering, however, we were unable to see any presence of Spicejet symbol in the pillar, where other airlines, such as Emirates were present. Neither there was any Spice jet official to ask.
Upon asking around we were sent to all the way opposite direction of the airport, where we were told that the luggage has to be x-ray scanned first. Afterwards, after standing in the long que with two little kids of 4 and 2 years old respectively, we were told the check in counter was closed!
After our discussion the official logged in the time as 7:39. Please note again the airport display was still showing the flight was further delayed to 8:54 am.

We talked to the Spicejet official named Julia, and she simply denied us of any help despite mentioning all the above facts. She insisted that we should be present in the airport 6:40 am, having No respect to our time. Not to mention the flight keeps delaying, as we experienced in our previous connections, making us harder to predict when actually the flight is going to leave.

The following issues were not directly relevant to the disaster Spicejet made, but worth noting nonetheless.

Both flights SG658 and SG517 were delayed, where the Bangalore to Kolkata flight was delayed by a couple hours.

In all the instances, we could Not sit together during the flight, and we were either given boarding passes splitting in 2 seats and 2 seats together, or 3 and 1 seats in completely different part of the aircraft. Especially in the final leg, when we had to repurchase the ticket conf# EEP7SK, both our children had isolated single seats on flight SG76.

Despite paying in full beforehand, we were kept waiting for about 15 minutes at the check in counter due to our credit card purchase, which again, gets worsen due to our two small children.

To summarize, we as a family had a horrific experience with Spicejet's poor performance with little to no intention from spicejet incompetent officials to help their passengers quickly and promptly.

  • Complainant20091 Apr 02, 2019

    In order to demand something from someone the passenger has to produce:-
    1. His or her right to do so.
    These particulars are :
    - full name of passenger, email address and address. according to e-ticket
    - e-ticket or PNR+invoice
    - IDs of air carrier
    - the lenth of delay of the defined flight
    - the copy of response of Spicejet.com, if they failed to accept the complaint follwing few attemts without the explaination., what is wrong and how the passenger can handle his or her, if not a child, complaint
    - demand to execute the defined act, expressed in figures.

    2. To keep you own above complaint in your computer and to submit the complaint in the correct place not later than 1 year follwing the flight.

    3. To submit the claim (complaint or application) either to
    - Department general of civil aviation - authority which is reponsible for the examination of the complaint related to flight disruptions in India
    - District Court in Indian state.

    4. Prior to the legal submission, it is advisable to hire a lawer or a civil aviation professional, upon the choice of injurded passenger.


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  • Complainant20091 Apr 06, 2019

    @Complainant20091 If the passenger presented himself or herself late for the checking procedure, subject to the time, which is stated in the e-ticket or PNR, such passenger can not claim the refund or the compensation from the air carrier.

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call from hr of Spicejet airways Neha Malik for job of ticketing executive

A lady called me and was hiring me as Ticketing Executive for SpiceJet Airways I Have Already Sent Rupees 53...


staff moves all passengers including me d24 to d17. and than d17 to d24. flight is delayed and delayed again.

i am Bhupinder Singh s/o Sh. Rajinder Singh i have a ticket of Spice Jet of 31 Aug 2018. flight- Sg012 time:-...

ground staff behavior and wrong additional baggage charge

Dnata airport /spicejet airlines team, I am rajish ramesh working in dubai municipality dubai central lab...


Delay of 2 hours+, not working ac for 2.5 hours, luggage misplaced

I have travel through Spice Jet from Dubai to Ahmedabad, via SG 16 flight - dated 8-Dec-16 (schedule departure 10.45 pm) Confirmation number A9ETXG, Pax 3 (including infant)

After boarding the flight and 10 minutes after scheduled time of departure, we got intimated for delay in flight for 15 to 20 minutes for some technical and Air condition (AC) issue. There was no announcement for next 45 minutes for delay. After that it was intimated for some 30 minutes delayed and there on no intimation from crew side for next 1.5 hour. After more than 2 hours and 10/15 minutes we were informed to get back to our seats. At that time we had informed to crew that some of our luggage is still on ground. However, there was no serious response from crew. Flight started but next 15 minutes it was on fan only and no AC. For 2.5 hours AC was not working and flight was full.

It was mid night (1 am) but inside lights were completely ON for next 2-3 hours and that did not allowed us to take rest. When we had informed crew to deemed the lights to allow infant to sleep, they informed that once they will finish with food selling, they will do so. This food packet selling was continued throughout the flight.

Flight landed at Ahmedabad on 5.30 am and we rushed to collect our baggage. Out of 4 check in baggages, I got my two small bags and two big bags were still pending. Even after nothing on belt we waited for next load of luggage to come on belt. There was no announcement for missing luggage that they intentionally left at Airport. Neither announcement was made during the flight nor at Ahmedabad Airport for missing luggage.

After waiting for 15 minutes, we realised that our baggages (including other passengers) were left at Dubai Airport. We were not clearly informed about when we will get our bags. We made complaint and submitted that took another hour due to crowd rush and checking. I left Ahmedabad airport around 7.15 am without my main baggages.

There was no immediate compensation provided to us buy necessary stuff.

Instead of going to hospital (the purpose I came down to Ahmedabad), I had to arrange first our normal require things on hand (we had infant with us). Whole priorities were changed. It was extremely painful to manage those stuff with demonetization in India.

We got our remaining bags at 8 pm on 10 Dec 2016.

I do understand and anticipate such scenario comes up but the way it was managed was surprising:

- there was no announcement at schedule departure time;
- after announcement of commitment time, there were no further announcement/ update;
- there was no refreshment when delayed was more than 2 hours;
- AC was not working and were at Dubai Airport for 2.5 hours, why plane was not deboarded (considering old people and infants were on board);
- Being passenger we have informed about luggage on airport (we have seen), no response from crew side;
- Lights were fully ON during the whole flight duration to sell food packets. How infant or anyone can sleep in such atmosphere?;
- At Ahmedabad airport, there was no announcement for missing luggage;
- No immediate compensation was provided to us to buy immediate stuff;
- Staff was not commenting on when will receive our luggage.

I paid such heavy price for one way ticket to support and to be with my family at earliest. However, due to this I was not only delayed but disappointed with the way it was managed.

I have sent an email to Spice Jet customer relation but they are not ready to accept the fact that flight was delayed for more than 2 hours where I have furnished online records of flight status to them as well. I have sent another email to next level of authority - appellate authority in Spice Jet but with surprise there is not single reply from them.

This is pathetic where the highest authority did not bother to acknowledge or reply email.

Looking for action against such airlines and such customer relationship.

Kaumil Shah
Dubai. UAE

Attachey bag broken

I have travelled from Muscat to Ahmedabad vide Flight No. SG0062 dated 15th May 2015 of Spice jet. When I...

Muscat Airlines

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