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I have a problem with Jet Airways and the way they are handling the issue of a lost baggage. The Missing Bag with the reference id is : BOM9W15111 and name ALISTER was lost on 31st October on the Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Mumbai. The bag belongs to my sister who had traveled to Delhi with her group of friends. I was told on 11 th November that they have marked the missing bag as *LOST* and on 20th November they said they would compensate for the same. They had already put forth a claim for the lost baggage with their Finance Department.

I have been following up with them since then and have the emails sent to and from them. They have been telling me, on regular basis, that it takes either 10-15 days or 15-20 working days to process the claim and this is since 20th November 2007.

Since Jan 1, 2008 they have stopped responding to my mails also. Its been over 3 months now to this matter. There is no response from their side and no compensation either... I am really disappointed with them...


  • Vi
    vimal Maheshwari Mar 20, 2008

    Parminder Saini
    Skylawn travels

    I traveled by 9W 227 from Toronto, On 22nd Feb, 08 reaching Mumbai on 24th Feb 2008. On reaching Mumbai, I realized that one of my checked in baggage (suitcase) is missing& informed Jet Airways about the same. There was no support from Jet Airways to find the suitcase except filing a report & I was told to wait for a call from their side.
    I started making phone calls to Jet Airways from the very next day inquiring about my baggage, but there was never any response from Jet Airways, except the standard answer that they were trying to track the baggage.
    I had gone to India to attend my niece’s wedding in Calcutta on 27th Feb, 08 & besides that I was meeting my entire family member after 8 years & was carrying expensive gifts to be given for marriage & for all my family members. Thereafter started my inconvenience & psychological trauma for not having the clothes to put on during marriage and cash to spend for buying gift items on urgent basis.
    During the process frequent calls & efforts to reach the Jet Airways senior staff at Mumbai office were of no use, except that the baggage was declared missing and a petty compensation of Rs18000/- ($450) approximately was offered to me. This was more than a harassment & psychological trauma for me keeping in mind the losses & inconvenience I had to undergo because of Jet Airways incompetence behavior & lack of co-operation. I was carrying the following items in my suitcase.

    1. 1 Samsonite suitcase & [email protected] $275.00 -$275.00
    2. 1 leather cover for [email protected] $119.00 -$119.00
    3. 8 ties @ $49.00 -$392.00
    4. 6 ties @ $74 -$444.00
    5. 4 pure silk shirts @ $175.00 -$700.00
    6. 4 shirts @ $65 -$260.00
    7. 2 suits @ $249 -$498.00
    8. 4 Ladies leather gloves @ $39.00 -$156.00
    9. 1 Cannon camera SD [email protected] $390.00 -$390.00
    10. 1 Cordless phone [email protected] $190.00 -$190.00
    11. 2 Britney Spears [email protected] $80 -$160.00
    12. 1 Jennifer Lopez [email protected]$65.00 -$65.00
    13. 1 Disney camera for [email protected] $98.00 -$98.00
    14. 15 Aveeno moisturizer & [email protected] $15.00 -$275.00
    15. 6 Loreal cosmetics @ $25.00 -$150.00
    16. 3 Levis jeans @$90.00 -$270.00
    17. 2 Levis shorts @ $65.00 -$130.00
    18. Premium socks 12 pairs @ $14.00 -$168.00

    Total -$4740.00
    I demand a compensation for the above & the psychological, harassment, and the inconvenience received from Jet Airways, otherwise I would file a case in a Toronto court against Jet Airways & get in touch with media & send copies of this e-mail to KLM, Lufthansa, and British Airways etc.

    Vimal Maheshwari
    109 Front St East Unit 411 Toronto ON M5A4P7

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  • Ch
    Chris Feb 05, 2009

    Horrible airline! Incompetence is not the word!

    Jet Airways - We fly you anywhere, but your baggage can go anywhere

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  • Ch
    Chris Feb 05, 2009

    How can they do this!?!? Unbelievable! Isn't there a law to enforce their duties?

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  • Ar
    arungangawat Aug 25, 2010

    Ms Geetanjali Chatterjee
    The General Manager-Reservations
    Spice Jet Airways

    Airlines Service is a customer- Service business. Customer satisfaction is
    normally one of their principal business strategy. What happened on Flight no. SG913 from Jaipur to Ahmedabad (22nd Aug’10) flight is therefore totally unpredictable and highly unimaginable from a passenger air service enterprise. Flight timing was 2:00 pm from jaipur to ahmadabad and after boarding all passangers at 2:00pm.passangers have to suffer for FIVE HOURS on the name of technical fault moreover no food & refreshment provided by airline.
    when other passangers keep asking about take off disgustingly behaved by crew employee and moreover indian holy saint who seated in front of crew misbehaved by Captain Phusilo.
    A satisfactory and convincing statement on this episode is expected from your organization at the earliest. Consequences could be easily imagined by you and board of directors of your company. It is very well-known that Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji is a highly distinguished personality in whole of the world having crores & crores of followers.
    An early reply will be helpful to your organizations.

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  • Ma
    maninder singh manan Oct 01, 2010

    my mother was travelling by jet airways flight no.9w-2058 dated 30-09-2010. from chandigarh to mumbai.she was carring 28000 rs in her when she came home it was missing.Please file my complaint
    against your staff and take action against them otherwise i ll go to legal
    action against JET AIRWAYS. i have all the proof regarding journey.If required i ll send you

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  • Di
    Disgruntled JA Passenger Dec 05, 2010

    I sympathise with you Vimal Maheshwari, and I am in the same boat as you. I was traveling to HYD from IAD (United) on 22nd November 2010, connecting through DXB (Jet). I had one piece of checked-in luggage, which had a TSA-approved Lewis Clark Belle Hop number pad lock (white with multi-coloured polka dots).

    Upon my arrival in HYD, my checked-in bag was missing and I filed a report with Jet Airways. Throughout the course, the JA representative claimed he did not have any reliable information about the whereabouts of my bag. On 26th November, he informed me that his colleague at Jet Airways Dubai had emailed him saying that my bag had never arrived in Dubai. This despite the fact that I, as the passenger had personally identified my bag before it was loaded at IAD.
    I also learnt from United Airlines that my bag in fact, did make it to Dubai on 23rd November, and the procedure was that Jet Airways need to sign for the release of my bag from United Airlines. After an altercation with JA representative on 26th November, when I threatened legal action, I received a call on 27th November from Jet Airways that my bag has arrived in HYD.

    I went to the airport on 28th November to collect my bag, and I noticed that the white lock on my bag wasn't there. In its place was a yellow plastic cable tie, that another Jet Airways representative claimed was put there by Jet Airways. I opened my bag with JA representative as my witness and I noticed that a perfume bottle worth $60 (INR 2, 246) was missing. I have full receipts of the stolen item. The representative tried to tell me that perhaps the lock was cut open in IAD by the Travel Security Administration (TSA) agents when it was screened. But that cannot be true, because of the following reasons:
    1. The lock was TSA-approved, meaning TSA has a master key to open such locks
    2. On the rare occasion that TSA breaks a lock, they include an inspection notice and place the broken lock in the bag. I didn't find any of these in my bag

    The representative however was not able to explain, how my property could have been stolen from my bag.

    Due to Jet Airways irresponsibility and unprofessionalism that I personally witnessed, I have every reason to believe that my bag was tampered with, and the above said item removed without my consent.
    I will be taking this up with my lawyer, thank you for nothing Jet Airways!!

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  • Su
    subhab Feb 01, 2011

    This seems to be a regular practice with Jet airways and there should be some ways we all could start a crusade in social networking sites about this. A similar thing happened with me. I was travelling from Seattle to Calcutta via Bangkok on 24th November. I traveled business class through out, but had 2 separate tickets, one from Seattle to Bangkok in Delta and Bangkok to Calcutta on Jet. When I boarded Jet from Bangkok, I personally verified with Jet representative that all pieces of my luggage was loaded in the flight. But upon arrival, I was informed, one piece was missing and as it so happens, this had all my expensive items including my office laptop, a small portable printer, suits, expensive gift items etc, a total worth more than $4000. I have all recepts. I was repeatedly informed it will be arriving soon, but after 2 weeks we were told, it was lost completely and asked us to file a lost luggage claim with all receipts. We did that and it is about 30 days, they are not even responding.
    It is unbelievable and I think it is a scam where they steal the luggage that are worth more than $1000 as airliens are not required to compensate by law anything more than $1000.

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  • Ho
    Horsto Aug 05, 2011

    Jet Airways is a terrible air line, and I will never give them my business again..
    They lost my suitcase from Bangkok to Sri Lanka via Delhi. My suitcase was all in Jet Airways throughout. However, when I arrived at Colombo, my luggage was not there. There was no Jet Air representative at the baggage claim carousel, and I had to claim the lost suit case through Sri Lankan air line officer.
    It was my first time touring in Sri Lanka, and I started with almost nothing in my possession, and had to borrow my husband's shirts, toiletries, so on. I called the airport office with the phone number they gave me to check back, but there was none of JET Air personnel answering. Basically, my inquiry phone calls were passed around by the airport claim department with simple word saying, they can't trace the suitcase.
    I just could not understand how the Jet Air could lose the bag, and even can not trace it where it is because my suitcase had a tag with bar code, and the suit case was carried all the way by one air line that is Jet Air to Colombo. Finally I met a young Jet air representative on the day before my departure after 10 days in Sri Lanka where I had live with bare minimum. While he tried to be helpful, my suit case was still not traced. He offered the Jet air compensation for pitiful $50 U.S for needed purchases (which I already spent my own money), and it took 3 hours of filling up applications, talking with a airline ticket officer to get that. It was too stressful. My suitcase had many valuable items including my silk custom made outfits, all our gift shopping from Bangkok that included new custom tailored clothing, my own valuable things, which amount to almost $ 3500.00, and the ticket officer said the maximum the JET Air will pay is $ 400 !. That's only after waiting one month ! JET Air line is a very irresponsible, and indifferent airline. Due to my loss of suitcase, I had to cancel my continuing tour to India after Sri Lanka trip. Now I am back home in U.S, and it's been almost a month, and there is not a word of apology or contact from JET Air Office.

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  • Ha
    harjsingh Feb 14, 2012

    This is indeed a horrible airline. My father travelled to India in November of 2011, and upon arrival, found that that his lone luggage had gone missing. There must have been over $2000 worth of gifts, clothes, etc, and upon filing a complaint, my father was told they would be investigating. After numerous follow-ups, someone has yet to respond, and it has now been almost 3 months! I agree that JetAirways is an irresponsible and incompetent airline. We were lucky that my grandmother's ashes (the whole reason for his trip) were not checked in the bag. Horrible customer service and egotistical employees - I would never expect an airline to be so despicable - we will never be flying with them.

    Harjinder Singh

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  • Li
    LINDA MARCELLINE Mar 13, 2013

    I completely DISAGREE. After issuing the ticket Jet Airways forwards the below email :We fail to understand the time change after issuing the ticket? : I need a quick solution: I have done many arrangements based on the arrival:
    Flight No Date Sector DEP ARR
    0531 30APR DXBIXE 2330 0430
    0532 07MAY IXEDXB 1940 2210
    Your reservation has been updated accordingly .The revised timings are as below:
    Flight Nbr Date From/To Status Dep Arr
    9W531 01MAY DXBIXE HK 0220 0735
    9W532 07MAY IXEDXB HK 2305 0120
    We regret the inconvenience on account of this change and appreciate your understanding.
    Thanking you - LMM

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  • Sg
    sgrdml Jun 13, 2014

    Jet staff is group of junk. I have traveled back from Riyadh today . I have not received my luggage yet in Bangalore. (I had handed over to your airlines staff in Mumbai, post custom clearance. I have called some 20 times on various phone numbers provided by their ground staff at the time of registering the complaint at the airport but awfully no response.No one is responding from phone 9901962327/ 080-66784591/ 080-66784510/ 9900512747 from Ravi Kumar or Abinav (Jet staff). Complaint number: 16211. My flight (Mum-Blr) no. is 9W342. RegardsSaurabh Garg+91 99017 88993

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  • Mo
    Mohammad adil hasan Jul 14, 2014

    i have a problam with jet airways we are come from patna to delhi to dammam
    i not fine my baggage now one week finish still not receive my baggage
    may be misplace from patna boarding time so please chek
    my baggage beacause in the bag have Important document
    have saudi electricity co. permit holder card also have cloth .sweet
    my bag colour is black trolley bag size 22 please chek in patna

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  • Mo
    Mohammad adil hasan Jul 14, 2014

    file reference no. dmm9w11010 7 july no. of bag 1
    colour type of bag .bk22xxx
    tag number. 9w525601
    my mob.966547215638

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  • Ra
    Rao S Sep 07, 2014

    One of the most disgusting airlines in the world. Sickening attitude, lazy and incompetent staff, including all senior management. absolutely no regard for people and passengers. Had one of the most horrific experiences while flying with JET. No wonder they are in the news every day for all reasons. It will be better for the world if they go out of business.

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  • Ki
    Kishore Pai Jan 24, 2015

    family travelled on 6th December from DMM to NGP via Delhi, Mumbai and Nagpur, they lost their one baggage out of three and not received at Delhi air port. We made complaint and 50 to 60 phone calls but no response from ground staff. We lost all important medicines, gluco meter, eatables clothes shoes etc.still no claim settled. They are just telling that you will receive claim.

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  • Mo
    mohammed sahil Mar 30, 2015

    My family travelled from paris to abu dhabi and abu dhabi to chennai. They travelled from abu dhabi to chennai in jet airways. After reaching chennai. The one of the luggage was missed. we reported airport team and they taken the case and complaint was filled. it was created on 28 th janaury. Two months is over, we are making a call from feb starting onwards and compose a mail too. Mail is flowing up and down, after some time there is no replay. and when we make a call to 1800225522. they told senior department is not responding and also they said we check with him and call me back.. we called him on chennai airport team, they also singing a same song. JET AIRWAY IS ONE OF THE WORST AIRWAYS IN LUGGAGE MISSING AND NOT GIVING COMPENSATION

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  • Pu
    Purandhar Jun 19, 2015

    Hi JetAirways Customer service.

    ​​I lost my baggage on 4 June and yet its not traced nor a status given.​ I keep calling your call centers in Chennai and Abu dhabi with no further updates. None of your team has a clue how to sort it or any one taking responsibility. Yours team is the lousiest service I had come across.
    All of you are hiding behind phone systems so its just a spoken wor

    ​d with no commitment. None of my mails are replied as it becomes legal or committed.
    ​As a last resort I am taking you to consumer court and putting all these episode on social media. I

    ​would certainly speak to all my friends and NOT use Jetairways anymore. I will ask my groups to BLACKLIST your airlines.​​ yours is not the only economical airlines in the world.
    Further, there are many complaints on internet forums and social media about your lousy service and many lost bags not being found.​

    ​ infact i am worried about the many travellers life on your flights if this is the same service mind of your pilots, technical and safety teams.​ I strongly believe the many air accidents and lives lost happen with your type of service standards.
    ​​Your call centers in India 39893333, 1800225522, ​9962002918​​ have no status. Just gives a standard reply the bag not arrived from Abu Dhabi.​ Surprisingly none of the guys in India give a mail address. ​again hiding and no responsibility.​
    ​in Abu Dhabi +971 2 6118668, ​+971 2 6118669​, ​+971 4 2032022​, +91 44 3989 3333,
    [email protected]​​, [email protected]​, ​​​[email protected]​​ none could give a status.​ each call taken by different persons again whole episode goes thru and same lousy response.

    Your feedback form on your website also gave no response.

    I tried my best to get a status / reply from your many contact modes given to a customer. But no valid response / update came thru. Lets meet in the media.

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  • Uu
    uuuu8888 May 25, 2016

    very bad airline just avoid

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  • Ri
    rizvy Oct 18, 2016

    Such a bad airline... I lost mine too... Bad airline...

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  • Ra
    Ravindra udagatti Jan 15, 2017

    This is not expected from our indian service providers (Jet Airways). Totally unresponsive, not appreciating the problem, casual approach, no seriousness only they know to complete the formality without effectiveness. I don't see what there top management is doing other than writing some good emails to seek feedback. After the feedback sleep on it. I am another sufferer on international flight. I have gone through all these cases written here and hopeless now about my baggage. Still i will fight. let us see these so called world class service providers hear our voice. Ravi

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  • Aa
    Aana0123 Jan 27, 2017

    I travelled from Pearson Airport Canada to I.G.I Airport, Delhi India on Jan.11, 2017 Flight # 9W 233 and Tag # 9W 377378 with one bag only and the same lost my luggage and came back on Jan.24, 2017 till today i couldn't get my luggage Ref. I.D. 010-284-568 . And the no. they provided no one pick up the phone. It's terrible. Even i send them so many e-mails. The response is that we are looking for the bag. Now i am thinking to file the suite.
    Raman K. Sharma

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  • Aa
    Aana0123 Jan 27, 2017


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  • Ka
    KaranPP Feb 21, 2017

    @Aana0123 Hi I have the same issue in Toronto. Been 15 days now. Have you had any luck or any suggestions?

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  • Sr
    Srinivasa Vanapalli Aug 02, 2017

    Lost Baggage

    Even after 3 months and after giving complete details and bank details to pay the refund for the lost baggage no one is there to look the case Horrable Air Line c;ass 4 airlines and cheaters they dont lift the phone 08039243333 and airport staff at the destination are helpless. They say they were managed centrally and i know GOD please save this airline - Please never ever prefer Jet airlines - if is inevitable buy a insurance

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  • Kh
    Khimji varsani Sep 06, 2017

    Hi dear sir or madam
    Ref 9w369963
    No one contect me. I riceved my bag.i should title for some compsetion
    I was without my clothS, medicine, fo 5 days please let me know.i have do some shopping in Delhi. I was stressed and
    Panic.runid my holiday
    Kindly regard
    Khimji Varsani

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  • Al
    Ali askar Oct 28, 2017

    I'm travelled mumbai to abhudabhi on 28/10/2017
    Lost my check in baggage...

    Contact nomber- 0558761011
    Adress.. naif road, near west hotel, deira, dubai

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