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dnata check in agent at thai airways tg632

Today, 19-Dec-2019 at 7:40pm Flight no: TG642 Thai airways. I have checked with an agent named APPLE and she was very rude and sarcastic. I been flying regularly and I have not met someone as rude as that. Please look into her attitude as she should not be working as front agent, with her attitude, she would be shilling papers without any facing customers/passengers.

the wrong information and rude behavior of a staff ms. krissel (I am not about the exact spell)

291811 Hi, Sub: Complaint against DNATA staff Ms. Krissel Attached the ticket copy for the reference Kindly see below the Incident date, place and the name of the staff etc for your...

check inn staff at area 5 dubai airport


My name is Pawan Gulabani and i am traveling on AI 912 dubai to Mumbai.

Today i was very disapointed by the way i was treated by the staff of Dnata at check inn counter located in Area 5

I was standing in the que for 30 mins and when my turn came i just went to the staff named Maryam and she very rudely denied me saying wait i am still bsy.

I then went to Pranoy he said i have to go back to Maryam i said she is too bsy to check me inn. And asked for the manager

I then went to ahmad mohamad at the business class section and told him to check me inn as he called me and i frustratedly threw my passport on the counter as i was denied check inn and asked for manager

Maryam told him in Arabic that dont check him inn and give his passport back. I denied to move out of the line.

Then i asked for Airlines staff Mr sameer who is the manager of Airindia check inn. I explained the situation in English so that no 1 things i am trying to mis lead him and told him exactly what happened.

Sameer accepted the thing and ask Ahmad Mohamad to accept the passenger but he had the odasity to deny me check inn after that. This is what dnata staff is to deny check inns to passenger on a confirmed ticket i am afrequent flyer of airindia and this is the first time i have faced such issues

Dnata being such a big name of Dubai doesng deserve such type of staff you can also check your cameras of you feel that i am lying

Time approx 12.40am to 1am

Boarding number 109
Pawan Gulabani
Ai 912 dubai to mumbai

My contact number dubai [protected]
India [protected].

This is really unacceptable

special assistance staff

My mother is disabled. We were travelling back to London from Dubai on Tuesday 3rd September on the 1.30am flight with British Airways. A wheelchair was booked from UK on our travel to Dubai on 26th August 2019. We reached Dubai airport on 2nd September 2019 at 9pm as we had VAT to do. Our check in time was 10pm on Monday 2nd September as our flight was at 1.30am morning Tuesday 3rd September 2019. The check in counter did not open till 10pm on Monday 2nd September 2019. I went to special assistance to ask for a wheelchair as there was still one hour before the British Airways check in counter opened. The lady in the special assistance was very rude, she refused to give me a wheelchair, the staff member's name was Ms Hanan- Special Handling Agent, she was so rude, she told me that if my mother wanted to sit, then she could sit on the sofa which I explained was too low. There was also an indian lady sitting in the special assistance next to Ms Hanan, and this indian lady did not even acknowledge me as I stood there waiting for someone to help me, as Ms Hanan was on the phone to someone, this indian lady was too busy on her what's app instead of acknowledging me and trying help me. Here in the UK people are not allowed to use mobile phones for there personal use when on duty, but this indian lady was so engrossed in her what's app. I am very disgusted with the level of care and service received from DNATA staff. A gentleman named Cherian helped me, he told me that Ms Hanan should have called for authorisation for relesing a wheelchair earlier than normal. My mother had to stand for one hour with very bad leg pain, she has severe osteo artheritis, and a ruptured bakers cyst behind her knee. She has been given instructions by her Doctor that she is not allowed to stand for more than 10 minutes, but Ms Hanan was refusing to understand my mothers situation. She was not helpful at all, what kind of staff are DNATA hiring? I would like this matter looked into and investigated further. Terrible service. Please acknowledge me on this matter and steps taken.

baggage looting

Dear Sir, I had a flight on 4th September 2019 from Dubai to Kochi (air India express-IX434) departed from terminal 2 at 17:00. Your staff was handling the boarding checkup at gate number F-3. I was accompanied with my friends and at the time of hand carry baggage weighing they told me I have an excess baggage of 1 kg. I informed them that the excess baggage is due to the 1 liter of whiskey I bought from the duty free shop. But they replied even if I have to pay extra baggage charges. So I hand over the bottle to my friend who carries less baggage. After my boarding gate checkup finished they stopped my friend and took the whiskey from him.Their reason was it not included on his gate pass. Then I told them I'm ready to pay 60 dirhams for the 1 kg of excess baggage but they didn't allow. This is an absolute example of day robbery. I saw they're doing the same with the other passengers too. These kind of actions will definitely affect the credibility of Dubai airport and bad image on Dnata.

Fraud case

Dear sir, Mr Mohammed Saleem Mr Rajesh dattagiri, Harika rangapeta, working terminal 3 in dnata as customer service department claimed to give backdoor entry jobs of counter...

delayed/ lost baggage

Dear Sir/ Madam, I had a flight on 11th of August 2019 from Vilnius to Amsterdam (flight number BT 609). Your company was handling baggage for that flight and you managed to...

travel booking ref acm/[protected]

Again after checking with Dnata 3 times and being assured the room we had booked in Kuala Lumpa was big enough for a family of 4 we arrive after travelling for 14 hours to find we have a two person room.

We booked the entire trip for two adults and two kids (age 11 and 10).

You sell us the perfect holiday. We checked in 3 separate occasions and were assured the room was fine now we have no option but to squeeze in to a completely unacceptable room.

I will never, ever book with Dnata again and feel you have completely mis-sold and mis-lead us.

wheelchair services.. unreasonable delay.

Had to wait for 50 minutes to get the wheel chair which was prebooked. Arrived via EK503.Seat 28B.Landed at 8:45 p.m...
Wheel chair provided at 9.40.Reason given by supervisor was that there is shortage of staff as there were too many requests for wheel chair.
Well, the requirements were known upfront and resources should have been provided upfront.

There was no way to access the manager to understand the issue and seek any resolution.

challenge with attitude/behavior of the staff member

Dear Sir My name is Prasanth, a frequent traveler as part of my job profile and have been happily living in this great country for the last 10 years. I feel it is one of my...

unethical, rude behaviour of staff at the schiphol airport

I just wanted to contact you regarding a very unpleasant encounter with a flight assistant in Schiphol airport. On 11 June at 16:35 p.m. we and many other people were waiting in...

Wrong price for the service

I have been writing to the contact center regarding a price difference between the price on the internet while booking, and the actual price charged. We have exchanged 34 mails, but there is always a promise of getting back, but never a resolution. I can forward the complete email conversation, but I need an email to escalate this issue. Last email I sent today:


This is the 34th email in this series, and I need a reply ASAP. This is the most unprofessional organization I have dealt with.

I need to escalate this to the higher management, obviously you can not resolve this at your level.

Please help.


Sanjay Gupta

Dubai Mobile: +971 [protected]

customer service

On checking in this morning for a lufthansa flight, after our Austrian Airlines flight had been abruptly cancelled at the last minute, we were beyond appaulled at the utter lack...

turkey services

I booked a trip with danata travel silicon oasis, to go to turkey, included flights, hotel, and pickup. I arrived on 3rd of june and I didnt find my taxi or my name, then I...

misbehavior and carelessness of staff member

Hi There I need to lodge a complaint against misbehaviour and carelessness of your staff member for the emirate flight EK415. The lady who was the wheelchair assistant banged the...

stolen mobile phones in cabin bag

We board a Singapore Airline flight from dubai going to singapore on 25 April 2019 and before boarding, one of your staff approach us and requested us to check in our carry bag. We did not agree because our bag has no lock. But he insisted because there was a bag congestion in the luggage cabin and assured us that nothing will be lost and our bag is in safe. Having the confident that our bag is safe after your staff assuring the safety of our bag, i handed over the bag to him before boarding.

Upon reaching singapore and taking our bag from the conveyor, i noticed that our bag that were handed over to your crew was opened. I immediately check the bag and found out that the 2 mobile phones were taken out from the box inside the bag including the accessories.

Immediately i filed a complain at Singapore Airlines Lost and Found Section. A copy was attached on this complaint report.

Kind advise what further action should i do in order to retrieve the 2 mobile phone.

Hoping that you'll take action on this incidents and help us retrieve the mobile phones.

stolen mobile phones in cabin bag
stolen mobile phones in cabin bag

boarding flight gva-dxb ek090 18/04/2019

Please find my mu skywards #[protected] I was traveling with my family to Dubai on 18 April 2019, EK090 in Business Class. I asked one of your staff if we could check in the kid...

application process

Dear sir maddam, I'm parisa Sadeghi who applied for the job customer service agent 10 days ago. after 6 days which is saturday (2 days ago someone called me with private number...

full board charged but not added

Hi I booked a full board holiday on your website Cost 6280 AED I did not check the confirmation so when we got to the hotel they said it was half board only I checked the exact...

airport cart 037

We would like to complain about the staff driving this cart 037 because he was rude our family we were flying from gate c6 on Saturday 29th December this happened around 9:45am...

excess baggage charge

I am boarding the IX434 flight from Dubai to Kochi, Terminal 2. I would like to highlight the double standards shown by dnata on excess baggage policy. While entering the bus, the dnata official did not give an option to check in the excess baggage into the Air India express.
It should be noted that Fly Dubai allows to check in the baggage before we board the plane.
Why is the policy different for different airlines, while the service provider is the same. I have been given an invoice of 120AED because of 2 kgs excess.
I would like to get this refunded and kindly let me know the escalation and the claim process.
Paul Raphael
Mob +971 [protected]

excess baggage charge

baggage handling customer service

y elderly uncle arrived in Perth and collected the wrong bag. We rang Emirates the next day to be referred to dnata in Perth. We had no bag, no clothes or medications but we had...

boarding pass issue counter

I really had a bad experience in the boarding pass issue counter on 04.11.2018 when i was taking a fly dubai flight to muscat between the time 17.00-17.30. The guy who was sitting...

excess baggage charge and very rude behaviour of the staff

I would like to lodge a complaint for OVERCHARGING and VICIUOS MISBEHAVIOUR by the Dnata staff on October 30, 2018 at Dubai Airport. The details are as follows: I had travelled...

disrespectful behavior of luggage handling team. shouting at woman!

Hi, My name is Najib, and I am traveling now to Lebanon via Fly Dubai. Before entering the plane, we were asked to leave our handbags with the dnata guys, even though we are...

staff - amir hussain at heathrow

Very abrupt and disrespectful. Likes to harass single woman if she is not attractive and he cannot flirt with her. Nasty perverted person to work with. He harasses and bullie...

the bad behavior and attitude of the staff!!

Dear dnata customer service, I would like to get a feedback from a situation with regards of one of your staff who was rude to me and my family during the check-in of their main...

regarding my ticket

Dear Team,

My name is Dhanish I booked 2 tickets from dnata travels online booking on monday.
When i booked my tickets that time in net showing 1165 aed from Dxb - Ixb & Ixb - Dxb
only 1 stop in mumbai after that when i paid online they hold my ticket then 4 times i called that customer service people told after 10-15 minutes i get my e ticket. Then after 2 hrs customer care people called and told me your ticket price is got hike so you have to pay 220dhms over the call he is asking my credit card details that is illegal. But i trsuted that guy bcoz dnata travel is reputed company thats why i given all details after that they given wrong ticket on that ticket they given dxb - bom then bom - Guwhati then Guwhati - bagdogra .After that i told to cancel my ticket they told me we cancelled but after 48 hrs that fund will be credited to my account. But now 48 hrs already passed.Today also called 4 tyms but they are telling we will you call back after 10mins when iam calling this people ignoring only .This is my last message after that i put all socially .


poor service for a surname amendment…very bad customer service and not at all helpful in any ways.

The worst service and completely useless company. they will not only take you money but make you pay more for it... Customer service representative _ Customer care centre P.o...

service is very bad on name change request

Customer service representative _ Customer care centre P.o. box 1515 dubai, united arab emirates Toll free: 800 dnata (36282) F +[protected] E ...

regarding fake confirmation letter

Dear sir:
I am native of india I received a confirmation letter from "dnata" from one indian moreover he asks me to deposit money immediately but I didn't believe because dnata is one of the leading company they didn't ask any money so I request you to clarify my doubt
Conduct no: [protected]., [protected]

Dear sir, your registration will be done here.
Name - master chand miah
Ifsc code-sbin0003684
Thank you.

regarding fake confirmation letter

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    Usha Naik Sep 20, 2019

    I received a confirmation letter from "dnata" from one indian moreover he asks me to deposit money immediately but I didn't believe

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    Usha Naik Sep 20, 2019

    @Usha Naik Please clarifiy immidiatly

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291811 Still awaiting response to the below msg Sent from yahoo mail for iphone Begin forwarded message: On tuesday, february 27, 2018, 8:18 pm, kalpana tripathi wrote: Inline...

rude and unprofessional behavior of check in staff for royal brunei dxb/lhr flight on 9th july 2018

Dnata lady staff at 9th morning counter a vietnamese whose name tag was not seen properly did provide me & my family an utter rude service When were called to check in she wa...

misbehavior of check in representative

The check in representative named mohamed yousef on the attached flight in the counter had abusive behaviour. He tore the checked in boarding pass for my sister humira tahir and my mother munira tahir. As he wasn't able to find the current uk visa for humira tahir, he made a statement that she cannot travel. I said you cannot say something like that, before making sure what the issue is. As my father who was travelling with us as well, showed him the current visa for her. He was very rude and kept telling me that don't teach me how to do my job. I kept telling him this isn't the right way. However, he started becoming very emotional and tore the boarding passes for above mentioned family members. It is very sad as it looks like mr mohammed yousef isn't trained well on how to deal with the customers. You as airline shouldn't hire people who behave like they have come from the streets. It's a misrepresentation of the airline due to ill mannered professionals. I tried to take the matter to mohammad zakir who was an elderly man, he was a nice gentleman but he tried to cover for him for telling me to forgive him. However, how could a forgiveness is done when the gentleman still has such kind of behaviour and still had a smirk on his face. I am very disappointed to look at the low quality of customer service from a supervisor who didn't have enough control of their subordinate.

I have been very sad, as my wife who is 4 months pregnant was standing next to us as well. She had to go through an emotional distress as well.

I would like for you guys to please take strict measures against mohammed yousef, because if he gets away with this he could do it to other customers as well. My uae contact number is [protected], my email address is m.N. [protected] Upon my return I will also personally visit your offices and will speak to the higher management as this incident shouldn't be repeated again. I run a business my own and customer relationship management and customer service management is the key to success. Right people must be hired for the right jobs and not people who think they are thugs.

Looking for a reply from your sides with a corrective action.

Thanking you

Muhammadnadeem tahir

misbehavior of check in representative

unethical behaviour

Dear Sir,

My son (7 yr old) was travelling to Mumbai from Dubai on 4th July via Air India express flight and I had taken unaccompanied services by paying additional service fees but I was disappointed by dnata staff behavior.
lady was not at all co-operative and was telling my son to pick his bags and just follow her. it was such inhumane behavior to be with kid who is travelling alone and upset about it. instead of taking good care and papering, rude behavior is served in service.

also she didn't share any contact number to be in contact with my kid.

kindly look into matter and would like your compensatory action to proceed further accordingly.


Dnata Travel Dubai — delay in refund of the booking

Hi, I booked for hote accomodation at Swiss through Dnata on Mar 3rd 2018 & later on May 8th 2018 I cancelled my booking through dnata itself due to personal reasons. When I...

inhuman and disgraceful behavior of airblue staff/ quyxmd

Hope you both are doing great.

I would like to bring into your attention about an incident that happend with my wheelchair bound wife today at flight number pa 611 dubai to peshawar dated 23 june 2018.

At dubai airport we reached to airblue counter and asked for a wheelchair assitance upon which we were asked to show some medical documents proof which we provided right away. (we have been travelling all over the world and have never been asked about the medical proof but we did that happily anyway). Few minutes later a lady named shumaila appeared and started talking in a very rude and unprofessional way to me and my full time wheelchair bound wife and asking all irrelevant questions about my wife. When I asked her to lower her voice a bit she threatened to cancel our booking which was done almost 6 days earlier.. I repeatedly requested her to be calm but she continued bullying me and my wife terribly.

We anyhow left the counter and was assisted by airport staff to immigration but was surprised once again at boarding gate when shumaila along with another colleague (martha) of her ganged up against us and wanted to confiscate my cell phone due to their fear of we having a recorded video of her bullying my wife.. I again tried to stay calm as did not want to trouble my already upset wife at that point. I must confess that if I was treated like this when alone I would have never hesitated even for a second to call the police based on my knowledge of the uae law being a resident for 18 years.

I know airblue staff has been very cooperative whenever we have travelled but these 2 ganged up females need to be punished for such an inhuman and degrading behaviour. Airblu can not afford to treat passengers the way we were treated today.

For your info a separate procedure will be taken to furnish a formal complaint to human rights relevant authorities.
I am also working with dubai courts on how to proceed legally against this airline and the two persons who think of wheelchair or limited mobility passengers as a burden


Nasir ali khan

Wife durdana fazal (wheelchair bound)

3rd passenger and witness huma zulfiqar.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Nasir ali khan

Managing partner

Sr group of companies

Bayswater tower office 208 and 209

Business bay dubai.

Off tel [protected]


rude customer service lady at the check in counter

I assisted my mother to check her bags in last June 18th 2018 at around 8:20pm - 8:40pm for a cebu pacific flight 5J15. My mom (Cristina Biscocho) was flying alone and a senior citizen at the age of 61 yrs old so I was the one handling all the luggage for her. When we reached to the check in counter, we were assisted by the a blonde lady (somewhat russian or serbian by nationality), at first she did the whole check in for my mom accordingly but when I started to ask her that we are declaring all my mom's luggage as fragile since it has electric blender and some souvenir items in it she seems impolite in a way by expressively not showing any smiles and she seems to be exhausted and tired. So I let it pass. The moment I asked her again to double check if she is done putting all fragile stickers into all 3 of my mom's luggage she rudely answered me that she was putting the sticker based on the luggage I only pointed at in an arrogant way. Me and my mom were shocked with her reaction, and told her that I was only asking her nicely to make sure that nothing will happen with the stuff inside. As a matter of fact I clearly instructed her to declare fragile on "all" luggage while pointing at either 1 of the luggage in general. Reason why I was worried is I only saw her putting the sticker to 1 of the luggage only and her face is like eager to let us go the first place when we boarded our luggage she never even asked us if there may be anything breakable in the luggage which all other airlines does during passenger check ins but she did NOT!

It made me so upset that I have to walk out directly and was eager to speak to her supervisor but did not want to make a scene with some people around us, when I check on her tag, to get her name, unfortunately, she must have removed it. As soon as we turned our back on her, she made sure we heard the loud exhale from her from her mouth conceiving that she must have been relieved that we are leaving her counter. It was totally a rude gesture! We as the customers/passengers were even the one who have to adjust on her attitude and would hope she wont keep doing that to any other passengers as it give the company a bad impression of hiring such employees like her.

failure to deliver luggage as promised

Due to a change in airlines, my luggage and my daughter's luggage did not arrive at ZRH when we did. We completed the necessary forms at the D'Nata lost and found center at ZRH and we were told the airport would deliver the luggage to us when it arrived even to Innsbruck, Austria where we were staying. Our luggage arrived on Sunday June 10, 2018 on the morning flight. I received one call from D'Nata with no return contact information. I tried to contact D'Nata via telephone 10 times over the next several days and submitted 3 messages from the website and never got a response. On Wednesday, June 13, 2018 I drove from Innsbruck to ZRH to pick up our bags since I was not getting any response from D'Nata. The customer experience we had was horrible. We had to purchase new clothes due to this delay. I expressed my issue to the D'Nata representation when I picked up my luggage and they had no explanation but simply said "I understand."

  • Complainant20091 Jun 19, 2018

    Dnata is not an air carrier, which, probably, lost your baggage.
    There is no flight IDs / air carrier / e-ticket / bag tag / in the complaint.
    Such story, experssed in emotions only, has zero chances on sucesss for the submitter.

    I am not Dnata employee.
    Dnata is not aparticipamt of this board.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    Kindly substitute antispam (at)[email protected] in e-mail header for enquery .

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dnata employee

Before the flight entering, ther Danat employe ask my carrebag, I told not possible. I ask may know the reason, he told not allowed this, he not explaining, he just shouting frend...