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Jet Airways / refund for cancelled trip

1 Yugoslavia

I am very surprised that my request for the reimbursement regarding my unused flight from Amsterdam to Toronto was not accepted, seeing how I had to skip it due to the serious illness I had experienced and also due to the hospital treatment it required.
The ticket was purchased at the Travel Agency “FLY FLY TRAVEL” in Belgrade for a flight on the tenth of October. Unfortunately my health was seriously worsened and I was admitted in the hospital on the eighth of October. On October ninth the Travel Agency “FLY FLY TRAVEL” was informed and a refund was asked for. According to the information from the Travel Agency, the request was forwarded to Jet Airways. On November fourteenth the Agency told me that my request was denied by the Jet Airways Company.
I am sending documents that prove my incapability to travel anywhere at that time:
Hospital Discharge List
1. Original document
2. Translation of original document.
I am greatly hoping that you will deem this as sufficient reasoning for my
cancellation and that you will be able to solve my problem. Thank you very much in advance.


Patient BRANISLAV (Dmitar) RACIC 1950 YOB

Has been treated since: 08.10.16 Until: 18.10.1016

referral diagnosis: HOBP J44.0, HTA |10,
Final Diagnosis: Morbus pulmom obstructivus chronicus cum infection partis tractus respiratorii inferioris acuta J44.0. Insufficientia respiratoria acuta J96.0. Hypertensio arterialis essentialis (primaria) |10

Epicrisis (the condition and the process of the illness, laboratory and other findings that confirm the diagnosis, and suggestions for further treatment)

The patient was admitted through the department for urgent internal care due to coughing difficulties, a high temperature up to 38 degrees Celsius, breathing difficulties, disorientation and confusion. The aforementioned problems arose 5 days prior to admission. The patient had been suffering with lung problems throughout his medical history, and now also suffers with HOBP, HTA. The patient was treated by radiotherapy due to prostate cancer. Smoker. The patient is allergic to wasp stings.
The patient was conscious, however disoriented in all three forms, had difficulties with movement, eupneic, afebrile, regular omg*, normal eating patterns, no discolouration of skin and no evident dicolouration of mucous. The patient seems to have severe health issues. THORAX: symmetrical respiratory movement. PULMO: through auscultation a weak respiratory murmur was detected but with no follow-up. COR: rhythmic heart beats, clear tones, no murmurs heard. Frequency of about 70/min. TA 170/100mm Hg. ABDOMEN: in line with the thorax, tender, not palpatory sensitive to pain when deep palpation is conducted, liver and spleen are not palpated. Renal succession negative on both sides. EXTREMITIES: no edema, no varicosity or deformity.
LABORATORY FINDINGS: positive inflammation syndrome (CRP 119.3..12.7). Leukocytosis in hemogram (Le 15.6..11.6, Er 4.72..4.77, Hgb 15.2.. 15.4, Htc 45.6..46.6, Tr 191.. 249). Normal biochemical findings. (Total bilirubin 9.0, direct bilirubin 1.6, creatinine 84..76, Urea 3.6..3.4, K 4.1..3.8, Na 134..138, Cl 96..102, AST 20, ALT 15, ALP 68, GGT 54, LDH 323, D dimer

Jet Airways

Nov 15, 2016

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