Jet Airwaysno action on missing baggage

I traveled on Jan 21st from Toronto to London (Air Canada Flight 856) and had a connecting Jet Airways flight from London to Mumbai(Jet Airways Flight 119).

On arrival at Mumbai, I got to know that one of my baggage with Tag Number AC487348 is missing and it wasn't loaded at London and I was being told that I'll receive it in couple of days.

Its almost 5 days now and I've been calling your call centre atleast twice a day and getting misleading information from "Yes, your baggage has been arrived in Mumbai" to "We still dont know where it is..". Its such a worst customer experience and it ruined all my vacation plans but dint see any professional behavior from Jet airways in handling the case

I'm bearing this brunt for no mistake of mine.

Feb 02, 2017

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