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Jan 15, 2021

Heathrow Airport — Dont help for put me in my fly to Dubai in 15 January 2021 in 8:10 p.m

Dear Sir or Madam Etihad Airways London During the 15th of January at 7:15 pm I arrive at Heathrow T2 airport...

Heathrow Airportlhr terminals

Why oh why are there baggage size restrictors when EXITING customs? Has someone gone mad? I cannot fathom any reason why, after someone has completed their trip and their bags have travelled half way around the world with them, there are width/size restrictions on the exit gates when leaving customs and entering the arrivals halls? Even your own BAA and security staff have no idea why these restrictors are in place!! They are massively inconvenient, cause delays (when you have to unload baggage cart and man-handle the bags through and then reload) and chaos and are totally pointless. Please explain?

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    Heathrow Airportassistance

    I arrived at LHR T3 and saw the sign for assistance and made my way with difficulty via entrance A to the assistance area on floor 1 only to be told I had to book in on the ground floor first. Signage not clear.
    I made my way to isle E and waited 15 mins to be booked on at BA assistant desk although the member of staff was away from the desk.
    When finally taken in wheelchair to the waiting area which is a long lounge away from other services I noticed destinations were shouted out by staff from the desk who then told clients to make their way outside to waiting buggies. This did not take into account either the ability of the client to walk to the buggy or whether they could hear the instruction. Very patronising.
    When finally I was driven with 3 others to the departure gate the driver drove so fast over bumps that it was very uncomfortable at the back of the buggy.
    Overall not a good experience - beaten but a long way by that at Barcelona when I arrived.

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      Heathrow Airportescalator/missed flight

           I have flown to London many times and never had an issue with Heathrow but today my flight was an hour late from Nashville and we were automatically booked on a flight an hour later by BA. Got in in plenty of time to get the flight but your escalator didn't work and worse yet had a bar on it so we couldn't even walk.   Only 2 of 3 elevators worked and 500 or more people wasted 30 minutes trying to get through. We missed our flight and the next available flight was 8 hours later. Made it a longer layover hanging around the airport than our flight from the US. I tried talking to your people. Everyone passes the buck. British Airways say its your fault and I agree. It ruined our first and second day in Copenhagen. I have tried calling but you have no provisions to speak to anyone for a complaint!!

         Best KF

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        Heathrow Airportchecked baggage had items stolen.

        AA Flight 733 to Charlotte on 9 Nov 2019.
        Three large travel kits were stolen from my checked bags. I transited through Heathrow.
        I am afraid these thieves in Heathrow will place dangerous or illegal objects in our checked bags since no one is watching them.
        How do they walk out from the baggage transfer area with my kits and each kit is a third of a meter long?
        Why are workers allowed to carry items into and out of the baggage handling area?

        checked baggage had items stolen.

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          Nov 07, 2019

          Heathrow Airport — sunglasses

          I boarded a flight T5, on 28/11. As l was going though security and placed my items in the grey box provided...

          Nov 06, 2019

          Heathrow Airport — immigration officer

          DEAR Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain about an immigration officer who made I believe some racist...

          Heathrow Airportloss of items of make up when proceeding through security procedures

          I arrived at Lane 13 in Terminal 5 as directed by the security staff on the morning of Tuesday 22nd October 2019 (on my BA flight to Berlin at 10.55) and placed my handbag, mobile phone and a plastic bag containing 5 items of make up including;

          1. Chanel 4 colour palette eye shadow
          2. Chanel black kohl pencil
          3. Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick
          4. Clarins moisturising replenishing lip balm with blue lotus wax
          5. Clarins Supra Volume Black mascara

          into the box indicated by the member of staff. I placed my coat in a separate box and proceeded through the security gate and was searched by a member of staff as the alarm went off . By the time I had been searched and had gone to collect my belongings from the boxes which had gone through the security facilities my bag of make up had gone and in its place was another bag of make up (which was 2x the size of mine!) and did not belong to me. This took place between 09.17 and 09.31 as confirmed by the security manager on duty at the time.

          I notified the member of staff who was located in my lane and he went to have a look for it but was unable to find it and he then directed me to the security manager on duty at the time Awil Yusuf who also searched for it. Mr Yusuf went to look at the CCTV footage which was unable to show anything either. He was unable to identify what had happened to my bag of make up and could not explain how another person's bag had been placed in my box. He was however able to provide me with details of the time slot in which I proceeded through the security search process which was from 09.18 to 09.31.

          I had to come away having spent over 30 minutes waiting around for someone to locate my missing bag of make up empty handed and subsequently had to rush to try and replace some of the items from the airport shops before I boarded my BA flight at 10.55.

          I am therefore requesting reimbursement for the items I now need to replace as a result of this experience.

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            • Updated by Susan McGarry · Nov 04, 2019

              Are you going to acknowledge receipt of my complaint and confirm investigation/answer?

            • Updated by Susan McGarry · Nov 04, 2019

              Are you going to acknowledge receipt of complaint and confirm investigation or remedy?

            Heathrow Shuffle Serviceservice not provided after being prepaid

            My flight was delayed and my arrival time was delayed as a result. The shuttle service would not come to get me saying that I was late and to catch a taxi. The taxi cost me $108 usd (bank statement available for proof). This complaint as first submitted over a month ago. Your company keeps telling me they can't get in touch with the service they contract with for transportation to/from airport.

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              Sep 10, 2019

              Heathrow Airport — the attitude of one of your personal body checkers.

              After the departures gate entry, I entered into your security gate and the alarm went off. I was then asked...

              Heathrow Airporthp laptop and samsung tablet

              I lost my laptop bag having New Silver 17.3" HP i5 latest laptop as well as New 10.1" latest Samsung tablet in most probably in security check in area or otherwise boarding gate of Emirates airlines flight no.EK004
              Flight timing 20.40. I was noticed inflight after the flight takeoff . I complained to crew members about my lost of bag. They try solve my problem but unfortunately I couldn't find the laptop bag. I lost my bag first time in life and the things in the bag is most important for me.

              I am kindly requesting you to please help me to find out the laptop bag.

              Thank you so much

              Sekar Chettiar

              Contact no. India [protected] Ashok (brother)
              UK contact no.[protected] (currently in holiday in India returning UK on 28th September, 2019.)

              Ekai id. [protected]@yahoo.co.in

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                Heathrow Airportsecurity

                Left my liquid bag with nearly £200 worth of make up and perfume in it at south security on the 27 Aug 2019
                Filed a list property notification and on returning to airport on the 30 Aug checked with lost property to no avail .
                Asked at security to be told my liquid bag had more than likely been thrown in the bin!!!
                Surely this can't be acceptable? At least give people the chance to claim it back.
                I am furious with the disregard for my property that cost a lot of money just to be thrown away

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                  Heathrow Airportblue badge spaces

                  I have a blue badge and wanted to park in the blue badge spaces at T2 level one. All the spaces were occupied. Five of the spaces were occupied by either Black Mercedes, Black BMWs or Black Vito passenger buses. None were displaying Blue Badges and when I confronted two of the drivers, one said, "I don't care" and another said, "well I might be picking someone up who is disabled.
                  Yesterday one of the Vito bus things was parked across 3 disabled bays blocking all three from use. When I asked the driver to move to allow me to park he told me I would have to wait.
                  This is becoming really unacceptable and maybe you should introduce a £100 fine for improper use of Blue badge spaces?

                  blue badge spaces
                  blue badge spaces
                  blue badge spaces
                  blue badge spaces

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                    Heathrow Airportaspire lounge & spa

                    After paying for and securing an airport lounge pass you can imagine my dismay when I walked into an area I expected to be peaceful and comfortable so I could do some work while I waited 5 hours for my flight and there were no seats available let alone plugs to charge my phone or laptop. On top of that the Aspire lounge and spa also had NO SPA!!!

                    I also had 5 hours to wait and as a smoker, which is my choice and right, I was told I would have to leave the airport in order to smoke a cigarette!

                    I am disgusted that the above two scenarios happened in a brand new terminal in one of the world's busiest airports!

                    I expect a refund on my lounge ticket at the very least!

                    I look forward to your response.

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                      Heathrow Airportlost money from forgotten hand luggage

                      Dear Sir / Madam,

                      I am writing to you to raise an complaint about an incident that took place at Heathrow Airport.

                      I was a passenger of BA on Friday the 21st of June from London to Athens. I left my hand luggage after the security check, though once I retrieved 2 days later, 800 euros in cash were missing.
                      I reported the case to the met police who they advised me to get in touch with you. I did have other valuable stuff in the luggage, though only the 800 euros were missing. I believe that this shouldn't have happened especially when i have already passed through security control.
                      It is incident that must take your attention as this shouldn't happen and mainly on a routine basis.

                      I would appreciate if CCTV cameras are opened from that day to check that the cash was stolen and/ or arrange a refund. Also there should be on your records who handed the luggage and what time that had place to the lost properties and this footage to be investigated as well, as is my legal right to know .
                      As hand luggage's are checked through monitors when passing through security, in my understanding it must be also easy to locate any valuable things into it .

                      If you are unable to suggest a way forward I am happy to follow a legal complaint procedure, if you could kindly advise me on that process.

                      I look forward to your prompt response on this matter.
                      My email address is [protected]@gmail.com

                      Yours faithfully,

                      konstantina papatolia

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                        • Te
                          TellMeAboutIt82 Aug 09, 2019

                          Who knows how many people had contact with your luggage in two days? I guess you learned a costly lesson. Be more careful with your belongings.

                          0 Votes
                        Aug 03, 2019

                        Heathrow Airport — baggage security

                        I observed one of your security officers between 4 pm and 5 pm on Friday 3 August treating a 3-year-old child...

                        Heathrow Airporttax refund

                        My parents came to the uk to travel for two weeks and they would like get tax refund on the goods they have bought here. They have sorted out the receipts before head and arrived at the airport three hours before their flight. We have no idea how the tax refund works, we saw the queue for checking in at terminal 2 is awfully long so they decided to do the check in and bag drop first before dealing with tax refund as checking in plus catching flights is more important than tax refund.

                        After the check in and bag drop process, they only have one hour left before boarding. We went to the tax refund counter and the lady just ask where we are from and do we have the receipts for it. We show her the receipts and she let us in and starts queuing. We have no idea how it is going to work and no one is trying to explain it to us. They have no notice or poster telling people how it is going to process. All they ask for is receipts.

                        Time is limited and my parents is worried about time to go through the border and finding the boarding gate. I asked the staff there about how long does it takes and she said it should be fine just wait and queue. When it is our turn, my parents lost their patient by the waiting time. We gave the receipts to the staff and the computer went wrong. My father is worried so he jumped into another counter when it is free. The staff asked can we show her the boarding pass for record. We show it to her and she then asked us to provide all the goods for tax refund.

                        At this point, it doesn't make sense already. The staff ask for the boarding pass but want to look at the goods at the same time.

                        We tell her about the situation and she started to cancel all the forms. She didn't explain anything to us which makes my parents feel very uncomfortable and stressful. My father know nothing about english which makes him more stressful so he started to shout at the staff because he wanted to know why this is happening. But the staff just turn back and continue canceling every single forms. She even canceled one of the forms that we have stamped from the Paris airport. I can't understand this because that has nothing related to the UK and the Paris airport tax refund counter have already help us to stamp and finish the forms. I can't understand this and she refuse to return all the forms unless we can get our checked in cases back and show her what we have got.

                        If we try to get our checked in cases back, it is just waste of time, the flight might be delayed and no one on the flight wish to.

                        It is very uncomfortable and I just can't explain how frustrated we are. Especially my parents came here for traveling and they want this to be a happy trip but it wasn't now because of this bad confusing tax refund incident.

                        I understand that it might be our problem that we can't provide the goods there as all of them is inside our checked in cases but I wish there are more information about the process at the tax refund counter before we start queueing. If we know that we can't get tax refund because of this silly reason, we won't be queueing that 45minutes for nothing.

                        The whole process is extremely stressful and unclear overall. My parents went on the flight with frustration and anger because of all the confusion and lack of explanation from the staff there.

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                          Heathrow Airportairport assistance

                          We have travelled to Las Vegas every year for at least the last ten years from Gatwick where the airport assistance is good.
                          This year the flight departed from Heathrow. The service provided was abysmal.We are both over 80. I have spinal problems and my partner has a heart condition so we cannot walk long distances and need airport assistance. On departure from Heathrow we had to wait a considerable time for chairs to go through security. Then there was no special queue. We had to wait in a long queue before we got to security. The security officer was extremely difficult, obnoxious and rude, insisting that I take off my shoes, which I could not do as I was wearing a spinal brace and could not bend to reach my feet. The security officer refused to let me through unless my shoes were removed. My partner had to leave all our belongings which had gone through, come back and remove my shoes.
                          On the return journey, we had to wait for chairs, then wait for a buggy, then wait for more chairs in order to get to the baggage reclaim. It was all very difficult and distressing both when departing and arriving.
                          Surely the organisation for the disabled could be improved and the staff instructed to be more courteous and respectful.

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                            Heathrow Airportsecurity agents/ security process

                            What we experienced at the hands of Heathrow security was tantamount to child abuse.

                            While vacationing, we traveled through the security of three different countries. Only at Heathrow did we encounter bigotry and ignorance.

                            My four-year-old son supposedly set off the metal detector with his shoes. This did not occur in any other country. We were forced aside. He was separated from me both times we traveled through Heathrow, first to make a connection to Scotland, then as we passed through again going home to US.

                            Being four and forced from his mother, he began crying. He was visibly distraught, but I was prevented both times from helping him. The second time we passed through Heathrow, my son became clearly frightened at the idea of being forced through the scanner after his previous experience. He began crying and was noticeably agitated. Again, I went to help him and I was not permitted. He is four.

                            There is no reason they could not simply have used a wand to check him. These agents intentionally caused trauma to my son. People remained to ensure our safety; they looked on with horror as the agents blatantly lied to a manager by saying I refused to allow my son to be searched.

                            One agent said to his manager, "It's two against one." Referring to himself and the other agent with him regarding his lies about my son biting and my refusal for search.

                            This was not about safety or protecting the airport. This was bigotry, child abuse, and abuse of power.

                            I filed a complaint for the first incident at Heathrow and followed up with customer service about the second incident.

                            Again, my son has traveled multiple times and through different countries without incident. We have never had an issue. Heathrow is the first time we have ever experienced such abuse from security.

                            Heathrow has not followed through and contacted me further regarding my complaint. My only hope is someone recorded the incident and shares what those agents did to a child. It's absolutely disturbing such behavior is allowed. What purpose does it serve? Whose safety was protected by abusing a child?

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                              Heathrow Airportwheelchair assistance.

                              I returned to LHR from New York on AA 142 on Tuesday 25th June, arriveing at LHR at 10.10p.m
                              I had booked a wheelchair. DREADFUL service. There was no one waiting at the aircraft. I was told I hadn't booked. Yes I had when I booked my flight.Eventually he came and took me a short distance, couldn't use the lift, turned back, all the time going slowly, carrying another passengers bag. She was walking. He then told me to get out of the wheelchair, sit on a seat and wait. He put my wheelchait on the back of an electric buggy, told me there was no room for me in it and drove off.
                              I was completely alone iuntil the cart returned and another assistant told me to get in. I was on my own in it. He told me he would not help me at the carousel, then drove to the top of a steep ramp and told me he did not go any further and said I could walk down to Passport Control. I used my stick and just about made it. One of the other wheelchair assistants was disgusted by my treatment. I walked with my stick to baggage claim and another assistant got my bag. The person I am complaining about was tall, dark and I think probably Indian. Youngish. Absolutely unacceptable treatment and very distressing. I have to use a wheelchair as I had a near fatal road accident and suffered a fractured sternum, seven broken ribs, a broken leg, injured neck and a bruised coccyx. Perhaps you will now understand my distress. Joan Wheeler.

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