Jet Airwaysdelayed flight 9w-2424 dated 1st jan 2017 from vns to del

We booked tickets from varanasi to new delhi by jet airways 9w-2424 dated 1st jan 2017, 03:30 pm - 04:55 pm, pnr ogvyxf and dfkugf, passengers name are misbahur rehman, farrah rehman and zainah rahman.

Same time we booked another ticket from new delhi to abu dhabi by air india express ix-115 dated 1st jan 2017, 08:50 pm - 11:10 pm, pnr 1w6560, with same passengers.

Due to unannounced and unscheduled delay of your flight 9w-2424 we missed flight ix-115 and suffered lot, we lost ticket cost and bought new costly ticket to abu dhabi.

Please consider my problems and try to compassionate as much as possible.

Thanks and best regards.
Misbahur rehman

Jan 10, 2017

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